Daily Net Traffic Review-Legit or a Scam?

Daily Net Traffic Review-Legit or a Scam?

Daily Net Traffic does not provide any information as to who operates it from behind the scene and this is not a good in any online business venture. Being anonymous makes me want to ask why because transparency shows honesty but otherwise shows dishonesty. However, let’s have a further look at the Daily Net Traffic.

I will try my best to explain what Daily Net Traffic is all about in this review, just sit back and read on.

After my own digging, I discovered that Daily Net Traffic happens to be registered with the

Daily Net Traffic Review-Legit or a Scam?
John Kielec

URL dailynettraffic.com on the 4th July 2015 with the name John Kielec listed as the owner who also happens to be the owner of F5M Millionaires Club. John Kielec also launched other series of MLM opportunities under F5M Millionaires Club including Daily Net Traffic. When you visit Daily Net Traffic website, it appears to be a pure advertising website but there is more to it.

John Kielec happens to see himself as a smart fellow with quite a number of a website based on MLM such as Daily Net Pay, AdCredit which is a Ponzi scheme.

Does Daily Net Traffic have Product Line?

NO, Daily Net Traffic does not have any product or service that is retail able except for members to promote and market the membership of Daily Net Traffic to others. Members’ participation in Daily Net Traffic income opportunity gives them access to adcredits which would be used in return to display advertisement on the Daily Net Traffic website.

How Does Daily Net Traffic Compensation Plan Work?

The Daily Net Traffic uses the 2×6 matrix system to determine the commission of a member; however, members can use $2 to $200 to donate to each other. The 2×6 matrix works by placing a member of Daily Net Traffic at the top of the structure and place 2 positions right under him, those 2 positions become the level 1, while another 2 positions are placed right under each of the 2 positions in level 1. Now, the positions under the level 1 become the level 2 and so on it goes with that pattern until level 6 is reached.

  • Level 1 – 2 positions
  • Level 2- 4 positions
  • Level 3 – 8 positions
  • Level 4 – 16 positions
  • Level 5 – 32 positions
  • Level 6 – 64 positions

There are fees to be paid to unlock each level in the matrix starting from $2 for level 1. Upon paying $2 the member shall receive $2 from new recruits in the level 1, and to unlock level 2 the member pays $3 to receive $3 from 4 new recruits in level 2 just as below.

Level 3 – Member pays $10 to receive $10 from 8 new recruits in level 3

Level 4 – Member pays $20 to receive $20 from 16 new recruits in level 4

Level 5 – Member pays $50 to receive $50 from 32 new recruits in level 5

Level 6 – Member pays $200 to receive $200 from 64 new recruits in level 6

There is another matrix a member can also participate in once he reaches level 3 and Daily Net Traffic claims a member can make up to $640,000 but does not state how.

To participate in Daily Net Traffic, the prospect should be looking at spending $2 to over $200.


It does not matter the name given to a Ponzi scheme it does not make it less a Ponzi. Basically, this is still a donation scheme where participants donate to each other. The reason why this guy John Kielec owns a lot of websites like this one is probably to see which one that works for him. It is very easy for the owner/admin of such website to divert funds donated by members because he must have dedicated a regular slot for himself.

This type of scheme always has one way of ending and that is by crashing by the time there no new recruits to donate.

My candid opinion is for you to stay away from Daily Net Traffic and if you are willing to work for yourself then you may sign up to Wealthy Affiliate where you will be taught on how to start up your own online business. I am not saying that it will be quick but you can have something to rely on so long you are ready to work in order to be liberated yourself from financial inadequacy.  You have got nothing to lose because you can get started as a free member and see how things work then you can upgrade if you want but there is no pressure to do so, however.

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