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    Thank you Vicky for attesting to that. It will sure go a step further in convincing some people that making money online is not a myth, so long they follow the right path.

  2. I prefer building a website and monetize a product/service to my audience.
    This way is much profitable, but it is a long term online business. It takes some time to build it and fill it with content.

    But there is nothing to worry about since Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to learn and apply on how to make money online. I highly recommend this as it has 24/7 live support and FREE to taste as well 🙂

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      Hello, Edy,

      Yes, that’s my preference too, but you know people have different opinions and how they see things. However, building a website and monetizing is an excellent idea, especially when you have a Wealthy Affiliate to help you all the way.

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