5 Day Training – Day 5 To Success

Welcome to Your 5 Day Training Course

Day 5: Your Path To Making $3,000 A Month

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the last day of this course! I am extremely excited to see that you have stuck with it and made it to the end. That tells me that you have what it takes to become successful online!

I always compare starting a business with building a house. Before you can put up walls, put doors and windows in, and a roof on top, you need a strong foundation.

By deciding on your niche and creating your website, you have built the foundation for your online business. Adding quality content to your site, getting ranked by the search engines (Google, Bing/Yahoo), and generating traffic to your site, will be like the walls, doors and windows of a house.

And you guessed right. The roof of your building will be ‘monetizing your website’!

Today we won’t be covering anything else about your website, but today I want to talk to you about how important having a mentor and high quality training is going to be for your online marketing journey!

Wealthy Affiliate Will Be Your Key To Success!

I haven’t really touched on my story since day 1 of this training course, but let me refresh your memory. I started looking to make money online about 4 years ago. For about a year and a half I tried almost everything available online for making money. Nothing really worked for me, and of course I was scammed to many times to count.

About 1 1/2 years ago I came across Wealthy Affiliate, and boy has it ever changed my life forever. Of course, you’ve seen my Downhill Money site since you joined this course from there. And this site is making me a full time, livable income.

This would not have been possible without the awesome training at Wealthy Affiliate.

I owe all of my success online to Wealthy Affiliate and that is why I promote it to everyone and have designed this course around its training.

I just want you to know that I would not be telling you Wealthy Affiliate will help you succeed if it didn’t do it for me!

What Now That This Course Is Coming to a Close? Keep Learning!

Now that this basic course is coming to a close, we will now have to connect through Wealthy Affiliate, Facebook, Join me. By now you should have already commented on my profile and I am sure we have exchanged some comments and thoughts about going forward from here. I am available to help you at anytime through Wealthy Affiliate and, if you decided to go premium, you will be able to private message me at anytime for continued support and help.

We will not be covering anymore training about your niche or website at this time, I will let the lessons take over at Wealthy Affiliate so you can continue the affiliate marketing learning process. Remember, we never know it all, and will need a daily dose to keep earning online.

Top 10 Tips For Beginning Affiliate Marketers!

1) Pace Yourself:

At first WA can be extremely overwhelming. I have been at Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and I have still not completed all the training it has to offer. This is NOT a race. If you’re a slow learner, don’t worry if it is going to take you more time to get through the lessons.

2) Plan your actions:

Go ahead and write your plan. Not your goals, but write down exactly how you want to go through the course. Maybe you want to take 1 lesson every week, or maybe 2 – 3 a week. But make sure to write your plan and stick with it.

3) Take Notes:

Like I said before, there is so much information at WA. There is no possible way you can remember it all while you work through the courses. Make sure to be taking notes, and writing down everything you take in. The stuff in the courses will always apply to your website and your notes will be a great tool to reference back to.

4) Grab a Binder:

When I started I had notes and important information written down everywhere. When I needed it I could never find it. Go out and get yourself a binder. Put everything WA or website related in it and keep it in a safe place.

5) Connect with other WA members:

In today’s world with Facebook a lot of us judge our popularity with how many friends we have on social media sites. But trust me, at WA you want to have as many friends as possible. The more friends you have at WA, the more people see your content every time you post or ask questions. That means you will get the most feedback possible and you can even build your social media sites outside of WA with your WA friends.

6) WA Rank:

Forget about it! It seems people get caught up in the WA ranking system. Yes it is great to comment on every post if you have knowledge to share, but you may be wasting value time that could be going to building your website. Especially at first when you want to see results as fast as possible!

7) Ignore Street Articles:

Street Articles is a directory site promoted through Wealthy Affiliate. That is great and all, but don’t waste your time writing for street articles or any article sites at all. All the content you’re writing should go onto your website. Building out your website content will be the key to generating traffic to your site.

8) Short Term Goals:

Set small day-to-day goals. These goals are going to help you stay motivated and make you feel like your accomplishing a lot. Some examples would be adding one article to my site today. Or complete one lesson in the certification course!

9) To-Do List:

At first, when working through the course you are going to find a bazillion things you want to do to your website or add to your website. Obviously, you don’t have the time to do all these things at once. Start a To-Do -List and mark each task off as you complete it. This can also double as your short-term goals sheet!

10) Be Persistent:

Online business’s are just like real world businesses. They take time to develop, get going, and to make a profit. Luckily for us online start-ups, costs are much lower! But don’t think this will all happen over night. You will need to put in tons of hard work before you will see the results you want! And never quit!

Finally, you can always contact me through WA private message with whatever problem or help you may need from me.

Upgrade To Premium Membership For $19 Today and do so before 7 days of your signing up elapse, so that you don’t lose the bonus from Kyle.

Congratulations! You have completed the 5 Day Course and are on your way to making $3,000 per month with Affiliate Marketing!

I’ll see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate