1. Adora

    That was very helpful Nnamdi, especially that of affiliate marketing. Thanks for the help.

    • Nnamdi

      You are welcome Adaora, I am glad you found this quite helpful and if you need any hand on how to start affiliate marketing I will be more than happy to help.

  2. Sam

    This is one of the most honest articles I have ever seen on the web .
    It was very helpful to provide me with honest and great information .
    In todays world , people are searching for other means to make money , and they are prone to a lot of Scam as you clarified .
    This site is very helpful to me , now I know what’s going on and on which sites I can start . This saved me a lot of energy and time .

    • Nnamdi

      You know what Sam? Honesty is one of many valuable things I was taught in where I got my training from. So, there is a greater value and reward in being honest, it may not pay off instantly just like the scam does but it does later and endures longer.

  3. Max

    Great and helpful information provided here. It is important to bring “conscious” back to people, there are just too many scams out there and everybody should know more about how potential scam looks like. You really did a great job on that. Keep up the good work and enjoy your day. Cheers!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello, Max, what has influenced my style of writing is because I have been scammed severally and I know how they present ‘making money online’ to you. Usually, it is the easy peasy way, they will shove all that ideology in your head and by the time you are all in they will milk you as long as you allowed them before coming back to your senses.

  4. Øyvind

    You just served me more about online moneymaking then I ever new before! I really like that you are being honest and tell the truth. It does take hard work, but I like to believe the end-goal is worth it! I really want to learn more about kindle books, so I will read on about that. You are just spot on when you call the internet wolfs in sheep’s clothing! Excellent!

    People will be thankful if they follow your instructions!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello, thanks for appreciating my post, and go on to do a little research on kindle book. I have one on Amazon but unfortunately is not doing so well, but I now why.

  5. Clark

    This is very informative! You are right nothing is free in this world! All those successful people got to where they are because of their hard work and dedication. Thank you for speaking the truth, some post is so superficial but you gave a more reality-wise post.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello, Clark, thank you for appreciating the post and its content. It is really sad that not many people will tell you the truth about making money online.

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