How Is Bring The Fresh-Is It a Scam?

How is Bring The Fresh? That was my question when I first heard about it. And I was told BTF_1-min[1]that it was an online website that provides services, such that will help anyone who desires to start an online business. It is for both the experienced Internet Marketers and the newbies too.

Well, my curiosity got the better of me, since I have always wanted to start an online business I decided to dig some more into their operations. I have also in the past being scammed or would I say being misguided by some so called Online Internet gurus such as  MOBE (My Online Business Empire), therefore I was not going to take any chances this time.

In my snooping around, I found out that Bring The Fresh (BTF) is actually an online website with the mission to train and provide resources to Internet Marketers that want to improve and to wannabes too. It was co founded by Mike Ling and Kelly Felix (the originator of Rich Jerk product).

When you go to the website, you will sure see lots of success testimonies by people who have claimed to have made so much money for being part of Bring The Fresh.

How Much Does It Cost To Join And What Do I Get?

There is a $97 one time payment with lots of up sells. Their training is a step by step easy to follow website building through advice from experts and webinars. Their training could be understood by everyone at any age, even though it will take some amount of time and effort to be successful. Their training videos are around 10 or more since they usually update, therefore there could be more. It is great for newbies most especially, but it could be kind of boring for experienced Internet Marketers. They also have a downloadable PDF ebook that has 50 pages. You will also have access to their VIP forum.

Up Sells

In as much it is true that you will only have to pay a one time $97, just know there are other services you need to buy monthly in order to have your business up and running. One of such offers is the ‘Project Profit’ that could amount to $197. There is also the story of Kelly Felix contacting members with offers of mentoring packages for a price that could also run into several thousands of dollars.

There was actually a 2 year member of BTF that was dissatisfied by their services when he was asked to pay $1000 for a ‘Done For You Package’, which means they will create a blog and get it ranked on the number one page of Google and then hand it over to you.

However, this person claimed that he and over hundred of other members got their sites but it never ranked first on Google. As a matter of fact I decided to bring the whole story as it was told by him. Below is his STORY!

‘I have been a member of bft for almost two years now.

And I have to say certain aspects of it ae a down right scam. Let me explain; they offer a dfy (Done For You Package) which means after you pay them a fee (1000 dollars) they will create a blog and get it ranked in the first page of Google and then hand it over to you.

They were low quality exact match domains that had really spammy back links pointed to them…so they are most likely sand boxed.

I was promised a ‘do over site’ but it was never delivered to me nor a refund!

I have the basic membership and the upsell (full disclosure) the upsell was an extra 200 when I bought it.

It is a one of fee and is updated regularly…that part I feel is not a scam.

But the done for you package was definitely a scam, weather it was originally intended to or not. If you can’t fulfill your promise then you should offer some sort of compensation..especially considering in all the webinars Kelly and Mike constantly brag about how much money they make!

There is a thread on Warrior Forum discussing this in more detail but I am writing this comment from my phone. I will find it when I am on my PC…

So to summarize BTF, is not a scam but beware you are buying a product from a snake oil salesman’

My Views

Remember, that was as narrated by a BTF member. And I decided to include it in my post due to it unique nature.

With that said, I think that BTF is not a scam. As a matter of fact, it is a very good program that works. However, it has it downsides of the up sells and also the none delivery of some of the services they promise. I think they are being just ‘clever’ for offering a $97 one time payment but only for them to turn around and make you pay for more as up sells in packages that are not included in your original subscription.

That is the issue with most of these websites that offer training on Internet Marketing, most often they don’t tell all there is until you are on the inside and committed to an extent before they will unfold their other side of taking money from you in the name of ‘special packages’.

I rate BTF 7/10.

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8 thoughts on “How Is Bring The Fresh-Is It a Scam?

  1. I never heard of Bring the Fresh until now. $97 is Okay if they can deliver the goods, but I am very wary of up-sells. That said if they tell you what you get up front for $97 then I guess that’s fair.
    What I hate is when you pay your money and then you are more are less told you really do need the next product to get anywhere. Yeah, that really gets me pissed.

    1. Yes Eoimc, nobody will actually blame or complain if they had in the first instance before registration, told you about every other up sells that might be. But just like you said, they will give you the impression that all is well once you pay that registration fee, only for you to discover the ‘hard way’ that there are other packages that are not part of your subscription.

      It can really piss one off!

    1. You are welcome Shelby, do visit again. I also tried to look up your website but it was not available, I think you may want to look at it.

  2. I have seen too many so called gurus out there claiming how to make us money. In reality, they are trying to suck our money in and out before making a dime. I don’t really recommend a program that have many confusing upsells. NOT worth to scarifice our time and money.

    Thanks for reviweing bring the fresh here buddy!


    1. Thank you edy, I am also very passionate about revealing these so called gurus because they have shown me their other side in the past. As a matter of fact, I will be creating a page for ‘Report a Scam’, where my audience will be able to tell their experiences with any scam company and I will in turn review the company.

    1. Thank you Nicole. As a matter of fact I have taking it upon myself to review many companies as possible in order to expose those of them that are scams. I have been scammed in the past, therefore I wont let it happen to anyone if can stop it.

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