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How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

How to Make Website Mobile Friendly-Increase Usability

Mobile friendliness of a website is paramount and one of the prerequisites to building a successful online business. You can now only imagine how many mobile users we have throughout the world. Do the math (if you can) and you will appreciate the amazing populaces that are browsing the internet through mobile phones or tablets. Android and other high-end mobile devices are common play stuff even for kids. Therefore, if your website is not mobile friendly then you are missing out in action because it has been confirmed that mobile usage has exceeded desktop internet usage according to ComScore.

As we all know, mobile users expect an experience optimized for their devices. Let’s put this into perspective, if you browse a website that is not mobile-friendly what would you do? Of course, you will simply bounce and will not return and too many people bouncing is not good for business, is it? Even Google will penalize your website by dropping it at the bottom of the pile (SERP).

Don’t worry if your website is not mobile-friendly I will be showing you how to make website mobile friendly. If you are not sure if your website is mobile friendly, use this link to test it now.

Utilize a Mobile-first Responsive Design

If you have a website that is not mobile-friendly deploying mobile-first strategy using responsive webs design standard could be the ideal way. Planning is required on how it will be used on mobile devices if you so decide to use mobile-first strategy. An exercise that helps to first determine what content should go to the site; that is which part of the content should be given priority to appear on the mobile should be put into consideration.

Responsive design establishes the best possible mobile experience because it ensures that your site conforms to any screen size of the mobile device be it a tablet, or smartphone.

Use Plugin

Content management systems platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, or Joomla all have a solution to making your site mobile friendly without having to split your website into two (Desktop and Mobile version). I assume you are aware that splitting the website into desktop and mobile is yet another way of making your website mobile friendly. I will explain about that shortly.

WPtouch is a WordPress mobile plugin that could provide a custom mobile experience to your audience or mobile device users. There is also a paid version that has extra features for e-commerce sites.

How to Make Website Mobile Friendly

Drupal Mobile Plugins (ThemeKey and MobileTheme) are two types of plugins that detect if a user is on a mobile device or not; if the user is on a mobile device it will automatically switch to a more user-friendly mobile appearance and these plugins have easy to use interface once you have any of them installed.

Create a Mobile Version

This method seems to be the quickest way to make your website mobile friendly. This is simply done by splitting your site into desktop and mobile version using conversion tools such as Duda Mobile or bMobile. The problem is, if you opt to use this method to make your site mobile friendly, it is important for you to know that you are creating two separate sites that need to be updated separately and this can be a problem for most people.

Some have also argued that if you have to use the same content to update the two websites Google might see it as duplication and which could hurt.


Reevaluate your website in order to tweak some things that need to be adjusted for best performance It can really hurt but you must if it is absolutely necessary otherwise you may be wasting your time working on a website that has issues with mobile friendliness.

I hope this has been helpful. Do drop any comment, contribution, or question in the comment box below.

How to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money

How to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money

Increasing our website’s traffic is essential because it will help to boost conversions and sales. Aside from the conventional ways of making sure we have traffic across to our website there are other things we could do to tweak the traffic flow and ultimately increase profit. Must often we are told about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) system such as submitting our website(s) to search engines especially Google, Bing and Yahoo, setting up an authorship with Google, setting up Google Analytics and using the right keywords (targeted and low hanging fruit keyword), after all these, then what? Do we just keep on updating our website, if yes, how often?

To be able to increase our website’s traffic there are certain things we need to do, not necessarily spending money on paid ads. Amazingly, these things are natural yet simple tasks to carry out. By the time you are done with reading through this article you will understand how to increase your website traffic.

Good and Catchy Content Headline

It can be so frustrating when we have done all the needful by submitting to Search Engines and writing original content and eventually have our content ranked on the first page yet we experience low traffic before of poor Click through rate (CTR). Ignoring small detail as not using good and catchy headline can really cost you because it is not only your content is on the search engine’s first page. Use a headline that is not only targeted but also inviting because it can really affect your website’s traffic positively. For instance, if you see the headline of this article ‘’How to Increase My Websites Traffic-Without Spending Money’’ vs. ‘’How to Increase My Website Traffic’’ on the search engine which one would you click on? , I suppose is the former because you would like to know how to increase traffic to your website without spending money right? Same way every other person that sees the headline anywhere be on social media or the search engine will click on it.

