How to Detect Online Scams- Exposed!

How to Detect Online Scams- Exposed!

This is yet another new year, 2017 and many people are preparing to go online in search of opportunities. So also, the scammers are also lurking in dark side of the internet waiting for their unsuspecting victims to fall into the TRAP they have laid out in place. Whether we like it or not this is surely going to happen, it has happened in 2016 and the years before it and will surely happen in 2017.

Thanks to the not so good world economy hence people are desperate. Some are willing to work and build up an opportunity while some are not very keen on working but looking for the easy way out and often times this is the group of people that fall victim to these online scams. I find this article timely because I figured this is the time people are mostly susceptible to doing whatever they can to get out of financial mess especially when they must have spent so much during the festive period only to wake up on the 1st  of Jan and realize a new world with a new reality of no job.

So, if you are lucky to find this article then it might be your lucky day if you will heed the warnings. Below is the tale-tell signs of online scams.

When an offer is too good to be true– You could be making a lot of dollars every hour andHow to Detect Online Scams- Exposed! if you invest few hours of your time a day you could be making $500, just sign up for a one-time payment of $49 and you will have an access to the tools and tutorials that will teach you how to start making money in a jiffy- Is that familiar? If no, then you might be a rookie in internet marketing world.

That, right there, is a scam! Don’t even give it a second thought because there is nothing to think about. But unfortunately, some will fall for this kind of scam because they don’t know any better. If there is anything you have to learn about online opportunities is that they are real but they also need work and patience for you to start making any reasonable money. I am not talking about taking a survey or any other PTC (paid to click) that probably makes you money instantly but will take an eternity to make any reasonable dough.

Pay Upfront– If you are required to pay upfront for any online program that is supposed to teach you how to make money online, then, that is an indication that it could be a scam (not all). Any legitimate online program would always want to convince you by offering a free registration. Free registration always give the prospect the chance to find out what the product/service he is about to buy into is all about or made up of and so if a program is a scam they won’t give you the opportunity to find out until you register with money and find out just too late that you have been scammed.

Sounds Urgent– ‘’I don’t know what has come over me, but I am ready to reveal this secret blueprint that will make you six figures in two weeks, so hurry up now and register before we run out of the spot, only 10 spots left’’-familiar with that too? And the funny thing is that any time you go back to that same website, be it after a month it will still be saying the same thing, ‘’10 spots left’’.  Beware of programs that urge you to register urgently so that you won’t miss out your spot.

Upsells– Some clever scammers may offer you the opportunity to register for free for whatever they are selling, but it is useless because you can’t still get useful information that will help you build an online business or make money online upon registration. That is their way of stepping up the game when they know that most of their prospects may not register if they ask for registration fee up front, so they will make it free in order to have more time to brainwash them with over hyped sales video.

They will basically allow you to have an account that has nothing on it except for a video that will be telling you why you need to buy the product that will allow you to have an access to the secret blueprint.  In some cases, the upsell never stops, because once they get you to buy one product they will try to get you to buy another one, and so it goes until you realize you don’t have any more money to make it to the ‘’top product’’, but then you are already scammed.

Over Hyped Sales page or Video– This is also the most common technique used by these scammers. They will be trying so hard to convince you by showing how much their system has made them so much money. Often times, they will display some yacht, exotic car, mansion, and beautiful women…all the things everyone would wish for in life.

But then, you should ask yourself, why would they show off their ”wealth” if they are already made? OK, they will say they want to give back or help the less opportuned…come on, is that why they are trying this hard to convince any prospect to sign up? Something does not add up….it is a scam mate!


If you did not learn anything from this post then learn one thing, that making money online is VERY POSSIBLE! It is also not easy as portrayed by so many people that want to get a bite off you. You can build a successful online business when guided by the right tutor.

If you have been scammed before, I will like to hear your story as that will also help others escape being scammed.

4 thoughts on “How to Detect Online Scams- Exposed!

  1. I wish I had read this before loosing money to some online scams in the past…

    I think the one you wrote that caught me the most was the “Urgent” one. I can think of a few sales pages I got sucked into that had a “count down” with x# spots left… somehow it makes you panic and think you’ll be left out. Very smart marketing, but unless you someone you know and trust has reviewed it positively – someone NOT out to make a commission on a sale of it… or you have extra money to throw away on poor quality products, definitely, yes, stay clear!

    1. Yes, Marlaine, that is a smart move to get people to register without actually thinking. I left out the countdown on my article but you are right because they use that to make you feel you are losing out.

  2. Nnamdi,
    Thank you for the informative scam information. I was wondering why if they’re trying to sell something why is it a rush and why is only a few available!

    Thank you,


    1. Obviously, you are not familiar with how these things work. They are selling alright, but when they give you the impression that the product is running out, I guess you wouldn’t like to miss out, so you will try to register without necessarily having to investigate the legitimacy of it elsewhere.

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