1. Marlaine

    I wish I had read this before loosing money to some online scams in the past…

    I think the one you wrote that caught me the most was the “Urgent” one. I can think of a few sales pages I got sucked into that had a “count down” with x# spots left… somehow it makes you panic and think you’ll be left out. Very smart marketing, but unless you someone you know and trust has reviewed it positively – someone NOT out to make a commission on a sale of it… or you have extra money to throw away on poor quality products, definitely, yes, stay clear!

    • Nnamdi

      Yes, Marlaine, that is a smart move to get people to register without actually thinking. I left out the countdown on my article but you are right because they use that to make you feel you are losing out.

  2. Edward

    Thank you for the informative scam information. I was wondering why if they’re trying to sell something why is it a rush and why is only a few available!

    Thank you,


    • Nnamdi

      Obviously, you are not familiar with how these things work. They are selling alright, but when they give you the impression that the product is running out, I guess you wouldn’t like to miss out, so you will try to register without necessarily having to investigate the legitimacy of it elsewhere.

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