Crazy Cash Club-Stop! And Read This First

Crazy Cash ClubCrazy Cash Club indeed, because if you go to the sales page, there is a lot of money to be made, oh, how easy-peasy it is to make a whole lot of cash! You will make $120k in your first year, $1.2m in your second year or better still make $16k or more in your first day, is that not crazy cash?

You know, one thing that happens to me when I see this type of sales page, I feel sick with disgust because everything about the sales page is a red flag. Then I weep for a newbie that would come across this bullsh#t, because chances are he will buy into it, especially having $16k a day in mind. They make it all sound so easy to make money online with some exhibition of a guy who has seemingly made it through Crazy Cash Club with his girlfriend in a vacation with an exotic car on the other side. Then, there are these crazy numbers you would be able to make once you join the ‘’club’’.

What is Crazy Cash Club all about?

Funny enough, you can flip through the sales page all you want, but you will end up not having any idea of what it is or how you can make all that money they promised. And yes, you are forgiven for not having an idea because there is no clue on their sales page.

By experience, no one can legitimately claim that he can help you make that kind of money in a day without you having to work your butt out at a reasonable amount of time. No, this is yet another way of ripping some unsuspecting individuals.

Crazy Cash Club

You might say. They say to sign up is for free! That is because they want you to come in on that basis, so that if you don’t make any money they now remind you that Seth is making a whole lot of money because he purchased this and that product. And for the fact you still have $16k in mind, you will be more than willing to make your first move to make that kind of money by buying these products. In other words, there are upsells waiting for you on the inside.

Closer Look on Crazy Cash Club

This is owned and managed by Martin and Roger; obviously their parents didn’t give them surnames like the rest of us.

Well, they went to a great length to convince us that Crazy Cash Club is not another MLM pyramid model of business yet they said in their sales video that you still make money without ‘’sponsoring’’ any person. The word ‘’sponsor’’ always has a relationship with MLM, so Crazy Cash Club is one.

What is a Pyramid?

MLM is always referred to as a pyramid because that is the earnings structure of those that are in it. It is a model of business where the very few are making a lot of money, probably that kind of money Crazy Cash Club mentioned, but where the multitude at the bottom are struggling and paying the ones at the top.

It is believed that only 5 percent of people in this type of online business opportunity make it to the success level. And perhaps Martin and Rogers are possibly one of those 5 percent of the Crazy Cash Club you will be working for if you eventually sign up for it.

This model of business is called the ‘’pyramid of pain’’ and only works one way and way alone, that is where money flows upwards and pain flows downward. Those members that are at the bottom will have to toil in pain that flows to them in order to make the money that flows upward to the very few.
So it will suffice to say, if you are at the top you will see good money, but if you are the bottom, which is where you are likely to be, you will experience the sharp edge of MLM model of business, and trust me, it hurts.

Is Crazy Cash Club a Scam

Well, what would you call a program that does not let you know what it is all about upfront before you join? All there is to see on their sales page is heavily laden exhibitions of figures to be made if you join. What would you call a program that does not mention ‘’hard work’’ before you make that kind of money. Apparently they are out to get some greedy people that are looking for a shortcut to make money online.

Hate to burst your bubble, there is no such thing as a short cut in making money online, the only shortcut is to scam and steal peoples’ money. And therefore, I will suggest steering clear of CCC, because their agenda is not to help you make money online as they claim but the opposite. As someone rightly said, their mission is to leave you broke than you were before you joined.

And if you are thinking of trying them out since it is free, do not waste your precious time, because time is money. If you use your time doing something that is worthwhile, it will pay you, than going off to some in descriptive program that is full of BS.


There are many factors that have raised the red flag about Crazy Cash Club. The sales landing page is full BS, and non-explanatory, only figures, vacation and exotic car.

They know that is the cheap way to lure some people into buying into their program.

To tell you the hard truth, stop chasing all these programs with promises of making it quick and get ready to work hard and earn a living in an online business. If you are interested, the least I can do for you is to direct you to the right path where you will find the resources, tools and help to build an online business.

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  1. Shaz

    Comprehensive review – although it is fairly obvious that no intelligent person who even reads the name of this site or scheme will be inclined to think it is legitimate. It is astonishing that such people get away with these things – you’d think they might not be making any money but chances are that there are people who get sucked into this!

    • Nnamdi

      That’s right Shaz, no intelligent person would buy into this scam, but sometimes we are hoodwinked by our greed, therefore it is necessary to keep on reminding people that all that shines is not gold.

  2. Michael Kenny

    Hello Thank you for the Information and highlighting on what is going on, network marketing and how the people on top make a lot of money from those down below the pyramid. I was in those pyramid schemes and I have to take a lot of referrals and sales before making an honest income never mind making 1000s month! now on the other hand, I,m a member of wealthy affiliate and was giving the tools and training and have my own website as a result, a great community spirit and I made a lot more money on wealthy affiliate as oppose to internet marketing, I truly recommend it 🙂

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Michael for your contribution…

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