Keep Your Content Simple and Concise

After succeeding in getting people to click on your content then what? Remember, they are curious in the first place because of your good and catchy headline, what happens if your content is not so good? They will bounce! And I don’t think high bounce rate is good for you neither for the ranking of your website. If you have a content that is not so good, that will make you not to have conversions even when your web page appears on the first page of search engine. And high bounce rate could lead to your web page being dropped lower in the search engine.

Have you noticed that you leave a site that its content is not engaging? That’s what happens when yours is not, and people will quickly leave.
So, write as simple as possible so as to carry whoever that is reading along. Do not use hard to understand words or jargons as this could really turn people off and they may not really finish your article. Write to engage your audience not to show off how good you are with words. And you mustn’t necessarily give yourself a target of how many words you must attain, instead write naturally, otherwise, you will start to write for the sake of getting the targeted number of words instead of writing to engage.

Write Rich Content

Rich content can never be substituted for anything, just like the saying goes, content isHow to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money King? Not just any content, but that unique content that is void of duplication or copy and paste. Google loves original and rich content, and this will only increase your traffic as Google shows more love to your website/web page. The effectiveness of good and quality content in increasing traffic cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, give your readers something they cannot find somewhere else .Your style of writing could really make them keep coming back because they understand the message you are trying to pass across.

Once your content is rich, it is also shareable because your audience will help you share it again and again from your site and social media and you can only imagine what that could do to the popularity of your website. This is simply traffic explosion!

Be Consistent with Your Article Writing

I once abandoned my website for a while; I was not updating consistently and regularly, what happened? My web pages began to be dumped at the bottom of the pile on the Search Engine. This is simply what happens if you are not updating your website consistently. Maybe have certain days for updating your website and stick to it so that each time the robot crawler comes to your website there will be new and fresh content to be indexed and subsequently ranked. I noticed that my Google Webmaster console was not updated for some days even when I had resumed updating my website simply because the robot crawler has decided there is no fresh content to be found and therefore reduced its visit frequency.

How Often Should I Update

Frequency by which you update your website matters. You should update your website atHow to Increase My Website Traffic-Without spending Money least twice in a week but if you really want to speed up your website’s traffic then roll up your sleeves and update every day. Let’s say six days in a week will really increase that website traffic you are looking for. This part is what you should keep doing as long as the website exists. Even if it appears you are not seeing any significant changes in traffic just keep on writing and don’t give up.

Guest Posting

You may look around and find any website you feel is already getting a significant traffic and ask the owner if you could write a post for him in an exchange for a link back to your website. Usually, go for a website that is in the same niche as yours. You don’t just write to the owner that you would like to write a post for him, but the approach really matters.

Before writing to him, try to know his name, what is it he is trying to accomplish with his site, then write down some keywords you feel he may be interested in and then write and ask him if he would be interested in you writing a post in one of those keywords for him in an exchange for a link.

Getting a guest post opportunity largely depends on your approach and how well you convince the website owner.


These are 6 ways to increase traffic to your website, but the question is, do you enjoy what you are doing, do you have a passion for what you are writing about? If you are not passionate about what you write about then chances are you will give up on building your online business just before you start seeing any positive result. I know how we are always looking at the search analytics in our Google Webmaster Console to know the position of our web pages and all that. But that wouldn’t help but would only take your time and perhaps discourage you from writing more content for your website.

Therefore, be passionate about what you do and put in your all and you will receive the reward bountifully.

Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger

Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger

When you decide to build a website or start a blog there are so many things you need to consider in order to start off on the right path. As a matter of fact, making the decision to start a blog is just a concept that is yet to be developed into a reality, and to bring this into reality one of the things you should be considering is what type of publishing platform will best suit your concept. And that is where Tumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger come into play.

These publishing platforms have their advantages on different kinds of concept and personality that would be using them. There are free versions as well as paid versions. Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger are the three major blogging platforms widely used by bloggers and business owners. More interestingly, these blog platforms were designed for certain audience and purposes.

For instance, WordPress is mostly used by many professionals because of its plugins and upgrades that allow the owner to design to taste.While Tumblr is best for community type of publishing and photography. Blogger I would say is for part time bloggers and even for professionals too, because there are some professionals that have been successful using this platform. Its simplicity and easy to use make a lot of people that feel they are not computer-savvy to opt for it.

How to Write a Website Content


Like I earlier said, Tumblr is best for photography presentation and good for an audience Tumblr vs WordPress vs Bloggerthat is visually oriented. Those that would love to present and interpret their passion visually would surely love to use this platform. Tumblr allows you to set up and manage a free blog with hosting as long as you have ‘’Tumblr’’ in your domain’s name. It is also easy to design and get your blog up and running in no time, just like Posterous.

