1. Marcus

    Google Analytics is great because then you can keep track of who is visiting your website and where they come from. Have you ever been surprised by the data shown in Google Analytics? For example, noticing that most of your website traffic comes from a particular source that you weren’t expecting?

    • admin

      Hi Marcus, I can’t be surprised as to where my traffics are coming from, because, once your site is in Google, you will sure expect to see traffics coming from unlikely places.

      Thanks for dropping by Marcus.

  2. Diondre

    Hey there, this is a great guide on what is one of the most important aspects of owning a website. The step where you make your website easy to find. Google is the main search engine you’d want your traffic to come from as it is the most used one. So getting your google webmasters account is a great step towards making your easier to find in search queries.

    • admin

      Hello Diondre, you seem to be already acquinted with Google Webmaster tools, and that is great. Thanks for checking out my site.

  3. Dianne

    Hi there! Oh my, I can’t believe what I’ve learned in just one page of your site! The mysteries of internet business have been revealed. I’m sure there is much more to learn, which is why I might check out this Wealthy Affiliates thing…um, I hadn’t even heard of SEO before. Have I been living under a rock? Anyway, thanks and I’ll be back when I have more questions. Thanks.

    • admin

      Thank you, Dianne, I am very pleased knowing that you found my website helpful. And sure, the Wealthy Affiliate will teach you more practicable ways to optimize your website and even beyond.

  4. Great article, to the point and most informative. I liked the comparison you made with a teacher talking to an empty room… that’s exactly what a beautiful but unranked website is lol… Absolutely useless.
    Using good keywords and google analytics is the key to having google/yahoo/bing LOVE your website!
    Best wishes

    • admin

      Thank you Sarah, and please visit again.

  5. Penny

    Thank you for such a clear, concise explanation of this all-important process! Being such an internet newbie, I had not yet tackled this process, and have been dreading it. But now, I am looking forward to getting it done. I am so glad I stumbled on your site! I am bookmarking your site!

    Thanks again,

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Penny for finding this post useful to you.

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