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How to Detect Online Scams- Exposed!

How to Detect Online Scams- Exposed!

This is yet another new year, 2017 and many people are preparing to go online in search of opportunities. So also, the scammers are also lurking in dark side of the internet waiting for their unsuspecting victims to fall into the TRAP they have laid out in place. Whether we like it or not this is surely going to happen, it has happened in 2016 and the years before Continue reading How to Detect Online Scams- Exposed!

What is E-Dinar? - Revealed!

What is E-Dinar? – Revealed!

I will like to start off this article on a personal note because I think it will make a lot of sense. Before now, I was never interested in anything like E-Dinar or any other cryptocurrency but my wife would not let me rest about it! In fact, she became so obsessed (at least, so I thought in the beginning) with it that I was like, woman, can’t you talk enough of E-Dinar? But I guess I was the one that wasn’t seeing the vision of financial independence. Women (maybe not all but most), they say, are good in helping Continue reading What is E-Dinar? – Revealed!

Can You Make Money Selling On Amazon?

Can You Make Money Selling On Amazon?

I still don’t get it how some people still doubt about making money online much less on Amazon. Can you make money selling on Amazon? YES! You must have noticed I used the capital letters for the word ‘’ yes’’ because it is possible and doable the only thing is how you approach selling on Amazon.  You don’t just get up one morning and decide to start selling on Amazon; I guess that won’t be possible if you don’t have the prior knowledge of how to go about doing so, right? So, you must start first of all by asking questions like the one you asked that got you here in the first place, like ‘’can you make money selling on Amazon?’’ then from there you will get acquitted with other things you should know.

Let’s start by answering your question first.

Can You Make Money Selling on Amazon?

If you haven’t noticed, people from around the world buy stuff from Amazon especially people from US, Canada, and the UK. There are massive buying and selling on Amazon every day and both parties are enjoying the benefits of Amazon because their services are great, from the price to shipping. These qualities made Amazon have an edge over Wal-Mart.

Now, there are two ways you can make money by selling on Amazon, and that is by listing and selling directly your own product or by selling other peoples’ product. Let me explain a little more for you to understand how it works.

Selling your own Product(s) on Amazon

You can choose and list products on Amazon’s network and have them sold through Amazon. You will have to deal with the shipping aspect, though. In this model of making money, I don’t really dig it, you know why you will have to source for the product and ship it. And if there is any issue after shipping and the customer doesn’t like it for whatever reasons, you have to deal with it as well. That is why customers are complaining about the horrible customer service they are receiving from some vendors on other selling networks. But I always advise any person to buy from Amazon, and before he does he should check the vendor’s customer service rating to know if the vendor has a good rating in order to avoid frustrations when he has to contact the vendor because of any issue with the purchase of the product.

Now that is how you can make money selling on Amazon as a Vendor, you can make a whole lot of money but with the problem of handling the shipping and the rest. And if I may be asked, I don’t want to have anything to do with all of that believe me.

Can You Make Money Selling On Amazon?

You can make money selling other people’s product on Amazon

This one I like, and as a matter of fact, I sell products that I don’t actually own on Amazon! Yes, I sell them and I receive commissions, without having to deal with sourcing for the product which sometimes might require a huge amount of money, and I don’t have to deal with shipping and dealing with issues arising from products that are rejected.  You see the reason why I prefer the latter instead of the former? To make money stress free, while others are handling the issues that might spring up after sales.

How do you do that?

How do I what? Make money from other people’s product? Simple, I sign up as an affiliate with Amazon Associate, that way I will have an account with Amazon to market whatever product that pleases me and when anyone is sold I receive a commission. Basically, I don’t use this website for selling Amazon products but I use my other site that is based on health and fitness, you can check it out here.

If you visit the site, you will notice that I reviewed an elliptical trainer, which I also put my Amazon link for sales, just in case the person reading decides to buy this machine, I will get my commission, pronto! It is as simple as that, but it won’t become simple as that until you get some ground work done.

And you can imagine the number of people that will be visiting the website and be making a purchase on any of the products I have reviewed and recommended because there are so many other products like that, that I reviewed. I think that will be a lot of money, and still, I don’t have any product in the real sense but I am making money from other people’s product.

Affiliate Marketing

The selling of other people’s product is also referred to as affiliate marketing in a nutshell. But in case you wish to know what is affiliate marketing you may click on the link to read in detail what affiliate marketing is all about.

How do I get paid?

You get paid by direct deposit to the bank (minimum of $10), which is available to US residence alone, also receive payments by cheque (minimum of $100) or by Amazon Gift Card (minimum of $10). Now, a lot of people that are not from the USA, usually have a problem on how to get their money from Amazon. I am not a US residence but I am receiving my payments from Amazon. How I did it? I simply got a third party involve which called Payoneer, ever heard of it? This company helps in getting money from companies like Amazon and the likes for you. You can simply do any business with any US companies and simply have your money deposited in your Payoneer’s account.