There are two steps to setting up a Tumblr account, the first is that you have to provide an email address and the second one you have to fill in the name you wish to give to your blog. An image is expected to be uploaded to your profile; if you don’t have any your webcam is suggested to be used for a quick headshot.

Tumblr is also good for users that wish to have a catalogue of things on the internet. However, if you are looking forward to having a fully customized site and blogging about an interest in an in-depth fashion, then Tumblr is not for you.



WordPress has two products but similar, that is .com and .org. offers freeTumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger hosting and provides thousands of customizable themes and plugins that help upgrade and enhance the website. These plugins are quite easy to use with the help of the widgets; you can simply add or remove any feature on the website.

While .org has an entirely new level of customization compared to .com, nevertheless, both are free while users can opt for upgrade packages that will require some cash if they need additional features. The upgrades vary from basic to business packages which cost more. WordPress is believed to be a turbocharged powerhouse with every possible plugin, widgets, and add-on one can imagine. It is a microblogging platform that is great for an average blogger to a professional.

Additionally, it is a full-fledged content management system (CMS) which makes it stand out and better than the other two. WordPress gives room for business expansion and professionalism. For instance, if you wish to have more contributors like admins, editors, and authors whom will contribute or assist in the development of the blog, WordPress would allow that.

Build a Free WordPress Blog Now!


This is yet another widely used platform by many. It is undeniably one of the mostTumblr vs WordPress vs Blogger preferred especially by people that do not intend to spend cash on hosting or do not really wish to bother their heads with some plugins and widgets. Good for people that would want to start making money through Google Adsense in no time. In fact, Google has made it to be desired ever since they acquired it by incorporating and integrating some of the Google features such as Google Adsense and Google Plus.

You can easily and conveniently apply for Google Adsense from within and also monitor stats. of visitors to your site and from which country. It is also worthy to mention the fact that it is the oldest of the three. Its drag and drop theme made it the simplest platform to manage, however, its plugins and widgets are limited

But this service is a very good one for those that are just starting out in the blogging world because they can set up their blog without the hassle and in no time. I would prefer to use these words, ‘’Blogger is simply simplified!’’



These publishing platforms have their pros and cons but in a nutshell, I will go for WordPress, if I wish to blog professionally or intend to expand; I will go for Tumblr if I wish to set up a small image catalogue and I will go for Blogger if I wish to blog without the intention of using a lot of plugins and widgets.

Please do drop your comment, contribution or question in the comment box below.

How to improve Alexa Ranking

How to Improve Alexa Ranking-You Want to Read This

We bloggers love anything on how to ‘’improve’’ ranking, be it Google, Bing or Alexa. We How to improve Alexa Rankingare always curious and interested to know the ‘’how’’ of making our website’s visibility grow. Hence, I decided to write a post on how to improve Alexa ranking. I was interested to know and I am very sure you are interested if not you wouldn’t be reading this article.

As a matter of fact, I was stirred to write this primarily because, I noticed how my website declined in Alexa ranking and I wasn’t happy about it, but I know why. And that is why I want to share the reason so that others like you wouldn’t make the same mistake that I made.

Ordinarily, I was supposed to be discouraged and perhaps give up, but no, because I know the cause and ready to correct it. Many fail because they don’t observe some elements such as that.

Now, some folks don’t know that Alexa ranking is connected to the amount of traffic that they get to their websites, which means, Google and Bing ranking is involved in the data being used by Alexa to determine a website’s ranking. Although, it is not all traffic that is being used but the ones that have the Alexa toolbar installed in their browsers, which also mean if you are getting traffic from people that have the Alexa toolbar installed, your ranking will be improving day by day.

How to Improve Alexa Ranking

Speaking of how to improve Alexa ranking, is basically doing what the search engines would love you to be doing with your website. You may want to take a look at how to rank higher in Google, because it is part of what could improve Alexa ranking. Even though some have argued the accuracy of Alexa, I have doubts too but it is a yardstick being used by investors to know the value of your site. I will say to an extent, Alexa ranking is correct.

Update Your Site with Fresh Post Consistently

This is the problem that caused my poor Alexa ranking, not being consistent with my posting. And the thing is that, Alexa updates websites data everyday and ranking every 3 months. I had ignored my website for 3 months by not updating consistently with fresh content, and this really affected my website’s traffic as Google and Bing had decided to punish me by dropping some of my WebPages that ranked so well.

