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how to rank higher in Google

How to Rank Higher in Google-Even When Not Optimized

Website owners always have this focal point of trying to do anything in order to see their websites rank higher in Google, right? Some of us even go to the extent of engaging in some shortcut activities with the hope that it will improve our website ranking. Tell you what, you will see a website that is ranking well without even the owner trying hard to make it rank on Google. It would simply mean that he does what is necessary and simple. That’s all. How to rank higher in Google might not be Read more [...]

How to Start Blogging-For Beginners

Many would simply tell you in summary how to start blogging, but I guess it takes more than just a summary for a newbie to get by. How to start blogging is finding a blogging platform, decide on a domain name and hosting option. Then, design your blog to your desired way by using a simple theme, and modify again to get the exact look you would really want it to have. Then, scout for the best plugins to use in your blog and finally start writing unique, useful and engaging content for your audience. If Read more [...]

Website Ideas…Start Now

Ideas about website are highly necessary especially if you intend to build one for online business. Being grounded or well informed about website ideas will surely prepare one to avoid mistakes that could be costly. For instance, when you stop taking action in website business, you start losing money big; it is as simple as that. You may have thought about making money of recent but you haven’t taking action just yet, or perhaps you have not made your first $1000. It is OK if you haven’t made Read more [...]
How to build website from scratch

How To Build Website From Scratch- Step By Step Guide

To build website from scratch is something anyone can do. As a matter of fact, website creation has been made easy today, unlike it use to be back in early 2000. You can create, build and design your website as easy as a of piece cake. And I mean literally a piece of cake! No codes, HTML or whatsoever. If you wish to get down to creating your site as you learn, just use the link below to do so. This way, you will not have to do it all alone, there will be help and also a free WordPress site and Read more [...]

How To Write A Website Content-Getting Into The Mood

First, this is a sequel to steps to writing a blog. I try to expand on how to write a website content, which will throw more light and expatiate on the ways to be in the right mood/mode for writing a website content that will be engaging and helpful. Believe it or not, your writing mood has everything to do with how your writing will come out, right? If you are stressed out or not in the mood of writing, you will definitely end up not writing, or if you did, the content will definitely not be a Read more [...]