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Why I am particularly interested in reviewing this service called Blast for Traffic is because blast for trafficof my experience with a similar service. A newbie in internet marketing would most likely be impressed by this service. Hell, anyone that does not know better will definitely be impressed and would like to get all the ‘’traffic’’ they can get to their website.

But the thing is, there is difference between traffic and ‘’targeted’’ traffic, and that is one thing most people don’t consider. I did not and never cared, until I spent some sizable amount of $ before I realized the truth and the reality, unfortunately the hard way.

Now let’s see if Blast for Traffic is one good investment for online business owners.

What Is Blast for Traffic

Blast for Traffic is an online service that promises to help you deliver your link to millions of email subscribers they have on their list upon signing up with them, as they claim to have over 70 million subscribers. You are going to get this service or rather use this service for life just for a onetime payment of $34.50. That is to say, they will deliver targeted traffic to whatever link you would want them to deliver to, at least so they say.

And there are other bonuses that come with signing up with them like free ebooks by top internet marketers, free mailer software, etc.
Are They for Real?

Well, if you are asking of getting traffic to your site if you sign-up, then the answer is they are for real. You will get tons of traffic…but they will be worthless because they are not targeted traffic even though they claim to deliver targeted traffic to your link. Come to think of it, how could they sell a service that could bring millions of sales to you for a paltry sum of $34.50 for a lifetime? If that is effective as they claim, I don’t think they would sell at that price.

And besides, this company has been in existence since 1998, which is over 16 years ago, and the email list must have been saturated by users/internet marketers to the point that these subscribers may not have any need for what you have to offer.

There are only two ways to get a targeted traffic, which is in PPC ads or SEO for free traffic from search engines, not even solo ads are effective. I have in the past bought traffic when I just started with my website, and I needed traffic, so I decided to buy some, which I did from The traffic came alright, but they were utterly worthless, which is not worth the time and money I invested in it.

Should You Try Blast for Traffic?

If you are so desperate that you want to try it out, it is OK, but just make sure you areblast for traffic buying it from Clickbank, since there is 60 day money back guarantee. And also make sure you include a tracking link within your email so that if it doesn’t convert you will know and ask for your money back.

But ask any successful internet marketer, he/she will tell you that buying traffic is not a good idea and must not be practiced because you will be wasting valuable time you should have been using to improve your site. And addition to that, it can really distract you from doing the real work that would take your business to another level because you are looking for a quick fix.

Best Way to Get Targeted Traffic

If you can afford to use PPC ads services such as Google Adword or Bing Ads, then that might give some positive return of investment. Otherwise, try to use SEO techniques to improve your website so that you will get free targeted traffic to your site from Google and Bing.

Why Traffic Doesn’t Work

Some people may not understand what is ‘’targeted’’ traffic and just traffic. When I started newly too, I didn’t quite get the difference, I felt traffic was traffic. So, when you get traffic to your site, that might be people that are entirely not interested on what you have to offer or sell. For instance, if you are in a weight loss niche, and you are getting traffic of people that are interested in how to make money online, you see, they will simply bounce, which is also increasing your bounce rate which is not good for your site. This could really hurt your site ranking by search engines because they would presume that your website has nothing good to offer and that is why people are getting off once they get on your site. Search engines are always looking for credible websites to present to people that search for certain keyword.

While targeted traffic brings in the right prospects to your site with a high rate of conversion. For instance if you are using PPC ads or SEO to drive traffic to your site, any person that searches for a keyword that is related to an article you have written might just get to your site because your webpage might be one of the results that popped up on the search engine.


My take on Blast for Traffic is to pass. Try to use list building technique to build your email list, such as putting up a sign-up on your website. But I will highly recommend you join the right program that will teach you how to build an online business.

And also bear in mind that to be successful online is easy if you know what it takes and willing to do it. One thing it will certainly require is hard work and commitment. If you have got this attitude, you will see success within a short period of time.

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10 thoughts on “Blast for Traffic-A Must Read

  1. Great review about Blast for Traffic, when i began website building , i almost fell for this kind of marketing.

    It is true that while it is still traffic , that kind of traffic will most likely not be interested in your niche, thus having really low chances for conversions.

    To be honest , there is no shortcut to success and can’t be obtained without hard work either , the most effective way to get traffic is to learn SEO properly and that is a technique that will serve you well forever and also for free.

    Overrall maybe Blast for Traffic may be worth giving it a try , but i wouldn’t rely 100% on it whatsoever.

    Thanks for your detailed review.

    1. Alan I love your understanding about traffic. It surely requires hard work and SEO to really drive quality traffic to your site. This is the best answer, however if you think you need things to unfold fast you may want to use Google Adword or Bing but that will require some $ though.

  2. Hi Nnamdi,

    I must say that I truly enjoyed reading this post on blast for traffic. Thanks for sharing this with us. I personally prefer buying traffic only if I need to get the work out as quickly as possible without having to do any SEO.

  3. I tried blast for traffic a long time ago and did it through Clickbank just so that I could get my money back if it didn’t work. Well needless to say, I was onto Clickbank within a week getting a refund! Bast For Traffic is an absolute waste of time! Dont even think about it.

  4. Nnamdi,

    I have been in online marketing for 7+ years now. I know all to well that junk traffic isn’t going to do you any good. It will just increase your bandwidth with your hosting provider. I’ve seen these types of gimmicks so many times over the years.

    They keep the price down low so that people would be mad, but not to mad to raise hell about it. Doesn’t seem like you will get any type of ROI on this.

    1. You are right Garen, if one must buy traffic let it be Google Adword, Bing or Facebook. This might expose your website to quality traffic and even convert well.

  5. Hi! Great posts on how targeted traffic is key for online success, it’s very true! There’s really no point in especially paying for traffic unless they will be interested in what you have to say!

    Very nice info in these posts, keep it up, you’ve got a new fan 🙂


    1. Yes Brennan that’s the problem with Blast for Traffic because the quality of the traffic is going to be poor, they are not targeted.

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