1. I have heard of Chris Farrell’s program, but that is one that I never tried, and I tried a lot. It’s good to know it is legit. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Terry


    There a lot of us look for someone to hold our hands and mentor us creating a online business without taken advantage. I am glad you are providing help

  3. Hey Great article.

    I like the fact that Chris Farrell is active in the community and is involved…It is nice to hear that although it not being a scam that it is really only mainly for beginners and intermediate.

  4. I was with Chris Farrell’s Membership. I found it good to start with. I learnt quite a bit of useful information. I left because I had all the information I needed from them.

  5. Calvin

    If Chris Farrell was abe to make $250 daily earning in his first six months and hit the $1000 daily income threshold at the ninth month, will he be able to make his students hit the same earning? He used his experience to attract newbies or starters to follow his steps and hoping to have the same hits like he does.

    • Yes Calvin, that’s what he is doing, which some of the members were complaining that some of his approaches are outdated, which I believe he is trying to update. However, this program is best for newbies, period!

  6. sophie64

    Hi Nnamdi, I really like the way you introduce people to a different opportunities, you are honest , you tell them everything upfront . People can choose what ever fit them best. Great thing to have business for beginners also for advanced people. Keep up your good job, nice work!


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