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How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

How to Make Website Mobile Friendly-Increase Usability

Mobile friendliness of a website is paramount and one of the prerequisites to building a successful online business. You can now only imagine how many mobile users we have throughout the world. Do the math (if you can) and you will appreciate the amazing populaces that are browsing the internet through mobile phones or tablets. Android and other high-end mobile devices are common play stuff even for kids. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing out in action because Read more [...]
How to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money

How to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money

Increasing our website’s traffic is essential because it will help to boost conversions and sales. Aside from the conventional ways of making sure we have traffic across to our website there are other things we could do to tweak the traffic flow and ultimately increase profit. Must often we are told about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system such as submitting our website(s) to search engines especially Google, Bing and Yahoo, setting up an authorship with Google, setting up Google Analytics Read more [...]
Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger

Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger

When you decide to build a website or start a blog there are so many things you need to consider in order to start off on the right path. As a matter of fact, making the decision to start a blog is just a concept that is yet to be developed into a reality, and to bring this into reality one of the things you should be considering is what type of publishing platform will best suit your concept. And that is where Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger come into play. These publishing platforms have their Read more [...]
How to improve Alexa Ranking

How to Improve Alexa Ranking-You Want to Read This

We bloggers love anything on how to ‘’improve’’ ranking, be it Google, Bing or Alexa. We are always curious and interested to know the ‘’how’’ of making our website’s visibility grow. Hence, I decided to write a post on how to improve Alexa ranking. I was interested to know and I am very sure you are interested if not you wouldn’t be reading this article. As a matter of fact, I was stirred to write this primarily because, I noticed how my website declined in Alexa ranking and Read more [...]
How to Reduce Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate-The Metric That Matters

I believe you already know what is bounce rate? If you don’t, you wouldn’t have clicked to be here. But for the sake of the post, I will like to just throw more light to what bounce rate is and its effect. Bounce rate could be defined as the percentage of a single page visit, or web sessions. For instance, if someone visits your webpage and clicks the back button even before he gets to read the content of your website for reason best known to him, it’s seen as bounce that could really hurt Read more [...]