Can I Make Money Online-Absolutely Yes

Many have been asking questions if they can or cannot make money online. Some even Optimized-can_i_make_money_onlinewonder how possible is it to make money online, hence they ask, can I make money online? Well, the answer to this question is as simple as capital YES!

You can make money online and even become rich earning money online! Yes! How possible could that be, you might ask. But in due course I will be explaining just how you can make ‘legitimate money online’.

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However, there are lots and lots of people that are using the internet to ‘rip’ unsuspecting individuals that want to make money online, by promising them that they could show them ways to become ‘rich’ in 2 weeks! How to make 6 or 7 figures in a month!

Unfortunately, people buy in to this kind of stunt and realized only too late that they have been ripped.

Why I am telling you all these is because I have been there and I wont let it happen to another person if I could stop it. First, there is no such thing as making 6 or 7 digits online in 2 weeks or in a month. The truth is that, you can make that figure after a a while and with hard work.

Now lets check out the ways you can make money online.

Ways To Making Money Online

You can make money online through:

  • Applying for Online Jobs
  • Creating your own product and have it sold in Amazon or Ebay
  • Create your own website and monetize it.

Apply For Online Jobs

You can apply for jobs online with or without any skills. So long you know the basics like typing, you can get pretty much job online. However, you stand greater advantage if you Optimized-cooltext118727664917780have skills like Web Design, Graphic Design, Data Entry (does not require special skill), SEO Expert/Specialist, Writer, Visual Assistant, etc.

You can check out places like these to apply for online jobs:

This can make you earn money by the way while you have some other thing doing. I am not a believer that doing such jobs online could make me live on my online earnings and quit my job. I have tried that before, and I must say it requires a lot of work and returns so little. Must often you have to wait for a long time before you get a job/gig, and this waiting time is what I hate most.

It is not as though ‘waiting’ is not part of any online business, but in this case you only wait to get so little! The people that make it big time in these kind of online business are not very much.

Sell Stuff Through Amazon Or Ebay

You can make money by selling stuff online. If you have a digital product for a example, lets Optimized-amazon_logo_RGBsay an ebook, you can decide to sell it through Amazon or Ebay. These places are great market place to sell your product(s).

These method is good for people that actually have something to sell. In case you don’t have a product to sell and really want to start an online business that can fetch you money, then the next option might just be for Optimized-ebayyou.

Build A Website And Monetize it

This method of earning money online is the most common and viable way to set up an online business. All you need to do is set up a website with a WordPress or Blogger, but most preferable a WordPress, this usually does not take much time to set up. Choose a niche (website’s name) and write articles/posts based on that niche.

Remember, when you write to help people to solve their problem, inevitably you are building traffic towards your website. And once you begin having traffic, your site is just like one big market place where everyone have the same thing in mind; your site content!

And this is where it begins to be interesting, because you will start making money from the content and products you might have in your website.

How Do I Monetize

Now, you can make money through Affiliate Marketing, which means you will be reviewing and selling other people’s product. If you have a product fine, you can sell, if you don’t, wa_like_to_earn_600x600-min[1]that’s OK, because sites like Amazon and many other companies that sell products related to your niche are out there. All you have to do is register with them; usually they are FREE. And start advertising and selling them in your website, which if you are able to sell you have a certain commission that will be paid to your affiliate account.

This kind of online earning is just like offline business, where you sell stuff to people from your shop, but the difference here is that, you don’t have to rent a shop, do a lot of paper work for your business which may cost a lot of money. In other words, it is cheap and almost cost no money to start your online business.

However, you will need to know the rudiments of operating a website based business, therefore, you will need some help to get started. You can start on your own really, but it will be much better to start with professionals who have been there, so that you can excel without difficulty…. And that brings me to a website that provides the help, resources and tools that you need to start.

Wealthy Affiliate is the online company that you need to transport you to your online business destination. You can register for free and start up your website immediately. I am willing to stick out my reputation by vouching for this company. Therefore, click here to see more detail on Wealthy Affiliate or click here to register for FREE.


I will like to see you succeed, and in order to succeed, you need to take action today. Be prepared to work hard and realize the dream you have always had. You can set a successful online business that can give you so much money than any job you have ever had. You will begin to have time for your family and for the things you love to do. You will begin to live your life and be in charge of your financial aspect of life.

Website based business is one sure way you can become financially free. You can afford to go on vacations and buy anything you have always wanted. I will rather suggest to you, to start a website based business.

Take that one step today, and be ready to establish a viable and thriving business online.

If you have any contributions or questions, please feel free to drop it in the comment box below.

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3 thoughts on “Can I Make Money Online-Absolutely Yes

  1. Thank you Vicky for attesting to that. It will sure go a step further in convincing some people that making money online is not a myth, so long they follow the right path.

  2. I prefer building a website and monetize a product/service to my audience.
    This way is much profitable, but it is a long term online business. It takes some time to build it and fill it with content.

    But there is nothing to worry about since Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful place to learn and apply on how to make money online. I highly recommend this as it has 24/7 live support and FREE to taste as well 🙂

    1. Hello edy,

      Yes that’s my preference too, but you know people have different opinion and how they see things. However, building a website and monetizing is an excellent idea, especially when you have Wealthy Affiliate to help you all the way.

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