Herbalife Scam- It’s Been Exposed

You are very welcome to my site, and hopefully your questions and doubts about Herbalifeherbalife scam Scam will be answered. I really do hope not to disappoint you because I know how it is when someone is looking for information.

For the sake of getting the most reliable and unbiased answers I have done an extensive research regards to Herbalife Scam. Therefore, I implore you to relax and read on, you will get some bearing at the end of this post, I promise.

But one thing that is certain about Herbalife is that, is another MLM kind of business, I guess you already know that. In order for you to make it in this model of business be it by online or direct sales, you should be able to generate a very good targeted and quality lead. And that is where those that are into MLM model of business are finding it difficult, hence they are always struggling. Some have gone to the extent of calling it a scam.

I am talking in general terms regard to MLM kind of business, but let’s look at Herbalife Scam, since that is the main topic of this discourse.

Facts about Herbalife

Herbalife is a direct sales and network marketing company that has always existed way back since 1980. It was launched in Los Angeles, California, and has more that 2 million distributors in many countries around the world.

They produce and sell products that are known to be great in the health, wellness and fitness circle. They have sponsored world-class sports, teams and events such as the FC Barcelona club and LA Galaxy and many more. In a bid to support their distributors, their products are not sold in the market except through their distributors.

Herbalife Scam- Is it Yes or No?

From what I have gathered, herbalife is not a scam, even though very many people that have tried it will argue that it is. Well, I can understand why, because is common with all MLM model of businesses. It is a pyramid scheme packaged as though it is a business opportunity. Did I say ‘’packaged as business opportunity?’’ Hell, yes it is a business opportunity alright; it all depends on your own definition of business opportunity. A business opportunity to me is any businesses that can generate profit and enable you make extra cash. And Herbalife falls to that category, but the problem is, 90% of the people that venture into it fail.

It is just like the pyramid description where the very few at the top are successful as a result of the hard work of the many below that are struggling. So, the whole scheme and pattern will be like the ‘’the monkey is working, while the baboon is eating.’’ As a result, you find people calling it a scam, but it is not, it is just a difficult model of business to be in.

And to make matter worse, in Herbalife, distributors’ compensation is driven by how many people they are able to recruit or refer to the company not by the quantity of Herbalife products they were able to sell. Some have argued that the products the company was able to sell were the products purchased by the distributors. That is understandable since they don’t sell directly to end users but to distributors only so as to make them to recruit more people into the company.

Let’s Have Look As To How They Operate

Herbalife claims one can start with as little as $59 or so, but many distributors have said that you will be required to buy product worth of $4000 in order to attain the supervisor level that would give the advantage of buying products at a discounted price. And to stay at the supervisor’s level, you will be required to be buying product worth of $2500 monthly, which means with or without sales on your own part.

And distributors building their down lines are incentivized with juicy commissions to make them get more recruiters to come in at the highest level possible.

So, it is all about how many recruiters you have made than how many products you have sold.

My View

Like I said, I will not like say Herbalife Scam Is a yes, but it is a very difficult business model. And I will not recommend it to anyone. I have tried this model of business in the past (Forever Living Products) FLP, and I did all the work and spent all the money, but it was a failure. Sometimes, the successful ones use dubious ways to lure a person into signing up, which is one of the reasons why most people see it as scam, given the fact that over 90% of people that sign-up always end up south.


Do not go wasting your time and hard earned money on Herbalife, instead there are other types of business opportunity out there, such as affiliate marketing. In this kind of business model, there is a plain level ground for everyone. You get result according to the amount of hard work you put in and plus you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of $ in order to start up one.

However, you will need a guide that will reveal and teach you the rudiments of doing this type of business the right way.

So if you are interested, you can click right here to join now for free, it is perfect for newbie and pro. If you wish to know a little more about the program I am recommending, click here.

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  1. Hi Nnamdi
    well after reading your article, I have to say that I agree with you. Herbalife is not a pure scam but it is a business in which very few make money. This is basically the kind of business where one pushes products on someone, and whether the products are good or not does not matter. What matters is recruiting others so one can make money. And I absolutely hate that!! I am not a salesperson nor do I wish to be. You just end up annoying everyone around you who will then start saying “oh crap not the Herbalife lady again”…..And the money you need to spend every month is just ridiculous! Wow, talk about expensive!

    • Nnamdi

      You can say that again Emily that this is way too expensive. Even with the level of stress and trouble one has to go through in order to recruit it does not worth it at all. Lol, like you rightly said, it will get to a point of annoying everyone including those that matter to you, that they will start saying ”oh crap, the Herbalife lady agian” each time you try to push the products to them or attempt to recruit. It is very annoying indeed.

  2. Nnamdi—I wish you had written this article years ago! I’ve tried so many MLM companies and it was nothing but a waste of my time and money. I thought I could get other people to sign up and sell these products—but guess again—didn’t work. I know that some people make money with multi-level marketing. Unfortunately, most people just lose. Thanks for reviewing this company. I’m sure you’re going to save lots of folks who are on the fence about Herbalife.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Diane,

      I wish I did, but the consolation is that hopefully many people would be saved from unnecessary pain, waste of money and time with this post.

      Thanks for dropping by…

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