5 Day Training – Day 1 To Success

Welcome to Your 5 Day Training Course

Day 1: How to Earn $3,000 Online Each Month


Thank you for signing up for my 5-day online course and a very exciting journey to making image_1_copy-min[1]$3,000 monthly. Trust me, this is going to be time well spent and could be the catalyst for transforming your life.

My name is Nnamdi Nwankwo, and I am a Mentor and Trainer in Online Marketing. For quite some time now, I’ve been both, an affiliate marketer and a teacher to dozens of people looking for proven ways of earning a living on the Internet. I highlight the programs that are good, expose the ones that aren’t and set you on a path to a pleasurable and profitable online business. In a very short time.

There are many different ways of making money online – social media marketing, MLM systems, freelance work, generating leads for a real-world business through SEO and so much more. One of the success secrets to online wealth is to get started doing something and blast through the first steps of training. Get that over with so you can go on to build your business.

Two years ago I discovered an online money making system that truly revolutionized the way I thought about making money online. It’s called Affiliate Marketing, and it’s pretty much the sole focus of this site. But slow down…if you have heard a bunch of hype or crap and possibly bad reviews about Affiliate Marketing, then you should know these people were merely wanting quick riches and are not willing to actually put in the time.

What To Expect In This 5 Day Course

When it comes to making real money on the Internet, there is so much information – good wa-box1-min[1]and bad alike – that it can easily become overwhelming. And if you have done much searching on “making money online” or “affiliate marketing”, then you’ll know exactly what I mean.

This 5-day series is designed to cut through all of the clutter and misinformation out there. The insights I give you are based on my own hard-won experience, and the best practices others have given me along the way. So, get ready to begin your journey to making $3,000 a month online. You’ve taken the first step by registering, so here’s what to expect.

What We Will Cover

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a 5-day course, so for the next four days, you’ll receive and email from me with the subject line “Nnamdi’s 5 Day Training – Day 2 To Success” And the next, you’ll get the subject line “Nnamdi’s 5 Day Training – Day 3 To Success” And the next…..well, you get the idea.
Be sure you look for the emails!

Each of them will have an overview of the great information we’ll be covering that day. And be sure to archive them, as successive emails will have links to the previous days’ entries for you to review periodically.

In each lesson, I’ll briefly review the information and takeaways from the day before and go over a new topic that builds on the previous lessons. At the conclusion of the lesson, I’ll give you some actual tasks to get started on the principle we’ve just covered – to get you started and implementing successive steps of affiliate marketing. Here’s an outline of what the course will cover:

Today: Day 1 – How You Can Get Up To $5,000 Per Month Online!

• Affiliate Marketing – Here’s How We’ll Do It
• So What Is Affiliate Marketing?
• Wealthy Affiliate
• Getting Started

Day 2: Affiliate Marketing In Depth

• Making Money With Affiliate Marketing
• Example of Affiliate Marketing Website

Day 3: It’s All About The Niche

• So What’s a Niche Site anyway?
• Finding A Good Niche

Day 4: Setting Up Your Website

• It All Starts With A Good Domain Name
• Using Wealthy Affiliate To Generate $3,000 Per Month

Day 5: Step 3 to $3,000: Mentor & Training

• Mentoring
• Best Affiliate Marketing Training in the World

Now Let’s Get Started With Day 1 Training

Ok, now that you have an overview of what we’ll be covering throughout the course, it’s time to get on with the actual training.

The most proven and effective way to make money online is through Affiliate Marketing.

First, let that line sink in, and then repeat it to yourself.

That’s right, the best and most consistent way to earn money online and make $3,000 a month is Affiliate Marketing. And that’s why after trying many other ways of making a living online, I spend the vast majority of my time on Affiliate Marketing. It’s where 95 percent of my income comes from.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Paying commission for referrals that result in business transactions. It is as old as the internet itself. The concept of Affiliate Marketing on the Internet has been around since 1989, pioneered by William J. Tobin (PC Flowers & Gifts). Not too many people knew about Affiliate Marketing until 1996, when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who played a key role in the growth of e-commerce, announced the Amazon Affiliate Program.