The good thing is that Payoneer operates in almost every country and can use their prepaid Card to withdraw your money or you can direct them to pay into your local bank account. Simply click here to open an account with Payoneer, it’s FREE.

Enough of payment and Payoneer.

Other Affiliate paying programs like Amazon

Amazon gives its new affiliates 4%, but you will receive 6% to 10% worth of the product sold by the time you have made multiple sales of about 7 times and upward. However, there are other affiliate paying programs that also pay much more, such as:

  • 12 to 17% per sale
  • 8 to 18% per sale
  • $50 per sale
  • Verizon Wireless- 25%  per sale
  • Skin Store- 8 to 10% per sale
  • And much more.

There are several of these programs on the internet, the only thing is to know your area of business and know which one of them will suit you the most.


In a nutshell, you cam money from selling on Amazon, but if you don’t know how to get started or you need someone to hold you by the hand and walk you through it, then I would suggest my #1 recommendation that will teach you how to be an affiliate expert that will stand out at what you do. The process will be very easy and simple to you before you know what is happening you will be making your own money through Amazon or any other affiliate program of your choice. But you need direction and a good one that will help you to be on the right track. That is why I chose Wealthy Affiliate for you to excel in your effort of becoming an affiliate.

Can You Make Money Selling On Amazon?

Therefore, make that decision now and take ACTION, which will change your life forever.

If you have further questions, comments or contribution, please feel free to post it in the comment box below.

Best and Free Ways to Make Money Online- 7 Scam Free Ways

Best and Free Ways to Make Money Online- 7 Scam Free Ways

One common character with everyone is that we love anything BEST and FREE, right? I Best and Free Ways to Make Money Online- 7 Scam Free Wayssuppose you said yes! But I guess, someone once said to me that in the U.S nothing goes for FREE and that is why the country is seen as the greatest in the whole world because of its productivity and success. What am I trying to say? I am trying to say that anything that is FREE ends up being a trash can, just like someone said in a movie that everything in Russia is FREE but they all are B.S.

Now, you may be wondering why I am saying all these to you. To make it simple, anything that is FREE is not always the BEST way but you may always find the best among this category. So, don’t expect to make a lot of money with this free stuff, even the best of it requires a lot of extra work and commitment to become rich or gain financial independence.

Let’s not fool ourselves, look around the internet, what do you see? Wolves in sheep’s clothing looking for whom to devour and this is actually true. So, expecting FREE stuff to make you a lot of money is something I am sorry to say can only work with EXTRA HARD WORK but it is doable.

So, let’s look at some of the best and free ways to make money online.

Best and Free Ways to Make Money Online

Fiverr– You can make money for just about any talent or knowledge that you have, all it requires you to do is to sign up with Fiverr for free and sell your expertise. It could be web design, Photoshop (banner, logo), content writing, submission of keywords and URLs to search engines, etc. This is a very good way many are using to make money every day. However, this gig does not come often except if you have built your way up to an impressive rating.

iStockPhoto– Do you have a thing about photography or doing video illustrations? If yes, this could be used as a tool for earning money from iStockPhoto because you can submit any of your projects to it and make money in return.

Instagram– Did you know that you could use Instagram social media network to make money? If you didn’t know, you can make money by turning your social media photos into prints for a profit. Most folks think that Instagram is just another photographic social media where you can express your personality pictorially, but that is not all to it because photographers such as Daniel Arnold have taken the advantage of this opportunity and rake in a cool amount of $ every day.

eBay– Sell stuff you do not need anymore, that is laying around the house on eBay. Or youBest and Free Ways to Make Money Online- 7 Scam Free Ways might as well buy things at a low price and sell at higher price using eBay. You can begin by going through the ‘’sold’’ listings to find out the type of items that were sold recently and at what price. I found this blogger on the web that started small on eBay business and she is really doing great today. Please check that out, I can’t just resist sharing it with you.

This is best for people that have a thing for shipping and selling because it will require that.

YouTube– You can make tons of money with YouTube if you know what to do. It does not even require a computer to do this because with a phone that can video and upload to YouTube you are good to go. All you need to do is to record interesting videos and upload to YouTube and you could be making a lot of money, especially if you are lucky it goes viral. However, you must monetize the video otherwise you can’t make a dime with it even if it goes viral. Read about this vlogger that is earning millions of $ in a year!

Affiliate Marketing– You can set up a niche website and sign up with some affiliate companies that are related to your niche and sell their products on your website and make commissions in return. This is a very common way on how to make money online and you can start off here for Free and see how Colton made $5000 just in few months of starting off as an affiliate with Amazon.

Google Adsense– This is also similar to affiliate marketing; once you have a niche website going on for you, you can sign up for free for Google Adsense account with Google and start earning a whole lot of cash.