I did every other thing right, my on and off page SEO was OK, but still I had a setback that wasted all the hard work and sleepless night I had passed through, simply because, I stopped updating.

Do not ignore updating your website with good and quality content consistently as this will affect your site positively.

In order to get a full idea of how to improve Alexa ranking, please click on the link above or better yet click right here.

Other Things You Can Do to Improve Alexa Ranking

• The first simple step of improving Alexa ranking would be to sign up for a free account on and submit your site there.
• It is encouraged to install the Alexa toolbar on your browser, because just like I mentioned earlier that the more Alexa toolbar users visit your website the more your ranking will improve. Remember, you visit your website more often than any other person, therefore, that would go a long way at improving your Alexa ranking.
• Include Alexa widget on your website so that their servers can better track the traffic that comes to your website. This may not turn things around immediately, but it will definitely improve your ranking over time.

Why is Alexa Ranking So Important?

When I started off in blogging business, I didn’t really know the importance of Alexa ranking, just as I did not know how to improve the Alexa ranking. At first, I didn’t really attach much importance to Alexa ranking until I got to a point where I needed to use my website for advert placement. This is where Alexa ranking comes into play, because any person that intends to advertise on your website would look up your website value or amount of traffic your website gets. And this is done by using Alexa ranking.

Secondly, if you wish to sell your website at some point, Alexa ranking is used to determine the value of your website. So, as you can see, Alexa ranking is important even though it may not directly make you earn money.

However, Alexa ranking could really make your website to grow even more, how? You might ask. If your website has a good Alexa ranking, many website owners (especially authority websites) will tend to trust your website, which means they would like to make reference to your site, thereby creating natural quality back links that will in turn increase your ranking on Google, which means more traffic!

Alexa ranking is like an overview of the value of your website which could help you to become an authority in your niche.


As you have gone through this article, I hope you were able to learn one or two things that would help improve your Alexa ranking. It is important to do everything necessary to improve your website’s ranking, because anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Simply follow the instructions on this post and watch your website improve and grow.

If you have any question, contribution, or just a comment, please do not hesitate to drop it in the comment box below.

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate-The Metric That Matters

I believe you already know what is bounce rate? If you don’t, you wouldn’t have clicked to How to Reduce Bounce Ratebe here. But for the sake of the post, I will like to just throw more light to what bounce rate is and its effect. Bounce rate could be defined as the percentage of a single page visit, or web sessions. For instance, if someone visits your webpage and clicks the back button even before he gets to read the content of your website for reason best known to him, it’s seen as bounce that could really hurt your website in various ways if it continues with every visitor.

For one, you will not be able to convert or sell whatever it is you are selling, which is the sole purpose of starting up a website and trying to send traffic across to it. We all know we are in this business for the money, that is true, but it is advised to put your audience first and the money will come in due time. And speaking of putting the audience first, this will also help to reduce your bounce rate if you really care about your audience and treat them like real human beings but not some credit card or ATM machine that is willing to buy your stuff good or bad.

And unfortunately many pay little or no attention to bounce rate metric on their Google Analytics; instead we are more worried about keywords and the number of visitors to our site. I am not saying it not OK to do that, but it is not just enough on its own to help you succeed. And for that reason it is only imperative to find ways to reduce high bounce rate. Hence I decided to write a post on how to reduce bounce rate.

The Effect of High Bounce Rate

As a matter of fact, most of us have ridiculous high bounce rates and still we don’t seem to notice or just ignore it. Experts have asserted that bounce rate that is below 20% is difficult to attain, but a bounce rate that is over 35% is a big cause for concern, then I asked who is safe. Do not let this evaluation bother you because you don’t have to necessarily get to that level of bounce rate in order to start making some cash online, but it is something you should always try to improve on.

• High bounce rate could be an indication that your website is not engaging visitors long enough to convert or buy anything from your site. And this could be bad for business because there will be nothing for you to make.
• This will also have an adverse effect on your ranking as Google will consider bounce rate as one of the factors that could determine if your webpage should be ranked or not. Google did not only design the bounce rate metric for you to see alone but also to help them know which webpage visitors like the most so that they can ultimately rank it. And do not think that it is a Google staff will decide which website to rank but it is something that they have coded in their algorithm. Therefore, this can really harm us, but thanks to Google Analytics, we should be able to know when our bounce rate is dangerously high.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate

