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How to Make a Blog-5 Simple Steps

How to Make a Blog-5 Simple Steps

A blog is one of the quickest ways to start an online business and has become very popular given the fact many have been able to end their financial inadequacy with it. It is possible to start a blog anytime, any day or even as you are reading this now, you can make your own blog. Yes, you can start a blog right now like having a piece of cake and for FREE.

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how to rank higher in Google

How to Rank Higher in Google-Even When Not Optimized

Website owners always have this focal point of trying to do anything in order to see their how to rank higher in Googlewebsites rank higher in Google, right? Some of us even go to the extent of engaging in some shortcut activities with the hope that it will improve our website ranking. Tell you what, you will see a website that is ranking well without even the owner trying hard to make it rank on Google. It would simply mean that he does what is necessary and simple. That’s all.

How to rank higher in Google might not be all that difficult after all if you are doing something that is required of you and natural. How do I mean you might ask; manipulation and deliberate pulling of strings such as buying back links may not actually help you, but it might actually hurt your site ranking instead. I wrote about link exchange effect on your website ranking in the past, in as much as this could help your site’s ranking, this action can also destroy your webpage ranking too. Try to read anytime you find it convenient.

So, how to rank higher in Google even when your website is not optimized is by:

• Writing quality content and being consistent
• Cross linking
• Quality back links
• Low hanging fruit keywords
• Age

You may or may not know what is called on-page and off-page SEO, which is very important for your website’s ranking. Such things as the loading time of your webpage, the structure of your website, the use of the right plugins, having to share your website posts to social media sites or having to guest blog on some authority website so that you could get link back to your site and more, these are referred to as On and Off-page SEO.

Although cross linking, the use of the right keywords and writing of quality content are also referred to as On-page SEO. But these are on-page SEO that comes naturally without you having to try hard so long you know what to do. My point is that, once you are able to get all the aforementioned right, you will begin to see your website rank high.

Writing Quality Content and Being Consistent

Writing a quality and unique content is so vital to your ranking because Google’s algorithm has a way of determining if your content is a duplicated one or original. I want to believe you already know that copying someone else’s work is a crime and can make your website to sit at the bottom of the search engine. And you must write a content that is engaging and relevant to your website, such that your CTR will be improved when your webpage appears on the search engine.

One other factor that Google uses to determine a webpage that is doing well is the bounce rate. You don’t have to do anything that would increase your bounce rate by making visitors to click the back button all the time they visit your website. Most often, this happens when you are not being relevant with your content or if your content is not engaging (How to write an engaging content). What do you expect, if I visited a webpage that says ‘’how to choose the right shoes’’ on the search engine, on getting to the post/content, it is totally talking about how to repair a shoe. I will simply click the back button and I bet many visitors would do the same because your webpage is not relevant.

And you will have a boost if you are posting a quality and relevant content at a consistent intervals, because Google would show some love to your website if it crawler robot always sees something to submit each time it visits your website.

Cross linking

This is also known as an internal link, which is the link you put in a content that would direct a visitor to another webpage within the same website. This will help in the eyes of Google because it could increase the time spent by a visitor. When a visitor clicks on a webpage that is engaging and he sees another link to another webpage, chances are he will click on it to see what you have to say on that webpage too. However, you don’t just throw links on your content; you have to use the internal link(s) where necessary, especially if it is going to buttress what you are discussing about on the current page. I hope you are following?

Quality Back Links

Now, the truth is that, you get quality back link by guest blogging for the website that you would want a link back to your website, or you pay by cash or you do link exchange, which I am not a great fan of. But the thing is that, by writing a quality relevant content and doing so consistently will naturally attract quality back links to your website! It is as simple as that.

Low Hanging Fruits

Always target a low hanging fruit, what I mean by that is to go for low competition keywords. These keywords are easy to rank on. As you rank on these keywords with time you would start ranking on other high competition keywords too. So, you don’t have to worry about the number of searches on a certain low competition keywords because you would eventually rank for the high competitive keywords that are usually high in search engine.


