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What is Countdown to Profits-Find Out?

What is Count Down to Profits-Find Out?

Seriously, I am always wary of websites that exhibit images of luxury such as a beautifulWhat is Countdown to Profits-Find Out? mansion, a yacht, a couple vacationing in some exotic island and a porch car. All of these make me tread with care as to what the site has to offer. This kind of hype negatively impresses me because most of the people that go about scamming on the internet use same formula. And often time they entice their unsuspecting victim with all these luxuries and finally tell them is not hard to attain this kind of lifestyle after all.

This is deceit and it is so sad! Newbies would ordinarily fall for this kind of hype because he or she has no experience, and unfortunately, some people that have also experienced the bad side of scam sometimes fall for it too, despite their negative experiences. But this could be attributed to denial because the person has refused to admit that it takes hard work and consistency to make it online. As a result, they will be paying dearly for this denial on the quest of looking for short cuts.

All I have said is in no way implying or suggesting that Countdown to Profits is a scam, but just giving you a heads up. However, I will be doing justice to Countdown to Profit Review without being biased.

What is Count Down to Profits?

The question again, what is Countdown to Profits? What type of business model are they into and hoping to pass over to any person interested in order to make money online? As they rightly said, many around the world are seriously making money online at home! Yes, that’s right. But I disagree with their claim that you can make tons of $ by only giving a little time to whatever they will teach. Now, that right there is what I vehemently disagree!

They also claim that you become rich in ‘’no time’’ with almost zero experience. What the heck are you talking about? I think this is just glaringly obvious that their sales pitch is overhyped. Who makes money online without experience and in no time? I guess most offices should have been closed because many people would have been successful doing online business.

Hey, I know how much time and commitment I put into my business to get it where it is today, bursting my **s almost every day. Now someone is telling me, Count down To Profits plus no experience plus no time = tons of $? Well, I don’t know about you but I really have a problem with that claim or assertion. Anyways, let’s look past that and dig a little bit deeper.

Count down to Profits is owned by Richard Paul who claimed he used to be this bored bank teller until there was this software that was introduced to him by a friend then he started living in heaven on earth. When watch their sales video you will either be skeptical or be tempted to sign up because he (Richard Paul) says you will earn a one $ every second you watch that video. Isn’t that tempting and too good to be true? However, he went ahead to say, in order to earn a $ simply by watching a video that will allegedly make you rich you have to sign up for $97. Is that not tricky?

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Oh, yes, he also says, you only get that money after you must have purchased the product and used it for 30 days or you will have $500 money back guarantee! This means, if you fail to make the 1$ every second during the 30 days period you will be given $500.

Do not be excited just yet, because, the terms and conditions policy say you will not be entitled to the money back guarantee after 30 days, so how do we reconcile that? Something is not just right! But the problem is that people will be overly excited and would not be able to read between the lines before jumping to this offer only to realize it is late and they are stuck with this product.

Moreover, nothing was said as to what you will be doing to make money online. And to cap it all, telling me they can make me rich OVERNIGHT! This is ridiculously LAUGHABLE! I don’t know if it is just me, but I know a scam from miles away.
You may ask, how about the testimonies of people that have made it through this product? Don’t be naïve, almost anything could be made to look real because I can tell you they are all FAKE.


Did you know that in their ‘’disclaimer’’ they say their product is only for educational purposes, Just as it reads below, verbatim from their website?

What is Countdown to Profits-Find Out?

Thumbs up

• I like the rich lifestyle they promise you can have.

Thumbs Down

• It is very misleading and overhyped
• I also understand you have to buy MOBE’S product that worth thousands of dollars in order to qualify for the $500 money back guarantee and money back guarantee is not realistic.
• For associating with MOBE that is a clear message for one to stay off this product because you can’t afford to buy all the hidden upsell they will throw your way.


Be careful when someone tells you he can make you rich OVERNIGHT, without investing quality time, and work hard. Be careful when someone flaunts photos of some exotic beach and cars and says you too can have those if only you buy his product. Be careful and be warned.

If you are ready to become a successful online entrepreneur then be ready to work hard and committed!

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