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There are phrases indeed! Affiliate marketing for dummies…lol. However, this phrase is affiliate marketing for dummiesmeant to explain the nature of a guide or an article written based on that. It tries to explain the simplicity of an article/guide toward explaining what affiliate marketing is, what it is all about and more. So, anyone that sees this headline would understand that it is for people with the lowest IQ, that is to say, anyone can grasp the content of the article.

Usually, people with better IQ would even use such phrase on search engines just to get the best simplified article written. One would also say that affiliate marketing for dummies article would also be OK for a newbie or a beginner, right? Because everything is going to be explained in a, b, c, pattern.

Here is a book on affiliate marketing for dummies. But I must also let you know that you don’t get everything you need from a book, especially, if you are a newbie. You will need much more than a book to start affiliate marketing and thrive in it. I will tell you all about it in due course of this post, so just hang on with me. Better still, just put away your wallet, I will give you a head start on how to start affiliate marketing and succeed. I will write base on my experience and the techniques that I used.

How to Start

Some folks will tell you to go to Clickbank, select a product in a category they think is lucrative and selling, and they will now tell you to sign up to their program to teach you how to build up your business. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to start earning money online, but the truth is that, if you start up your foundation right, it will be easy for you to start earning money in no time otherwise you will be frustrated and quit even before you start making money.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is to sell other people’s products and earn commission as you do so. But first, you need to put some things down through which you can sell these products/services. In a summary, you need a website, a niche, quality content, generate traffic, and start selling other peoples products to make money. Does it sound pretty easy? But no, there are a whole lot more you need to know but will point the basics out.

Finding a Niche

First, you need to figure out your Niche market, which means you have to decide on a product/service your website will be all about. By having a niche market, you will be able to target a group of people interested in that service or product, which you will in return help by providing ‘’useful’’ information to.

You must also have a passion for the niche you have finally decided on, that way you will enjoy writing content for people about it while you make money too. For instance, apart from this website, I have one other website on health and fitness, because, prior to starting the website, I was into fitness and stuff and I have so much passion for it, so I decided to start a website on how to build a body. Am I reaping from that idea now? Yes of course, and simply because I chose a niche I am well familiar with and passionate about. Even if you are not familiar with a niche, but have the passion, you can always do research on it to come up with content that will be useful to your audience.

Create a Website

Upon deciding on the niche you would want to work on, it will be time for a website. This is where you will post your articles/content for your targeted audience to see. A website is like a real offline shop/warehouse or office, where you will be operating from. Where you will post content and even advertise product or service you think would be useful to your visitors. Call your website the foundation of your business if you like, because it is.

Start Posting Useful Content

After the creation of a website, you need to go to work by writing content that is useful to your visitors. This is key to making your website grow and making money. You don’t just build a website, and design it beautifully and leave it that way; it will die a natural death. Making money with a website is taking consistent action at all times.

And content is king! Maybe you have heard that phrase before, but it is not just a phrase but a reality. Without content, your website will be an empty vessel no matter how much you have spent on it or how beautiful it is.

Choose a Lucrative Product

After you might have written a couple of articles/content on your website, then it is ripe to start making money. At this stage, you will decide on what product to put on the website pages and the text links you would use within your content where necessary.

You may also go for contextual ads such as Google Adsense. There are very many ways to make money with your website, but like I said, you need content to help you generate traffic to your website so that you will be able to make money.


What I just pointed out is just the tip of the ice bag, because there are other details concerning how to build a responsive website, except if you wish to pay for everything, which I will advice you not to. There is a program on affiliate marketing I would strongly recommend you to join. There, you will find the tools and help you need to build an affiliate marketing business from down-up for free.

Click right here to join to begin your journey to building an online business that would make you money through affiliate marketing. You may never have to work for someone again or experience lack of money.

Take that ‘’action’’ today and stop struggling.

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