And mate, when your website becomes a little older, it will begin to gain the authority recognition from Google, as a result, Google will start considering passing a lot of traffic to your website. This is a natural phenomenon if you keep doing your thing the way you ought to do them. It is only natural that new website hardly sees traffic or rank in Google, except if you choose to use PPC, such as Adwork or Bing ads to send traffic to your website, which is also cost effective, hope you know that.

So, if you have the cash, you can use PPC if you want things to start rolling out fast, but don’t expect free traffic from Google or Bing. If your website is new, then you have to roll up your sleeves and get to work by doing all of the aforementioned and you will begin to see success in relatively small amount of time.


So if you own a site and you are wondering why your site is not ranking, then you might want to check out some of the outlined factors here in this post. I experienced a very serious setback when I stopped updating my website the way I use to. Google love ‘’fresh’’ and ‘’unique’’ content, as long as you are coming up with that, and doing other things you need to do, you will be shown some love by Google.

Someone rightly said; take away my keyboard and you would have taking away my clicks, and if you take away my clicks, you would have taking away my money. I hope you know what that means.

If you have any question, comment, or contribution, please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.


How to Start Blogging-For Beginners

Many would simply tell you in summary how to start blogging, but I guess it takes morehow to start blogging than just a summary for a newbie to get by. How to start blogging is finding a blogging platform, decide on a domain name and hosting option.

Then, design your blog to your desired way by using a simple theme, and modify again to get the exact look you would really want it to have. Then, scout for the best plugins to use in your blog and finally start writing unique, useful and engaging content for your audience.

If I should just stop at all, I have said above, how much have I helped a newbie that really wants to start a blog? And most often, a blog is started with making money in mind, right? So, how have I been able to inform this newbie how to monetize his site or even direct him where he could get help?

Build Your Blog Now within minutes!

Most of the terms like blogging platform, plugins, theme and the rest could be latin words to the person in search of these information, because he doesn’t understand them. In order for him to understand, he should be taught like a child so as to at least grasp the basics, as time goes he will learn the advance aspects as well.

To start a blog, you will need:

A Blogging Platform

Blogging platform is like a store that will house everything you need for blogging, bothhow to start blogging with the content (articles) you will eventually be publishing. There are quite a number of blogging platforms out there and are free, such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal, to mention but few. However, the most popularly used by bloggers are WordPress and Blogger.

Hosting Option

After deciding on the blogging platform, then you need a hosting option, which is what willhow to start blogging make your blog site visible to the world, without hosting your platform no one can see it on the internet, except you alone. However, there are some blogging platforms that are ‘’hosted’’, which means once you are using that platform you don’t need a hosting. Blogger and WordPress are both hosted blogging platforms.

In case you have to self host your blog, there are companies that offer that service such as Go Daddy, Hosgator, Namecheap and many more.

Design Your Blog

At this point you to design your blog; just like decorating a house, you have to decide where the living room, sitting room, toilet, bathroom, etc should be. Likewise with the design of your blog, you have to decide where to put certain categories of articles you will be publishing and may be images you may need to best describe your site to your audience and more. It is all about organizing the interface of your blog so that visitors can find their way around without being overwhelmed.

This is usually done by the use of what is called ‘’theme’’. There are many of them in blogging platform such as WordPress. That is one of the reasons why most advanced bloggers prefer using WordPress, but Blogger could be an ideal blogging platform for a newbie even though there is no big deal to using WordPress.

Modify Your Blog

Usually, after designing you may want to do some tweaks here and there to get the final look of your blog. You may call it fine tuning the design, just as in your house, where you may have used the wrong drape and you realized you just have to change it or where you might have placed a sofa, and realized that there is a better place for it. The same way too with modifying your blog, you remove and add stuff that’s all.

Select Plugins

Selections of plugins are usually with blogging platforms like WordPress, these are thehow to start blogging tools that will make your blog more efficient in terms of SEO, design and responsiveness. I guess you may not still understand some of the terms I am using, except you have a prior knowledge of website building.

For your blog to work fine there are plugins you can’t just ignore such as SEO plugin, Google XML Site map, Askimet, and many more.

