1. Thank your Sherma, and do not forget to look up Wealthy Affiliate should in case you are looking for affiliate training program that is LEGIT! And one good thing about it is that, it is for free and no up sells whatsoever.

  2. Hello Ongaka, thank you for appreciating my site. And yes, yours is still cool, because I checked it. But you need to start adding up content and also try to be writing in paragraphs, so that it will be easy and appealing to read. If need any hand, just let me know. OK?

  3. Thank you Kyle, and that is the reason why I decided to pop up with that review to help people that have a product or do want to promote, to find a place to do so.

  4. This is a great website and a great post as well. As it turns out I’ve just been curious about what clickbank is so the timing of you posting this is perfect.

    After reading this post I now feel like I have a really good understanding of what clickbank is. I appreciate your clear and concise writing style and your to-the-point way of telling things. Thanks for this post.


    • Thank you Robert, that is the essence of doing a review, to help people understand issues and get direction.

  5. Chris Evans

    I used to use clickbank religiously but I got sick and tired of the ‘payment’ they take off when you fail to sell something over a period of time. It’s definitely not a scam but I feel there are much better affiliate options out there. Great article,

    • Thank you Chris, I wish I had that information earlier, I would have added it in Clickbank cons. However, I hope people will also read that.

  6. I’ve worked with Clickbank and I would agree, they are not a scam, but many of their products are not legit.

    So your advice is great because if you are promoting a product from Clickbank, you should get to know the product in the first place before putting your or your website’s seal of approval.

    Great review of Clickbank and I just wanted to say thanks.


    • Thank you Todd, I am glad you have tested Clickbank first hand as to how they operate.

  7. Brooke

    I use click bank once in a while and I always wondered if it was a scan. Thanks for the share it was a good read!

  8. Fidelaav5

    Hi regarding Click-Bank has anybody any ideas for a easy WordPress plugin that shows relevant offers based on a pages content?

    • Nnamdi

      No plugin I am aware of that does that right now

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