Donation to You Review

Donation to You Review

This website claims it is a crowd funding website and believe me, I know what it means. Not I am a participant of Donation To You but I have been in similar kind of scheme and I knew what I was going into before I joined. Ordinarily, this type of scheme survives when there are new members joining daily but as soon as the people that sign up to it drops then there is a problem. There are no real product sales here except that someone joins and donates 0.042 BTC to 6 people he will be assigned to.

Some reviewers have even called it MLM but I don’t think this is the typical MLM but kind of different; a pyramid? Yes. It is not MLM because there is no product to market except to maybe convince people to join so that you may have the chance of getting paid. These types of schemes usually don’t last long; at best they remain in operation for one or two years (that is if the management is honest to an extent) otherwise, it lasts for a couple of months and dies because the person behind it would have manipulated the system to enrich himself.

There are a whole lot of these type schemes in my country where people are desperate as a result of the recession and want quick money. Some did get money some lost big time even to the point of committing suicide, but that being said, I will analyze Donation to you for you to understand if it a scam or not.

What is Donation for you?

First of all, there is no identity as to who is behind the Donation for you or where it is operating from. All you will get on the website is the scheme’s model of operation and that’s all. And I am not surprised to find out that there is no ‘’about us or About Me’’ as the case maybe, because, again, these types of schemes don’t usually reveal the person(s) behind it which makes them questionable. But then, there are desperate, gullible and people who think they are smart, that would still gamble into putting their money into the scheme.

Donation To You website domain was registered on the November 2016 and its Alexa ranking shows that most of its traffic comes from Spain while it name-server is hosted in Brazil.

Donation To You Products

Like I said earlier, Donation To You does not have any product but they claim it is a donation platform to helping those in need. They make it sound as a crowd funding for a legitimate cause where participants are expected to donate to one another in exchange for a lucrative return. Well, that is confusing, because a donation to a cause does not expect a return except if you are putting your money to make money and the latter is very true of Donation To You.

The only product they have is Donation To You! Become a member and sell the idea to others to become members as well.

Donation To You Compensation Plan

A unilevel structure is used to see and decide affiliates gift bitcoin to each other. Once you become a member you will send 0.007 BTC to 6 people which will amount to 0.042 BTC.  After that, any new members you personally recruited will be placed under you on level 1, and if your recruits on level 1 get new recruits they will be placed on level 2 under them while you are at the top, this pattern continues with every new recruit in your structure recruits.

Is Donation To You a Scam?

Hell no! You are only asked to ‘donate’, which means you may or may not get your money back. I would rather say it is a gambling NOT A SCAM when you know how it operates. It basically survives on new participants while the operators (admin) use the opportunity to enrich themselves.


To be honest with you, this type of scheme is not reliable even if it works for a while; it is almost a gamble venture because it is not guaranteed that you will make your money back. Having to sell the idea to others in order to start making money is another huddle because you may have a hard time of trying to convince others to join.

Another hard cold truth about this or any other scheme like it is that the admin or the managers behind it will make sure they cart away a huge sum of money from the donation that is coming into the scheme. And when the recruitment of new members dies down a lot of people will lose their money, just be sure of that.

This is no real MMO, but a mere gamble that might make you money. Why spend your money and time on something that could and could not make you money, and even if it does make you money there is no guarantee it will last. Therefore, I will rather suggest to you to take your time and build on something legitimate and that will probably last forever and that is affiliate marketing.

If you have the desire, patience, and readiness to start your own real online business then sign up for free and learn all there is to know about building and growing your online business successfully. Don’t hesitate to chat me up if you have any questions using our forum or send me a comment using the comment box below.

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