Write Unique Article and Publish

After you have gotten all of the aforementioned ready and your blog is up and running, youhow to start blogging need to start writing some unique posts that are relevant to the subject (niche) of your blog. Start publishing after writing so that you will attract visitors, when you attract visitors, you will generate traffic, and when you generate traffic to your blog then you can make money off of your blog when you monetize it.

These are just preamble on how to start blogging.


Mate, you don’t have to do this alone if you really wish to start blogging. There are a whole lot of details you need to have knowledge of in order to run a successful blog. So here is the deal, you can go ahead and sign up for my 5 daily lessons on how to start this blogging business in a professional way for free or you can click right here to join my #1 recommended program.

Join now to start building that blog with 2 free WordPress websites; don’t worry because everything is going to be explained to you simply.

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Website Ideas…Start Now

Ideas about website are highly necessary especially if you intend to build one for online Website Ideasbusiness. Being grounded or well informed about website ideas will surely prepare one to avoid mistakes that could be costly. For instance, when you stop taking action in website business, you start losing money big; it is as simple as that. You may have thought about making money of recent but you haven’t taking action just yet, or perhaps you have not made your first $1000.

It is OK if you haven’t made your first $1000 yet, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make way more than that if you have gathered the website ideas and implemented them correctly.

Tell you what, do not wait until you have figured everything out before you start your website business, you can start while you learn on the way. Ask many people that are successful today with their website, they will tell you that they started while they learn, and things started falling into place, and that is including me. So, the key to getting website ideas is taking action, period.

If you are a newbie or professional, I would highly suggest you read my #1 recommendation which I believe would guide you on how to build that website with ideas that would help you to excel in no time for free. There, you will be shown how to create, outsource and run your website successfully. I would rather say you are lucky to have found this article because, what you are about to discover for yourself if you take ‘’action’’ is priceless.

Building a website could be so easy and can make you a great deal of money if you do the right thing. Nevertheless, there are websites that the owners put in some amount of time for planning and all that, but eventually failed. There is no way you can start building anything without a ‘’blue print’’, otherwise you will end up forgetting a whole lot of important details that would help you build whatever it is you want to build. The same with creating or building a website, you need a blue print and that is why I recommend a program that is free which will help you build an ideal website by way of teaching (blue print) you and giving you tasks to accomplish toward building your website.

Have Your Visitors in Mind

Building a website is one aspect, but the other aspect is the ability to get traffic across to your website. And you can only achieve that if you give your audience every reason to visit your website. So, you can get visitors over to your website with informational tips, guides or tutorials. Something that would make them (visitors) to visit again and even invite a friend, share and like your work. Videos and audios are other ways you can make your website useful to visitors.

Forums or Chat Rooms to talk with likeminded people, free downloads, games and puzzles are very many other ways to attract visitors to your website. Anything you can do to help people is what you must use your website for, in order to get visitor over. After all, traffic is the bottom line of creating a website in the first place. Without it, you will not be able to sell whatever it is you are selling, and you will not be able to make money.

Understanding Your Target Audience

In order to increase traffic to your website, you should be able to understand your target audience. You should know what they think, what they expect from you as a website owner and so on and so forth. Once you are able to think like they do, you will be on the same page with them and they won’t be bored with what you have to offer on your website.

You can use these means to better understand your audience; always ask your visitors to drop a comment, use Google Analytics and perhaps survey your users.

Selecting a Niche with Less Competition

If you are not careful in selecting your niche, you may end up with highly competitive niche that could be very difficult for you excel in. For instance, a niche called business forum that could result in about 500 million when searched on Google, you can try to narrow it down to male business forum, which could be down to 3 million when searched on Google. You can further narrow it down to 2 million or so by using a niche called young male business forum. By so doing, you have been able to cut off a lot of competitions that could delay your success in website business.

Here are some examples:

  • Recipes-Dessert Recipes-Chocolate Dessert Recipes
  • Football-Female Football-Young Female Football
  • Sports-Water Sports-Extreme water sports

These are some ideas of how to cut off competitions when selecting a niche. If you do this correctly you would have cut off about 50% hurdles of succeeding with your website.