There things we may not have control on, for instance if someone visits your website and quickly decides that he is going to click on your sales link that will redirect him to another site, this could be a 100% bounce rate and 100% conversion, which is good after all that is the essence of starting up a website. But this type of bounce rate will not continue to become a source of concern because the bounce rate is calculated by the total number of bounces across your website divided by the total number of entrances, then multiplied by 100.
Now, how to reduce bounce rate is to identify factors that could make a visitor to click the back button when he visits your webpage. There are some of them that I know such as:

• Poor content
• Irrelevant content
• Lack of internal links
• Poor web design
• High loading time
• Call to Action (CTA)

These are basically what could increase your bounce rate, but let’s start with the first;

Poor Content

When I say poor content, there are lot things that make up a poor content, for instance, notHow to Reduce Bounce Rate being able to write a clear and engaging content, not being able to paragraph your content very well, and not using good relevant images.

<<<Click Here to Read Steps to Writing an engaging article>>>

If you are not articulated with your writing somebody will ordinarily get bored and just bounce. If your writing is good but is not well paragraphed, chances are the visitor will not finish your post even if he gets started, because it is so cluttered and somehow not appealing to read. If you don’t use relevant images, your post could look dry and void of color. And besides, many people are imagery inclined than texts, but if you balance your content with the relevant images it will further appeal to the visitor to read on and stay a little longer on your webpage.

I did not mention poor grammar and mistakes; these could really piss some visitors off that they will bounce. I am not saying you must have a degree in English or whatever language you are using, but you should be able to express yourself intelligently. English is not my first language, and I make mistakes but they are not so obvious that they will become offensive by turning people off. I recommend using MS word when writing an article and grammar check/proofreader app. This is free.

Irrelevant Content

When you use a certain keyword for your content make sure that the discourse of the content is all about the keyword. Do not use a certain keyword you cannot really write about, but may be you think you could be smart to use it because you think is a keyword that could rank quickly. Your visitor will simply leave because it is obvious that is not what he is expecting. Don’t also try to write 1500 words article because you want to see your post long and full because you will end up doing nothing but filling your post with gibberish. Write naturally and as it comes based on your knowledge and you will be surprised how engaging it will be even though it is not a long article. And did you know that some people have argued that long articles could cause high bounce rate because most people don’t like reading a lot, just go straight to the point and hit the nail.

<<<Click to Read How to SEO>>>

Lack of Internal Links

This must be an attitude you have to develop if you haven’t because by including internal links on your article could really make your visitor to try to read some more of your posts, especially when the current one is engaging. You don’t just throw links everywhere but do it subtly by using links you think the visitor may be interested in. This way, a visitor could stay longer on your website, and maybe bookmark your site and buy stuff too.

Poor Web Design

This is yet another good reason for a high bounce rate. If your website is poorly designed, by having cluttered tabs, or disorganized banner ads, these could really turn off a visitor. First he will be overwhelmed because there is no clear navigation system, everything is everywhere. And if he can’t find his way around your site easily, he will just look for the next available website by clicking the back button.

It is important that your site is well organized, it mustn’t be flashy with all sorts of designs, but let the basics be found. In a nutshell, lets your site be simple yet organized.

High Loading Time

This is not good for a website, because if your site takes time to load up then you will beHow to Reduce Bounce Rate losing visitors. Research has shown that most people have 8 seconds to see if a website will load up, if it doesn’t they will go away. We are naturally impatient you know that right? And there are many websites out there to visit. Therefore, mind the loading time of your website.

And what could be responsible for slow loading time of a website could be because of the images you used were not optimized. If you don’t optimize images before using, then you will be killing your website because it will get to a point where you will open your site you will decide to take a nap and give it time to load. Use free resource like the for image optimization.

Call to Action

We all know what is Call to Action also known as CTA, we all use it at some point on our websites, right? When you use the CTA wrongly it will result in a high bounce rate, especially when you have a link that says download, and the visitor clicks on it, instead of redirecting him to the download page, it takes him to a home page instead. This act alone will make someone to leave quickly as his mouse will allow him to click that back button.


These are some factors that could be responsible for high bounce rate and I have also stated how to reduce it. These are simple things you could do to improve your website visibility on search engines. They are not rocket science but simply practicable actions that could put back your site on track.

However, if you need to learn how to build your business in every aspect, then I recommend you join this program that teaches people how to build their website, from Web design, SEO, Content Writing, how to choose a niche and many more. There you will gain a lot and catapult your business to another level.

I hope that how to reduce bounce rate post has impacted in you positively, and if you need to be an authority in what you do, simply click here to join for free.

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