Commission Miner The Gold Mine Of Affiliate Marketers

Gold Mine Of Affiliate Marketers


I hope you were able to complete your 5 DAY LESSON on internet marketing?…Yes or No, well if you have not done or finished it for some reasons, I will urge and recommend you go back and do it. You may have to suspend this Commission Miner opportunity I am about to introduce to you now. I would rather have you complete your lessons and have a good insight of what is internet marketing and how it is done before diving into something else.  It imperative that you establish yourself first from the foundation, not just a foundation, but a good one.

And the lessons proffer all that, all you need to do is to leverage on the availability of the lessons and set up your website and all that, and come back to this one for further ways to make money on the internet. Therefore I have provided all the links to the 5 day lessons below, so that you can start or continue from where ever place you stopped. You must have to do it and take action. It will be useless should you just read through the lessons without taking ACTION. So these are the lessons:

And if you have finished and joined Wealthy Affiliate, then I wish to give you a gift. Send me your email address and your Wealthy Affiliate’s profile name, so that I can send you the FREE e book on how to leverage ebay and sell stuff. But remember, this e book is just for side money, what you really need to build an online business is by going through these lessons and eventually adhering by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

If you join Wealthy Affiliate, I will know and I will also welcome you, but I do need your email address and profile name in order to send you the e book.

Use this email address:

Take one lesson at a time, preferably, one day, one lesson, by so doing, you will be able to digest and understand them without getting overwhelmed with the details, OK?

Commission Miner Co-Opt

Now that we are clear about that, now we can continue with Commission Miner (continue if you have finished your lessons and have taking ACTION). I did a review on Commission Miner, and not just me, there are many other affiliate marketers that did the same. As a matter of fact, it is the latest buzz now on the internet. Why so? Because it is one of a kind opportunity that was launched by the owner/founder Bryan Winters. An internet marketing pioneer who has been making money since 2003. He called this one Commission Miner because, he has already done most of the work for you.

All you need to do is kind of ‘plug in and play’ with the resources and tools he has provided, by sending traffic to your ‘done-for-you’ funnels and squeeze page. And these are highly converting sales funnels and squeeze page. As a matter of fact below are the ‘done-for-you’ that you will get when sign up:


  • Easy to understand training PDFs and Videos, good for both newbie and pros
  • Done-for-you sales funnels
  • Done-for-you highly converting squeeze page
  • Done-for-you e-mail marketing
  • Done-for-you facebook marketing

commission miner review

Now, it may seem not so clear to you, but it is fairly simple, plus, you will be getting step by step video and PDF tutorials on how to use all this tools. Below, is a screenshot of Rick Bell’s Commission Miner stats, a very close friend of mine, showing off his earnings just in less than a month. You may ask, why did I not show mine instead of his, well the issue is I just joined, but will be coming up with my stats soon. But would like to show you this, so that you will you see that, you too can make money from it.

commission miner review

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How Much Does It Cost To Join?

This is the part you may be waiting to get the answer to, well it FREE to join for now. You can join for 30 day free trial to find out if it is something you can continue with or not. This is the reason why I opted in, because Bryan Winters is offering the chance to join for free after which if you decide to stay, you will be paying $29/month.

How Does The Commission Work?

You will be getting a 50% commission on each referral, which means you can earn $14.50 for one person that your referred to CMC. And you can also earn $48.50 in commission for one person you referred that sign up for Auto Rotator Traffic (ART). That’s cool right? But before you can earn any from ART is if you subscribe to it, which will cost you $97 one time payment. And this one, does not have a free trial, you will have to pay instantly if you want to earn money from it.

Now, the advantage of ART is that, you will be getting traffic from Commission Miner Co-Op to your funnels or squeeze page. Bryan Winters, has a way of rotating the traffic and subscribers that joined through to all the ART members. Which means, you can even earn money without doing so much on the aspect of driving traffic to your funnel and squeeze page. This is typically good for those that do not have an email list, to send this offer to.

However, Bryan Winters, also included in the tutorials how to drive traffic to your funnels for free by providing ready-made traffic directories.

You Can Promote Any Other Products/Services

Commission Miner is not all about promoting it, you can as well choose to use the sales funnel and squeeze page to promote your own product or any other product you wish to promote. So, there are a whole lot you can do with the done-for-you resources.

That being said, it is not a get rich quick scheme, you can build your referrals gradually and eventually start making a substantial sum of money every month. And to accomplish that, you have to work for it. Why I am telling you this, is for you to know up front that you may not earn money from this as soon as you signed up or earn as quickly as my friend Rick Bell. But you may also also money sooner than you think or expected. However, it is better to prepare yourself and condition your mind that, this is a business that may take a while before seeing any income.

If you wish to join now click here while it lasts>>>