Fast Cash Blue Print Review

When I came across this product on the internet, I couldn’t help but to check it out. The name ‘’Fast’’ Cash Blue print is very catchy yet very distractive to people that really want to make serious money from the internet. Why did I say distractive? I used the word distractive because this product can distract and mislead people who do not know what affiliate marketing is all about. After all, most people are always on the lookout for the fast and easy way to make money online. And that is why often times than not, they fall prey to scams and never make any head way in affiliate marketing.

With my experience reading the words on his (Nate the owner of the Fast Cash Blue Print) blog, that you don’t need a website, Google traffic, doing SEO, creating a youtube video…. in order to make money, at a point I whispered to myself, and then what the hell do you need to make money online with? Then it occurred to me there could be ways to make extra cash but that does not qualify the product to be called ‘’Fast cash Blue Print’’ with all the hypes and B.S that is on his website about this product.

So I spun into research and finding how truthful this product is, then I visited couple of websites that have written about FCBP, and also visited his own blog and found some interesting information.

First on his (Nate) blog I discovered a whole lot of reviewed articles on other money making products online, so as to promote his own product because all the reviews were negative where he will finally recommend his own. I don’t like that one bit, there is something fishy about that, and it appears like someone that is not honest.

Secondly, these reviewed articles were written and posted in their numbers daily by Nate. Which also question the authenticity of those reviews, does he actually research and sit down to write those reviews unbiased? But then, I found out that those reviews where copied content which is by itself dishonest and criminal.

Thirdly, I read on the post of someone that reviewed his product that the image he presented to be the photo of him is fake with evidence to show that the photo was a stock image. And also the check shown in one of the comment thread on his post is also fake. The check was used in a youtube video for another program called Millionaires Brain, checkout the proofs below.

Fash Cash Blue Print Fash Cash Blue Print fcbp_2-min[1]   fcbp-min[1]

What Does All These Show?

• It shows that the man behind Fast Cash Blue Print is faceless, and if he is not proud enough to use his real image for a product he created then there is something seriously wrong.
• It shows that all the comments on his website are fake, manipulated to appear as though people were buying his product and benefiting from it.
• It shows that he uses copied content on his website, which is a serious offence.

Now, with all of these proofs, are you still not able to know if this product is a scam or not? I guess the handwriting is clear on the wall, stay away from this product!


I had known right from the onset that this program is way too good to be true, because even the price is very low for you to make money without so much work and time. It raised a red flag the moment he (Nate) says you don’t need a website, doing SEO, or creating youtube videos.
You got to be very careful of these wolves on the internet seeking for whom to devour. Just the other day I got a mail in my inbox about a product called Profit Magnet. I checked it out it turned out to be a software for trading Binary Option. I further did a background check and also found out that the guys behind the software were all fake with a stock image they featured as their own photos.

We all have a thing with being lazy and greedy, if not, why would we be looking for short cuts that do not exist. To make money online is not short and easy, yes, is not short and easy! You really have to work for it in order to lay a foundation that will get you out of that financial problem and live the lifestyle you want.

But the difficult part is finding that path or program that will sincerely teach you ‘’how’’ to build an online business. You don’t just plunge into affiliate marketing without knowing the rudiments, therefore you will require some direction and probably a community that share the same interest as you. So, if you are ready to work and be patient enough to build a true online business, then check out my #1 recommendation.

I hope this review was able to answer your question, but if you still have a question or have a comment and contribution, just drop it at the comment box below. Also like and share if you found this helpful.


  1. Forrest

    Hi Nnamdi,
    Thanks for your Fast Cash Blue Print Review.
    It was great how you uncovered this and reported it here so that others would not fall victim to yet another internet scam.
    You surely busted this guy and, you are right in that real and legitimate ways to make money, whether online or offline, takes a certain amount of hard work and dedication.
    Thanks again for exposing this creep and, I will surely be checking out your recommendation.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Forrest,

      The internet is like a jungle where the strong devours the weak. If you don’t do your research about any program/service you are interested in before plunging in then you might just be in the middle of the deep blue sea. And it is our responsibility to try to uncover the ones that we can.

      Thanks for popping up anyway…

  2. Damien

    Thanks for the info! Fast cash blue print automatically triggered an alarm for me but It’s good to hear confirmation from a trusted source. How do I know you’re trusted? Well, I noticed your #1 recommendation and that’s the same place where I learned how to make money online.

    So great job in recommending this! All the best to you in your ventures.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Damien, and sure Fast Cash Blue Print has red flags all over it I must say…

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