1. Tom

    Posting new fresh content is the key to better rankings. Content is King as they say.

  2. Douglas

    Hi Nnamdi,
    Great post. Posting consistently is the best way to keep your website updated and also keep good ranking by the search engines. The search engines like fresh content.

    Sometimes you may not have the time to be posting everyday, if that is the case, then I think posting once a week will do just fine but the content should be rich and long enough sey, between 2,000-3000 words. The search engines like great and lengthy post.

    Thanks for this wonderful post!

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Douglas for this valid contribution, I really do appreciate it. Thank you man.

  3. Emily

    hi Nnamdi!
    well this sure was informative!! I did not know that changing your posting schedule could affect your indexing. When I first started my site, I was posting daily. As I wanted to load some quality content and had tons of topics to write about. But the life happened and I got super busy and now I aim for once a week. Yes I would rather d twice a week but I have accepted that, with my schedule, it is just not possible. So I focus on a longer more in depth with embedded links post. I do hope it is sufficient for Google as it is all I can manage on top of all the social media associated with my site.

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Emily,

      With your niche, you can choose to do once a week or in two weeks. But the bottom line is that, you must be CONSISTENT with whatever routine you have chosen. However, this is only applicable and good for those that have established and posted a considerable number of posts to their websites. Otherwise, if you are a beginner, it will be wise to be posting on a more regular basis to prove your site worthy in the eyes of Google and your audience.

  4. Melody

    Just the topic I was looking for. I have been working hard for just over a month to build up my new website. Now that it is in place I have decided to create a schedule for my posts. At the moment I would like to aim for 3 posts a week which seems to be just fine. I am also aiming to have these posts happen on the same day each week. Do you think I will be penalized for going from posting everyday to 3 times a week? Or will it be o.k once I settle into the routine.

    Great post addressing a question that many of us will ask!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Melody,

      You are still good with 3 times a week posting. Just try to stick with the pattern, that way you won’t have any problem with ranking. So, YES, 3 times a week is very OK, but maintain that and be CONSISTENT!

  5. Sarah

    Great article! I hadn’t really thought about the consistency of article posts – it makes sense that it would have a great impact to indexing. I think in my case I should commit to once every two weeks to start out, then slowly increase my frequency, that way my article output only increases over time and I won’t have to backtrack by cutting back if I took on too much. Thanks so much for bringing this point to light – so informative!

  6. edy

    Hi Nnamdi!
    I had been wondering on how often should my blog posts be posted. Glad that you mentioned the word “consistency” here. Yes you are right. Many website owners actually do this by scheduling their content.

    But when you first starting out, it is okay to publish things irregularly. Just be sure to produce content at least twice a week for new websites. Once we have established some traffic, then keeping it consistent will be the key.

  7. Matthew

    Thanks for the post, Nnamdi! I had no idea posting consistently can affect my Google rankings.

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