Amazon– Write and publish your book using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform. A lot of people are really making their money online through this pattern. One of them is an 18-year-old Thomas Strock, who made a whopping sum of $6,716.05 in just a month from his Kindle books on Amazon! Hey, catch your breath, you will be fine.


These are but some of the best and free ways to make money online friend. However, you have seen numbers here and you are wondering, can I make that too? Yes, you too can make that but it does not just start in one day. If you have taken the time to read through some of the testimonials here you will discover that it started by a drop before it gains momentum into yielding a huge sum monthly.

Therefore, if you are interested in affiliate marketing or taking the advantage of Google Adsense to make money online, you can sign up for free in order to be taught on how to go about building a niche website and ultimately making money from it. I wish to tell you straight up, though, you have to be ready to work, and be committed to learning and building your online business because there is no short cut to earning money online.

I hope these 7 ways on how to earn money online has been very helpful. Post any comment or question you may have below.

How to Profit From a Blog

How to Profit From a Blog

I have written ways to make money with a website before, but how to profit from a blog is a different dimension from the former, do try to look it over because there are other ideas you can find there that are not here even though the headlines seem similar.

Often times, the question that is always at the back of the mind is how to profit from blog especially by aspiring bloggers. Yes, you may have heard how Mr. X is making 6 figures with his blog and you wish to make the same kind of money too. What a lofty ambition I must say, but there are certain and important things you should know and consider first before thinking about how to profit from a blog. I will mention these things just in case you are not aware of them before proceeding to how to profit from a blog. Is that ok? Great!

This is a heads up because if how to profit from a blog comes first in your mind or agenda then you have planned to fail. Now, the question is, have you done the following?

Do You Have a Blog?

You may have a blog site running already or planning to start one, but what I am about to say is still relevant. If you are still planning to start a blog here is how to start up a blog and if you have already established one good for you, but you have to know if you have done all I am about to say right, if not you may have to review and reevaluate yourself before thinking of how to profit from a blog. As a matter of fact, how to profit from a blog should not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are just starting out even though it is the essence of setting up one. Here is an overview of what you must do before thinking of making money from it.

A BLOG-You needs it as a platform for reaching the audience you intended to reach.
Quality Content– You need to fill your blog with good and quality content, there is no substitute to this. This is where you need to win the trust of your audience by providing valuable content that is targeted at helping them. Most times this is easy if you have chosen what you are passionate about as your niche, then the rest is just a piece of cake because they will just come naturally. Another important aspect is your writing style, do not try to be someone else when you are writing a post, just be yourself and keep it simple, use online apps such as this to check your grammar. Originality makes you unique and stands you out of the rest.
Connection-Connect with people via social media platforms. Open a Facebook page, Google Pus, Twitter and Possibly Pinterest for your blog. You can relate with people through this medium and build a relationship that will result in trust and popularity.
Self-Development-Keep on developing you on the area of your craft. Improve on the things you know already and learn new things every day.
Mindset– Most people online seem not to emphasize the importance of MINDSET! Here, is where everything lies; the success of your blog depends on it. If you can condition your mindset the right way chances are you will eventually make it to the top of the mountain and not abandon ship and flee. A good mindset will persevere, be patient and ready to work even harder because you need all those in order to reach the level where you will begin to talk about how to make profits from a blog. And don’t get me wrong, because it is doable and many have succeeded and they don’t have two heads but do have these qualities I outlined.

How to Profit From a Blog

Remember you can only benefit from a blog that has traffic and that is why I mentioned all the details above that will help create traffic to your blog.

Write an e-book

You can decide to own a product and have total control of it instead of being a middle man, be THE MAN. To create an eBook is not difficult if you really have something to write about. Just find that help people are willing to pay for and write about it. This will not only fetch you more money but will make you an ‘’authority’’ at what you do.

Sell ‘’Actual’’ product

If you have anything you are producing or making, a blog is the most profitable place to market it. Let’s say you knit good sweaters or build some stuff that is unique, there is no doubt you can start to sell them online.

Membership Site

How about a membership site where people can register for premium content that will require a recurring fee to access, if you charge $25 per month and you happen to have about 20 registered members for the first month that would be about $500 which is not bad for a starter because this will only multiply in the subsequent months.

This method is mostly used by bloggers who don’t want to be just another blogger and this venture is highly lucrative.

Build and Sell Your Blog

This is yet another way of making money from a blog. There are people who simply build blogs and develop it to a certain stage and decide to sell. Empireflippers and Flippa are good places to sell a website.


These are but few ways to profit from a blog. You can visit ways to make money with a website for more information as to how to benefit from a blog.

My final word would be, concentrate and build your website and relationship with your audience so that your site will grow organically. Only then will you start seeing any form of growth that will amount to making money from the blog. To benefit from a blog is very possible and by the start reaping off your hard work, it will be none stop as long as you don’t stop at what you do. Therefore, keep on doing what you are doing and never give up because winners don’t quit only losers do.

Do drop your comment, contribution or question in the comment box below and will be very glad to answer it.