Empower Network Scam Review-The Truth Is Revealed

You are possibly here to find out if Empower Network is a scam or a legitimate company, empowerright? Well, I guess so, because one can never be too careful finding out about a company before joining.

When I was searching for an online site that would help me establish as an online entrepreneur, I made mistakes which cost me money, time and psychological torture. All these could have been avoided if there were enough review sites that would be objective and review most of all these companies that claim they can make you wealthy overnight. I must also admit that, if I had searched thoroughly I would not have fallen prey to them, because there are some good sites that reviewed the scam companies.

Empower Network was one of the companies I visited and was intending to join but instead opted for MOBE (My Online Business Empire), for reasons I would explain in later part of this article.

On this fateful day, I bumped into Empower Network (EN) and I felt this could be it. I went through their text and video about the company and what the company has to offer. It appeared to be promising with the ‘VIRAL BLOG’ site you will be getting upon joining at the rate of $25! And you will also be paying $25 in the subsequent months.

  • They said, with the ‘Viral Blog’ your website will be up and running within 30 minutes, all you need to do is to start blogging, marketing your products or services.
  • That ‘optimized marketing themes’ will be at your disposal. With these themes, you will be able to convert a visitor into a paying customer.
  • There will be a ‘simple yet powerful Search Engine Optimization Smart scoring tool’ that will always tell you in a ‘text’ what you will need to include in your posts in order to rank higher in the search engine, and many more.

I am sure all these features will make anyone looking for an online business to start seriously considering joining. Well not so fast, because, this is their own claims, and there are other ones like the ‘inner circle’. And I asked myself what was that?  Am I going to be getting it as part of my initial registration? Well NO!

The inner circle is yet another level (up-sell), that you will be required to join, ‘if you wish to Inner_circlemake it so fast’! And that is going to cost you another $100 per month! Why would I need the ‘Inner circle’ if your claims to initial registrations were true? Now, I started getting that ‘red light’ that something is not right somewhere, because they are somehow contradicting their ‘claims’. Why would you tell me to register with $25 per month to get your ‘Viral blog’ that is already designed to make me succeed in my online marketing and turn around and say, hey; if you want to succeed real quick you have to belong to the ‘Inner circle’.

That is not all there is, there are other up sells of:

  • The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive, $500-One time payment. This is all about videos that cover most of the ideas that would change the way you handle your audience and online lead with some advanced marketing strategies.
  • The 15K Formula-$995, one-time payment; this is a level where you will be getting technical training. Basically teaching you how to focus on techniques to get targeted leads and develop your online business in a long-term time frame.
  • Masters Retreat-$3,500, one-time payment, that will give you access to 40 individual pieces of training, which involves a workbook that will enable you to earn as you learn.

 What Should I Be Getting if I Choose To Remain At The Basic Level Of $25 Per Month?

If you choose to remain at the basic level, you shall get ‘Blog Beast’; that is a blogging platform. If you wish to promote Empower Network products and earn commissions, you will have to be paying $19.95 per month. And you will be required to sign up for an autoresponder, for email communication with future prospects.

Just like an MLM company, you will only be getting commissions from people that sign under you, but if they (downline(s)) buy a higher level such as Inner circle and the rest, you will not be entitled to any commissions of their purchase.


My opinion is that, why would I have to pay for Empower Network products in order to promote it??? Why do I have to join all the segments and levels they have stipulated after joining the basic of $25 per month??? Why could they not make a ‘free trial’ for prospects to find out if they should join or not?

Now, I have a serious concern with how they (EN) run their company. It seems not to be ‘flexible’ for online marketer wannabes. There are too many upsells, most of which are unreasonable.

I won’t say EN is a scam, after all, there are people who are succeeding with it, EVEN though the success rate is very low. One can succeed with a lot of hard work and plenty of money to purchase their up-sells (Level).

It is up to you, now that you have knowledge of what you are up against. However, I will suggest you look up a wealthy affiliate, it might just be the perfect company with the resources, tools and support you will need to succeed online.


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  1. r

    Thanks for sharing. Your post has given me insight into how some of these online companies work. I myself worked for a MLM as back end staff. Even among MLMs there are good and bad companies and it takes some knowledge to choose the right one!

    Hope more people who are looking into affiliate marketing read your post and know which are the companies to avoid and which are the ones to join.


    • admin


      I quite agree with you, there are good and bad companies out there. One has to be very careful to find the right one.

  2. Regina

    Wow this product is way too expensive for me. I agree with your assessment, seems like you are buying your way to making money. If I had that kind of money I would not need their product.

    I too love Wealthy Affiliate, it is hard work but most definitely not a scam.

    • admin

      Thank you, Regina,

      I am yet to see a company that is like wealthy affiliate

  3. Gary

    Great information. I’ll be sure to avoid these folks.

    • admin

      Thank You Gary.

      I bet you will avoid them as plagues.

  4. Marc

    Very interesting post on Empower network. I always say be wary of up sells. There are so many shady companies out there that tell you one thing then show you something completely different after you make your initial purchase.
    Thank you for giving me the heads up on this one.

    • admin

      Hello Marc,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      And yes, there are many shady companies on the internet that could lure an unsuspecting individual into pitching his/her tent with them. One has to be very careful in order not to add more issues to already existing issues.

  5. K

    I agree with you. There are too many up-sells in Empower Network. It’s too expensive. I’m glad someone is telling people about this program.

    • admin

      Somebody has to say something, and I did,lol.

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