Back then in 1996, Amazon was selling books online, and books only. Mr. Bezoz realized that he could reach an immense number of potential book buyers, if he can place Amazon ads on as many independent websites as possible. He offered to pay commissions on every sale facilitated through ‘affiliate websites’, and the rest is history. Amazon became the largest online Affiliate Marketing Retailer in the world.

The system developed by Jeff Bezos and his team was patented in the late 1990 and enables to track the connection between Affiliate (promoter of the products), Customer and Merchant. Affiliate Marketing is in reality a pretty simple process:

The diagram below demonstrates the process.



So, do I Need A Website?

Yes you do. If you’ve never had the chance to build a website, it probably sounds a little intimidating. It was not easy and time consuming to do15 years ago! But today, there are so many turn-key tools for building great looking websites. Let me show how easy it has become to create the frame work of a website:

Tell Me How My Site Will Make Money

I’ve already covered the fact that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make good and consistent money online. But let me now be more specific. When you build your website, you’ll have a place to drive traffic to your pages and the affiliate links you make money with. This is why you need a website.

However, as you can imagine, there is a lot more involved than throwing together a website. I was totally new to this just a few years ago, so I needed help as well. And I found that help in spades at Wealthy Affiliate. It is hands down the best resource for learning affiliate marketing that there is.

You can try it out, set up a website quickly with the provided site builder, and learn everything else you need to know. This is what you need to do next.

Sign Up For A Completely Free Wealthy Affiliate Account …..and complete the 3 simple steps as outlined below:

Step 1: Fill out the short account creation form (credit card not needed)

Step 2: Fill out the “About Me” section. Tell everyone about yourself. Just a quick intro of who you are (you can let us know more about you later)

Step 3: Upload a profile picture. Don’t worry if you don’t have one ready to upload, you can do that later as well. An image helps people in the Wealthy Affiliate community visually connect with you. And it is important to show others who you are to build trust in online marketing.

Create Your Free Membership Account At Wealthy Affiliate Now And Come Back When You Are Done!>>

After joining Wealthy Affiliate and setting up your profile, I will like to send you an e book on how to leverage ebay to make side money. So, send me your email address after joining so that I can send it to you. However, if you join I will know and will send you a welcome message. And you will have a community that will also welcome you; the Wealthy Affiliate community is a family, everyone is watching each other’s back.

Use the email address: nnamdi@makemeonlinemoney.com

Insights on Affiliate Marketing

Let me be straight. Affiliate Marketing can be confusing. And it’s not the concepts of Affiliate Marketing itself, but all the misinformation out there. So, I want to give you some insights I have gleaned from my own experience out on the table.

Be Patient And Take It Slow – Affiliate Marketing is not all that complicated. But there are things to learn. So be patient, follow these lessons carefully, and you will do just fine. If you’ve ever assembled a kid’s Christmas present, you know it can be frustrating at times. But the process is worth the price when you see the joy on a child’s face.

Understand This Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme – Don’t believe the people out there who will tell you this is an overnight road to riches. You can make good money at Affiliate Marketing, but don’t buy into programs or people that try to sell you on the fantasy of yachts and mansions, overnight.

It Takes A Little Bit of Time – I’ve already said that you need to be patient. Apply the techniques you learn here, be patient and you will be successful.

Day 1 Recap

Well that’s it for Day 1. Look for the email tomorrow with links to Day 2 training. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at a real-world, successful Affiliate Marketing site and start to dissect its success.

In the meantime, be sure to complete the tasks for Day 1.

Day 1 Tasks:

1) Sign Up For A Free Wealthy Affiliate Account JOIN HERE!

2) Complete Your Profile, Upload Picture & Write Bio

3) Visit my Wealthy Affiliate Profile! Leave me a message saying that you joined, to make sure you will get tomorrow’s email with Lesson 2!

4) Complete Lesson 1 of the Get Started Course at Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the GREEN “Get Started” menu tab on the WA page

That concludes today’s lesson. I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Make sure you white listed my email address so it does not end up in your spam folder.

See you tomorrow.