How Long should a blog post be?

How Long Should A Blog Post Be? Long Enough…

How long should a blog post be? Many people are still confused as to how long should how_long-min[1]their blog posts be. As a matter of fact, the length of your blog post does matter, but that is not everything that is going to make your post complete. When you are worried about the length of your blog post, you should even worry more about the quality too. But you don’t have to ‘worry’ about how long or how quality your blog post should be if you get the right knowledge or information regarding that.

Writing a post should not be a chore, but a fun. I could have answered your question right away, but I wish to shed some light that will further help you to write not just a lengthy post but a quality one too. I did write a post on how to write an engaging post, which I think you will find useful.

You should not only be concerned on how long your post should be, but try to concentrate on the quality and write naturally. Do not be mechanical when writing a post, but write as though you are communicating with a friend. After all, all your audiences should be seen as your friends, not as some ATM machine that can be manipulated into buying whatever it is you are selling. You ought to treat your present and prospective audiences with respect in your writing by trying to help and answer their questions.

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

That being said, the length of your post should be at least 400 words, that is what is acceptable by Google, and can be up to 1500 words and even more. So, your post mustn’t be less that 400 words.

But you may want to also know that writing a 400 or 2000 words post may not do you much good. Do not write in order to reach a 1500 words or much more lengthy post. But write to engage and be helpful! Now, should you write a post with the intention to make your post very lengthy believing that it would impress Google, then you are taking the wrong approach to becoming successful in blogging business. Never write to impress Search Engine, that should be your second intent of writing. You write to impress your readers, once you are able to do that, then Search Engines will recognize your website too.

How Long should a blog post be?

Who would want to sit through and read a lengthy garbage anyway? What you will succeed in doing is getting a high bounce rate that will eventually translate to driving your webpages to the bottom of other webpages that are better with articles. I can’t really overemphasize on the need to write a unique, engaging and helpful article or post.

Let Your Natural Writing Determine The Length Of Your Post

Allow the flow of your writing to determine the length of your blog post. When you write in this fashion, believe me, you will discover that your article(s) will be very interesting and helpful. By the time you are done writing an article, you would have written enough to pass in Google’s eyes and ultimately your readers will appreciate your post.


I hope you get all I am trying to say, and hopefully that will help your blog posts to become better than what it use to be. Seriously, the idea of owing a website most of the time is to provide services to the people and in turn try to make a  living. But you mustn’t place making a living above helping or providing ‘quality’ services . If you are geared to helping people, you are already geared to helping yourself, is as simple as that.

Therefore, always try to reach and touch people’s lives with your blog posts and you will surely reap the reward.

In my next article, I will be discussing ‘how often should you post a blog’. For the mean time, if you have any question or contribution, feel free to drop your comment at the comment box below.

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