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How To Write A Website Content-Getting Into The Mood

First, this is a sequel to steps to writing a blog. I try to expand on how to write a website content, which will throw more light and expatiate on the ways to be in the right mood/mode for writing a website content that will be engaging and helpful. Believe it or not, your writing mood has everything to do with how your writing will come out, right? If you are stressed out or not in the mood of writing, you will definitely end up not writing, or if you did, the content will definitely not be a Read more [...]

Steps To Writing A Blog-Without Hassles

Writing a post is one thing that overwhelms...if not scares the shit out of most writers. And yes I must agree with you, because I have been there too. If you own a website, you are required to write your own 'unique' content supposedly for your audience, right? OK, now, you would be wondering, what is it that you have, to offer to your audience and for them to appreciate it? Do I have a good enough information for these people? Can I really write a good and impressive grammar without making a Read more [...]