Chris Farrell’s Membership-Scam or Legit

I guess you are here to find out about Chris Farrell’s Membership; if it is a scam or legit. If chris_farrell_1-min[1]you are here for that purpose you won’t be disappointed because your questions and curiosity will be met.

It is wise to look carefully before you leap, especially when it comes to Internet Marketing programs. I have done a very extensive research on Chris Farrell’s Membership and have dug up some useful facts from very reliable and tested sources. The good thing about the result of this research is that, the outcome/result was derived from several reliable sources that make it to be very unbiased.

I will try to make this review straight and simplified without complicating issues. By the time you are done reading, you will definitely know which way to go. After all that is the essence of this review, to provide direction to people that seem to have lost their bearing in Internet Marketing Programs. It is indisputable that the internet is full of schemes that are basically scam, and if you are unsuspecting, you will fall for one these so called Internet Marketing gurus. However, there are still legitimate programs available out there and soon we will find out if Chris Farrell’s Membership is one of them.

Who Is Chris Farrell?

Chris Farrell is a veteran Internet Marketer who at some point started off his own company geared to helping upcoming Internet Marketers to establish a successful Internet Business without so much hassle. As himself has recorded a lot of success stories when he started out as an Internet Marketer without any experience in 2008. He made his $250 daily earning in his first six months and hit the $1000 daily income threshold at the ninth month.  And one thing that is always said about him is his honesty in telling you that his program is not something that will provide you success in a short time, which contradicts his ’21 days to success’ starter anyway. Which most will think that they would start making money within the 21 days.

However, he seem to be a likeable fellow by most people even when some think the opposite. Nevertheless, everyone mustn’t like you anyway, but what matters is let most think positive of you. He has a very appealing training techniques that got him the winner of the best Coaching Program by the popular IMReport card in 2011 through to 2015.

With that said, lets see what his program has to offer or in other words what is obtainable as a member.

What Can I Expect In Chris Farrell’s Membership?

First, there is a $4.95 membership for 7 days which is to allow you to see what stuff CFM has got for you before signing up for a $37 monthly. When you become a member, you will get an easy step by step training of the following:

  • You will be explained to, how to make money online
  • In place of the 21 days to success, you will now get 10 minutes to success training that will walk you through on how to kick start your Online Business.
  • You will get 24/7 Support; you get help from the support team or the members in case you get stuck.
  • You will be taught the ‘basics’ on traffic and Keyword Search system
  • Access to members forum


Is There Any Downside To Chris Farrell’s Membership?

Just like with everything else, there are some downside to Chris Farrell’s Membership. One of which is the fact that you will have to pay for your own hosting if you are a monthly member. Your hosting will be covered only if you are an annual member. You can’t get support, help or mentoring from Chris Farrell himself unless you pay $997 for that package, which I think is an upsell.

The ‘Done For You’ website (for a handful niches) they offer (which is basically OK for newbies) has almost the same template making the whole websites to be similar without difference or uniqueness.

My View

Chris Farrell’s Membership is NOT A SCAM! However, it is best for newbies and starters. If you are already a person with some experience in Internet Marketing, I do not really recommend it for you.

For a newbie that wants to try it out after considering all the variables may do so.

My only issue has always been with the aspect of not telling all there is before a person becomes a member. They (CFM) ought to have been making all these things clear to prospective members before joining.

How could a member still pay a whopping sum in order to get some help and advice from Chris Farrell? Some argued that his time worth the money, but then, I think as a member of his company there should be some kind of help and incentive that should come from him in form of relating and interacting with members on a personal level. Though I know it is not possible for him to meet everybody’s need, but then, he should at least make out some time and try!

The other aspect is the issue of paying for your website’s hosting if you are not a yearly member. But overall, Chris Farrell’s Membership is LEGIT and good for STARTERS! And therefore I rate CFM 8/10 score.

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If you have any personal experience with Chris Farrell’s Membership and want to share with us, pleased we would be glad to hear to hear from you. Just drop your comment in comment box below.

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13 thoughts on “Chris Farrell’s Membership-Scam or Legit

  1. I have heard of Chris Farrell’s program, but that is one that I never tried, and I tried a lot. It’s good to know it is legit. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Hi

    There a lot of us look for someone to hold our hands and mentor us creating a online business without taken advantage. I am glad you are providing help

  3. Hey Great article.

    I like the fact that Chris Farrell is active in the community and is involved…It is nice to hear that although it not being a scam that it is really only mainly for beginners and intermediate.

  4. I was with Chris Farrell’s Membership. I found it good to start with. I learnt quite a bit of useful information. I left because I had all the information I needed from them.

  5. If Chris Farrell was abe to make $250 daily earning in his first six months and hit the $1000 daily income threshold at the ninth month, will he be able to make his students hit the same earning? He used his experience to attract newbies or starters to follow his steps and hoping to have the same hits like he does.

    1. Yes Calvin, that’s what he is doing, which some of the members were complaining that some of his approaches are outdated, which I believe he is trying to update. However, this program is best for newbies, period!

  6. Hi Nnamdi, I really like the way you introduce people to a different opportunities, you are honest , you tell them everything upfront . People can choose what ever fit them best. Great thing to have business for beginners also for advanced people. Keep up your good job, nice work!


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