How to Add Facebook Button to Website- Simple and Comprehensive

This is a follow up on how to add facebook button to website youtube video I just created. Some people are visually inclined while some like reading texts. Whereas there are those that would prefer both for better understanding. So, I took the liberty of doing both for you to grasp the concept of adding Facebook button to website.

We all know that Facebook is one of the social media giant websites we have today, and it would be a good idea and a very lucrative one to make sure we promote our websites through it. And one of the ways to do so is to add a Facebook button or fan page on your website so that visitors would like and become fans of your website. Invariably, what you are doing is attracting people of like minds that really love what you do. So, each time you post a new article they would be the first to see it through Facebook notifications. And you will have a fan base that would likely listen and read whatever it is you are sharing and it is best for business.

How to Add Facebook Button to Website

That being said, how to add facebook button to website is very simple with a little twist. Before you set to add a Facebook button on your website, it will be ideal if you had created a Facebook fan page for your website. It will be professional if you created a Facebook page solely for your website and nothing else so that you can now connect it with your website.

If you had created a Facebook page for your website, then you are ready to add the Facebook button to website. You can do so by going straight to Facebook developers page, where you will be required to do this as illustrated below.

How to Add Facebook Button to Website- Simple and Comprehensive

(To get your Facebook page URL is simply copy the URL from the browser when you are signed into your Facebook page.)

When you have pasted your Facebook page URL as illustrated above, click on the ‘’Get Code’’, there would be two sets of codes that would show up. Copy the first one and head over to your website and paste it in your header-php. Make sure to paste the code within the <body> part of the header-php and click update file.

To get to your website header-php simply go to your website’s dashboard, click on the appearance and scroll down and click on the editor, after that go to the right side of the page and search for theme header-php and click on it, find the body tag area and paste your codes and update files.

At this point, head back over to the Facebook developer’s page to fetch the second code that you now put in your widget directly to activate appearance on website, (if your theme allows that). If your theme does not allow you to paste code directly on your widget, then you may have to get a plugin just as I did. The plugin that I use is quick adsense; this plugin allows you to add codes and choose whichever part of your website for appearance, of course by the help of a widget.

To get this plugin, just go to plugins on your dashboard and click on add new, there, you will see a search box above right, type in ‘’quick adsense’’ and enter, the plugin will show, click on the plugin to install and activate, and you are good to go.

To add the Second Facebook Button Code

Copy the second code and head over to the settings, and click on the Quick Adsense you just installed, then scroll down to ‘’ads on the sidebar widget’’ and paste the code in any of the box you like. Take note of the box number so that you can now drag it from your widget area to side bar or footer of your website when you get to your widget. Scroll down to save changes and go up at the top of the boxes provided for codes, you will see ‘’drag to sidebar’’ click on it, and you will be taken to the widget area where you will now drag the widget you just added to either side bar or footer as the case may be and that’s it.

When you refresh your website, you will see your Facebook button/fan page on the spot you have put it.


You may not need the Quick Adsense plugin if your theme allows code to be pasted directly on your widget or if you have another type of plugin that you could paste the code on already installed in your website.

I hope I have been able to give you some pointers on how to add Facebook button to website. But if you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop it in the comment box below.