Best Way To Promote A Website-Simple Steps

Yes! Promoting your website is one essential part of you becoming successful online. Like I have always tell people that care to listen; you may have the best content or product, but without proper promotion, you will definitely not make it in the online world. However, there are many sides to promoting your site. Some would think that, promoting a site has to do with how to get it out there to people. Yes, that is undoubtedly one of the major ways, but your message/packaging will also determine if your site will be accepted by your targeted audience, hence you need to work on your site’s quality.

As a result, you shouldn’t only think about advertising your site, or throwing the links of your site everywhere on the internet, because that does not work. Some would even go to the extent of buying traffic to be sent to their site. But I tell you from experience, that does not work either! It is a sheer waste of money and time to try to take the short cut of buying traffic. I will explain how you can get your site promoted or would I say the best way to promote a website.

One important thing you have to also have in mind is that, to get your site up and running (successful) is not a short time fix. If you have this belief or mind set that, you will start seeing considerable traffic to your site in a short period of time, then, you are already set to fail. You must be realistic, and consider patience as one of your virtues because you are going to need it! Has anyone told you that he/she could make you to start getting tons of ‘quality’ traffic to your site within a short period of time? If yes, then I will categorically tell you to stay away from that individual because it is a scam.

Best Way To Promote A Site

  • Good domain name and hosting
  • User friendly website/design
  • Quality content
  • Website SEO
  • Use social media

These are the basics, which, if done right, you will have a site that is going to be very successful.

Good Domain Name And Hosting

This is very important because, the domain name of your site is what is going to make the first impression on people. If you have a name that can be easily remembered and that is also connected to your content or what your site is all about, then you have got it right. If possible use a keyword for domain name.

The hosting part is also very important because, you wouldn’t want to have a site hosted on a platform that is not efficient. That will have to determine if your site is going to load on time or not. Although I know, there are other factors that could also slow down your site, but having a good hosting, you would have taken care of the major factor. Use this link to find out the loading time/speed of your site.

 User Friendly Website/Design

Design your website, such that it will be simple yet attractive. When designing your site, make sure it is:

  • User friendly– So that visitors will always find their way around the site without Best way to promote a websitebeing overwhelmed. You understand what I mean, if they get confused by poor design, they will simply bounce. To simplify your site, make your menu bar to be on one line, with your posts/pages categorized properly. Do not clutter your site with too many tabs or with poorly arranged images. Use your images properly by making sure it is relevant to what your post is all about. Be careful with any kind of codes you are using on your site, because sometimes these codes affect the way your site appears on cell/mobile phones. And you can’t afford to lose mobile audience, because most people are using phones and Google also consider mobile friendly websites for ranking.
  • Mobile friendly– Like I said earlier, when setting up a website, use a theme that is responsive to mobile phones. You can always check this by using your cell phone or use this link to check your site’s mobile friendliness.

Quality Content

This aspect cannot be overemphasized because that is the core essence of your website. You have to create content that is engaging and helpful to your audience. Ordinarily, if someone gets something useful from a site, it is only natural that the person will be happy to visit again. And he/she might even share and spread the word about your site to friends and family. Learn to use this technique to your advantage, because every other way of promoting a website comes after this.

Website SEO

Website SEO is not a difficult thing to do once you know what to do. First and foremost, Best way to promote a websiteafter establishing your site, you should submit your site url to Google, Bing and Yahoo, so that your site can always get crawled and indexed. If you don’t, you are missing out greatly, because your site won’t get ranked, and consequently gets lost in the world of oblivion. Once your url is submitted to these search engines, all your previous and subsequent posts will be indexed. And soon the pages of your site will be ranked, and ultimately start bringing traffic to your site.

Use plugin such as all in one SEO pack, (it is free) that will take care of your post’s title and description which will be featured on the search engine. Try to use internal links on your posts to further refer readers to other relevant articles. Speaking of plugins, do not use excessive plugins on your site, because that will slow the loading time of your site. Don’t use more than 10 plugins at a time. Optimize your images by compressing them using this tool, this will ensure that your site is not overloaded unnecessarily. And always tag the title and alt text of the images you will be using on your site. That will help tremendously in getting your site ranked.

Use keyword search tool for your posts/articles, so that you can target quality keywords that will ultimately drive traffic to your site. There is one keyword search tool that I use, and it is free for the first 30 days. This keyword search tool does not only give you quality keywords to use, it makes it easy to find keywords and also reveals the position of your webpage on Google’s search engine with progressive history of each ranking page. Is that not awesome? Check it out here.

Use Social Media

Use of social media can help promote your site by sharing your posts on them. Places like the facebook, twitter, Google plus, pinterest, and linkedin are ideal places to share your posts. Also try and join facebook groups that are related to your niche so that you can always interact and share your posts on them too. By so doing, you are positively promoting your site and soon your site will start getting the attention of people.


Do not try to buy traffic, that will only hurt your site by raising up the bounce rate. Why? Because these people that are being sent to your site are not targeted traffic, they will only close the browser once they realize that the content of your site is not what they want. And if the bounce rate of your site is high, Google will feel that the content on your site is not good enough and they will degrade your ranking.

Simply follow these principles, they are definitely the best way to promote a website, with patience, your site will be getting traffic as it should be. If you need any help with building of your site, SEO, question, or contribution, please do not hesitate to drop it below. Or you can reach me through my contacts at my ‘About Me‘ page.

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