What is Alternative to Google Adsense? 5 High Paying Ads

Did I hear you say, what is alternative to Google Adsense? Well, the good news is that, there are quite a few of them you can choose from. Monetizing our websites is the integral part of our business therefore we can’t do without Google Adsense and the rest. You and I work our butt in order to primarily provide help to our audience while we are compensated by the residual income that we make from our websites and one of the ways to make this happen is by using Google Adsense contextual ads on our websites.

However, sometimes, most website owners find it difficult to get Google Adsense’s approval because of one reason or the other. Google Adsense rules are too strict that it is almost impossible for some people to get approved. Whereas, some got approved but think that the payout is not that good hence alternative has become imperative.

I got Google Adsense approval without much hassle because I did all they are looking for, such as good number of quality contents on my website, good design that is also mobile friendly, continuous update of my website with quality content and of course a website that is free of other ads on it. So, if you are looking for an alternative simply because you could not get approved for Google Adsense, do apply the aforementioned guidelines on your website and re apply.

Google Adsense Alternatives


Media.Net is owned by Bing and Yahoo, and I must say they are also strict on the type ofWhat is Alternative to Google Adsense? 5 High Paying Ads websites they approve. Your website must possess a certain quality before they will approve you just as Google Adsense. But it is worth trying if you have been rejected by Google Adsense, who knows, they might accept you. One other thing I like about Media.net it that they are also professionals in contextual ads and their pay per click (PPC) rate is good. From my observation, their PPC rate is higher than that of Google Adsense and that Is why I chose to use their ads on my website even though I have a Google Adsense account. What I do with Google Adsense ads as at the time of writing this article is that I use them for my you tube adverts.

I also hear they are in the habit of banning people’s account, therefore, try to read their rules and regulations very well to avoid being banned.

They pay by PayPal and wire transfer and payment threshold is $100.


Chitika is yet another alternative to Google Adsense, which I believe getting approved willWhat is Alternative to Google Adsense? 5 High Paying Ads never be a problem, because I have used it in the past, I applied once and got approved even though my website then was not really established. So, you can try Chitika if you wish, but I can’t tell you if their PPC rate is good or not. But if there is one thing I have learned about PPC ads, is the fact that they are more lucrative to some types of niches. If for instance your niche is somewhere around Insurance, you can hope to get some juicy PPC rate, whereas some niches suck at that; you may even get 0.01 cent per click.

Therefore, in order to make money from contextual PPC ads you must be getting a reasonable traffic to your website.

They pay through Paypal and their minimum payout is $10. You can also advertise Chitika and make referrals as an additional way of making money.


Infolinks ad network is yet another alternative to Google Adsense. Several types of ads areWhat is Alternative to Google Adsense? 5 High Paying Ads available for its publishers. They serve targeted ads on well over 130 thousands websites and they work best on websites that have text based content. One their ads link that is unique is the in-text ad links. This is a selected word or words within your page that are double underlined or dotted underlined. So that, when a visitor hovers a cursor on the underlined words a pop up will emerge with a relevant content to the words, though some visitors can find this very annoying even as it could convert so well as well.

However, they allow you to have control over the number of words that will be an in-text links in a page and infolinks also has a widget that is situated somewhere at the bottom of your page so that it displays its contents when a visitor hovers his cursor on it.

Make sure you have a good number of the contents that are voluminous on your website before applying because they don’t approve sites with thin contents.


Adsterra is yet another good alternative to Google Adsense. It is a fast growing premium adWhat is Alternative to Google Adsense? 5 High Paying Ads networks with a variety of popular ad formats for both web and mobile devices. They have standard banners, pushups, interstitial, sliders, pop unders and direct links ads. It is an ideal ads network for websites that command over 50 thousand impressions in a month. They also work with all niches with a great deal of ads fill for all countries.

Their bi-weekly payout is always timely.


Adserval is among the best alternative to Google Adsense so long you have a considerableWhat is Alternative to Google Adsense? 5 High Paying Ads amount of traffic to your website. Their approval is pretty easy and their minimum payout is $20. Payments can be made through Paypal. In as much as getting approved by Adserval is easy, they won’t get you approved if you aren’t getting up to 50 thousand pages per month.

You can earn additional income from their affiliate program. They offer different types and sizes of banner ads, including ministitial type ads and pop unders.


These are very good replacement for Google Adsense. You can get approved by any of the above ads network if Google Adsense has declined your website. You might even be better off with any of those than with Google Adsense. So, stop searching for that alternative and get down with one of these ads network and start generating revenue already.

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