Bit Donar Review- Read Before Joining

Bit Donar Review- Read Before Joining

Bit Donar is one of those MLM without a product that pops up with no information whatsoever about the person or persons behind it. And seriously, there are so many schemes like that online and I noticed that people don’t really give a hoot as to the legitimacy of these schemes. And as usual Bit Donar is really making a buzz on the social media because everyone wants to make money forgetting to ask if it is really possible to make money this or is it another scam. Well, in this Bit Donar Review I will try to clear things up concerning this scheme.

The only information we have about the website’s operator (s) is that it was launched on the 24th Feb. 2017 and has the Alexa ranking that suggests that most of its traffic comes from India.

What is Bit Donor all about?

Again like I said earlier on that this website does not reveal much of it background information which I think is very vital to determining if a scheme or a website is legit or a scam. So, who owns it, where he lives and all that is not available but all we could see was that 95.5% of it traffic comes from India and I think that is where the owner or admin resides.

Bit Donar just like all the rest is an MLM but without any product line. It basically works by a member donating bitcoin and recruiting others as a way of making money.

Any Products Line?

No product line

Bit Donar Compensation Plan

The Bit Donar compensation plan works by affiliates/member donating bitcoin to each other through the 2×5 matrix.  The 2×5 matrix puts the Bit Donor participant at the top of the matrix with two other positions under him. Upon donating 0.03 BTC to the up line then the participant is qualified to receive 0.03 BTC from two newly recruited members and that would be level 1.

The other remaining levels work in the same manner as the 1st level.

  • Level 1 – Members donate 0.03 BTC to the upline that recruited him, he receives from two subsequent recruited members.
  • Level 2 – the member pays a 0.001 BTC fee, donates 0.05 BTC to the second upline to receive 0.05 BTC from four other members.
  • Level 3 – the member pays 0.02 BTC fee, donates 0.1 BTC to the third upline to receive 0.01 BTC from 8 members
  • Level 4 – the member pays 0.05 BT C fee, donates 0.2 BTC to the fourth upline to receive 0.2 BTC from sixteen members
  • Level 5 – the member pays 0.5 BTC fee, donates 1 BTC to the fifth upline to receive 1 BTC from thirty-two members

Representative Program

The idea behind this program is to encourage members to recruit others from their own country. If you qualify for this program you will receive 10% of funds donated in your home country.

Achievers Program

The Achievers Program was designed to reward the members of Bit Donar for filling up their matrix within a month of signing up.

There are three levels of reward:

  • Bronze – If a member is able to fill the 1st and 2nd matrix within a month of signing up he gets 0.2 BTC
  • Silver – If a member is able to fill the 3rd and 4th matrix within a month of signing up he gets 0.5 BTC.
  • Gold – If a member is able to fill the 5th matrix within a month of signing up he gets 1 BTC

How to Join Bit Donar

Joining is simple as long as you have your 0.03 BTC donation fee and to fully participate in the Bit Donar income opportunity will cost about 0.571 BTC in fees and donations.


Bit Donar is a peer to peer donation where members donate to each other. This is more lucrative when there are new members signing up because they don’t have any product line. The issue with this type of scheme is that the moment there are Low sign up of members the existing members will lose their money because it can no longer be sustained. There are no two ways about it; will it crash? Yes, it will crash, the only question is when?

Ordinarily, the first set of participants tends to make money from the scheme than the other set that will join later because the scheme may be getting weaker by the time they joined. So, if you have the intention of joining, you may do so with the mindset that you might lose all of your money.

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