Making Money with Your Website

Now this is the part that would probably interest you the most. But I must say this should be the least that should interest you the most. What should interest you the most should be getting useful information across to your audience. Always having the zeal to help your visitors through your website, only then can you experience a real success.

Now how to monetize your website in order to make money when you are busy helping your audiences. Monetizing your website all depends on what your target audience could be interested in. For instance, you have a health and fitness website, you should be able to understand what kind of things your visitor should be interested in. I believe stuff like vitamin supplements, milk shakes and exercising equipment will be right for your audience. So, what you will do is sign up with Amazon or Walmart, where most of these stuff could be found. Become an affiliate to any of them or both if necessary, and direct traffic to their website for these stuffs to be purchased and get commissions in return.

Or you can apply for Google Adsense and run it on your website.

Giving Your Website Exposure

How to promote and expose your website to the public is to use mediums like the Google Adword or Bing, Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and linkedin, blogposts, related website. These are some viable ways of giving your website exposure that it needs. I suggest, if you don’t have money to promote your website using Google adword or Bing, you can work hard on your website by posting useful information consistently and sharing them to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Website Design and Appearance

It is true that appearance can really have an effect on how successful your website couldWebsite Ideas be. Some folks would even urge you to hire a website designer in order to get an appealing website. But I say to you, you can do all by yourself. Yes, you can do it, just sign up to the program I recommended. How about knowing how to do it and even sell your know-how to others that would want to create a website. Just don’t miss the opportunity of signing up to this program because it is free, you have got nothing to lose.

That being said, the qualities that make up a good website design is not that type that is flashy and shiny, but the one that is simple, and less distractive by unnecessary designs. A fast loading website that has good texts on a clear background would really appeal to people.


There are very many other things I wish to tell you, but it can’t be contained on this article alone. But like I said earlier, you can learn while you take ‘’action’’ in creating your website. Learning everything before building a website could be overwhelming, unless you want to hire the service of someone, which I think is not necessary.

Once again, just click here to join for free and experience once in a life time opportunity of knowing how to build your website, or would I say, of getting a website ideas.

I do hope I have been able to clear some issues on website ideas, and if you do have a question, comment or contribution, please do not hesitate to drop it at the comment box below.

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How to build website from scratch

How To Build Website From Scratch- Step By Step Guide

To build website from scratch is something anyone can do. As a matter of fact, website creation has been made easy today, unlike it use to be back in early 2000. You can create, build and design your website as easy as a of piece cake. And I mean literally a piece of cake! No codes, HTML or whatsoever.

If you wish to get down to creating your site as you learn, just use the link below to do so. This way, you will not have to do it all alone, there will be help and also a free WordPress site and hosting. One of the best hosting you can find around. But if not, you can come for a ride with me on how to build website from scratch.

First Thing First

Now, if you wish to build a website, there are certain things you have to resolve first before you commence to build. The following are things you have to make decision on,  before the actual building of your website.

  • Domain name– You have to decide on what name you wish to give to your website. This is usually made from what you intend to use the site for. For instance, if your site is all about how to repair computers, you may decide to use name like ‘repaircomputers dot com’. Sometimes, the name may not be available because someone somewhere may have started using the same name. In this case, you may want to modify the name a bit, like using ‘repaircomputernow dot com’. That way, you may get the name available for you to use. Decide where to buy the domain name, I will recommend namecheap.
  • Hosting-You will have to decide on which platform to host your website. Hosting could be described as the tool that makes your website visible to the world. When someone searches for your domain name on the internet, your site would be able to come up, but if it not hosted, it can’t be found. There are very many hosting companies out such Go Daddy and namecheap. But, I would recommend namecheap for your domain and hosting because it is affordable and also efficient. You can get a $10 domain and a $10 hosting for a year. They have a very good customer service such as live chat, that you can use to resolve any problem you may be having. I highly recommend it, because I personally enjoy their services and support.

How To Build Your Site

There are different tools you could use to build your website, such as WordPress, Blogger, Drupal and Joomlar. But WordPress is mostly used because of it easy to use features. Its CMS (content management system) is super, it enables you to build and structure your website the way you want it. It has free templates/themes that you can choose from. Unlike the rest, it can be managed, virtually by anyone.

Once you have gotten a domain name and hosting, you will have to install your wordpress site. Meanwhile, the domain name would have been pointed to the DNS. Don’t worry, your hosting company’s customer support will take care of all the domain and hosting issues for you. All you have to do, is just go to their live chat and they will tell you what to do.

Installing Your WordPress Site

I will be using namcheap as the case study here; just login to your cpanel, which will be provided to you upon buying your hosting. Once on the inside go to software and services/softaculous. Just as indicated below.

how to build website from scratch

After clicking on softaculous, that will take you to the next place as you would see below.

how to build website from scratch

As you can see, there are different software you can choose from, but we will like to use WordPress. It, constitutes over 50% of websites built on the internet today, while others like Drupal is about 17%, Joomla 6% and the rest constitute the remaining less that 30% fraction.

So, click on the ‘install’ WordPress and you will be taken into the WordPress setting environment such as below. You should expect to see all the three screen shots below on one page. As such, you are only expected to do three things;

  • Input the url of your website
  • Input the password of your website
  • Then, finally click install, which will have your website installed and up running.

how to build website from scratch

how to build website from scratch

how to builld website from scratch

How To Login To Your WordPress Dashboard

At this point, your website is up and running, and you can login into your WordPress dashboard anytime you want. In order to do so, go to your browser and type in the url of you website, exp. This will allow you to enter your username=admin and password=the password you entered before. You finally installed your wordpress site.

How to build website from scratch


How To Set Your Site Title And Tagline

To do this, simply click on the settings>general at the side bar and set the title of your website and also add the tagline as shown below. Make sure you update the changes by scrolling down.

How to build website from scratch

How to build website from scratch

How To Select And Add A Theme

To select a theme, go to appearance>themes and select a theme you would want to use. You will find over 1500 themes to choose from. At a click of a button, you have anyone you like installed, very easy.

how to build website from scratch

Remember, installing a new theme will not change any of the changes you might have made on your site so far.

Adding Pages To Your Website’s Menu Bar

To set up your first pages, such as your ‘Privacy Policy’ and ‘About me’ pages. To do these, you have to go to pages>add new and enter Privacy Policy as the title and update. Go to pages>add new to create your About Me page, and update.

How to build website from scratch

Once you are done, you need to make it appear on the menu bar of your website. This will require you to go to appearance>menus and add this pages to your menu bar.

how to build website from scratch

How To Edit Side Bar

Most of the themes have there side bar at the right side of the page/post. Just in case you need to remove or add a side bar, all you have to do is, go to appearance>widget. There, you will be able to add/remove any side bar, drag and drop fashion.


Plugins are extensions used to get more out of your WordPress site. You can use it to add more functions like ‘All in One SEO‘ that will help to make your site to be SEO-friendly. And most of these plugins are free and awesome. And certainly you have to install the ‘All in One SEO’ plugin.

How To Install plugin

Go to plugins>add new at the left side bar. At the top right side you can search for ‘All In One-SEO’ and install. Once installed, you activate and you are done. You will be able to edit your title tags and meta description and more.

How To Create A static page

If you wish to have a static page you can simply create one by going to settings>readings. Check the static page and select the page you would like to use as the static page and save changes. However, before you do that, you need to create a page you would want to use for this.

If you are able to accomplish up to this level with building of your website, I will say congratulations! After all, how to build website from scratch is very easy. Although, there are other little details you can learn as you start managing your wordpress site.

I must also recommend that you read how to add site your site to Google and how to submit your site to Bing. These are necessary if you really wish to let the Search Engines know about your site which is good for SEO. By so doing, your site will be crawled and be ranked by these search engines.

If you think you still need to know more, click here to join a program that will walk you through how to build a perfect website with tasks to complete on each lessons. But if you need someone to help you build your website, I build websites for people, you can holler at me and I will be glad to help you.

ways to make money online at home

Please do share and comment if you found this helpful. This is necessary to keep me motivated to do more. If you have any question or help, please do not hesitate to put it down at the comment box below or you can mail me at