How To Get Traffic To My Site- Find Out How

Traffic, traffic, traffic is one of the things every website owner is thinking about. How to get traffic to my site, how to get traffic across to his/her website! But really, it is very essential, because without it, your site will be likened to a town crier that is crying out to an empty town. All your content, good or bad will not be seen, and as a result, you will not be able to make an impact or realize your goal.

In as much as we are desperate for traffic, we must also learn to go about finding traffic the right way. Otherwise, you will end up in frustration and ultimately give up. You should also consider that, there are millions of website owners out there also seeking for traffic. Although, there is enough traffic to go round if only you pitched your traffic quest on the right direction.

Most people go about seeking traffic the wrong way because they are in a haste to have ton of traffic to their site already. That single act and mind set will consequently make you to fail. Before going any further with this post, I would want you to revamp your mind set to being a patient online business owner. There is nothing like getting traffic in a jiffy but there is a way to get ‘targeted’ traffic in a considerable amount of time.

Now, speaking of traffic and ‘targeted traffic’, they are two different things, even though the two phrases have the word ‘traffic’ in common. I will explain in due course of this article.

What Is Traffic?

Traffic in online business world could be defined as the inflow of visitors/users to a website. This could be by any means such as, through Google search, social media, email/newsletter etc. So there are so many ways to drive traffic to your website, but I will go over the basic ones that are like the foundation of getting a lasting targeted traffic.

Submit Your Site To Google And Bing Webmasters

First thing first, if you have not submitted your site to Google and Bing, then you should Google webmasterimmediately do so. I won’t just presume that everybody knows that they have to submit their site(s) to these major Search Engines, Google and Bing. Google constitute over 60% of organic traffic while Bing has the rest of over 30% of organic traffic. Therefore, that is the first thing you have to do, in order to be seen and crawled by these two major Search Engines.

Nevertheless, traffic may take a while to start coming from this axis, but when it does, that is the real deal! So, set up the foundation to getting traffic through Google and Bing.

Use Social Media

In case you haven’t noticed, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin are very good sources to to getting traffic to your site. If you do not have social mediaaccounts with these social media then, open account with them, it is free. After that, make sure you have share buttons for these social media sites on your site, it is usually a plugin. Some plugins have good features that will enable you to set up share and like buttons of so many social media sites and even use them to collect email address too.

Ensure to share your posts after publishing to these social media sites and also join Facebook groups that are in your niche. By so doing you will have same interest base of people that will be interested on what you have to say when you share your post on the group page.

Use Video Marketing

  • Video Marketing is yet another effective way of driving traffic to your site. Most people traffic_3-min[1]don’t know that but it is true and it is very easy to create a video. You can create a video by just talking about anything that will be of help to people and that is also relevant to your niche. So that at the end you can direct them to take action by going to your site. Usually, you treat video creation just as you would go about creating your post/article for your website. You have to use keyword for the video so that it will rank on Google page after publishing it on youtube.

Keyword is very important in driving traffic to your site. There is a fantastic free keyword search tool that you could use to find quality keywords that can rank on Search Engines.

There are tools like Camtasia and Screencast-O-Matic that you can use to create your video. Camtasia is usually very expensive but it is good. But for starters, Screencast-O-Matic is a very good tool for people that can not afford Camtasia. So go ahead and start being creative; create videos and upload them on youtube and even share them on social media sites too.

Use Google Feedburner

Google Feedburner is another way of getting traffic, and this resource is free. Just get atraffic_4-min[1] feedburner account and set up a subscribe form on your website so that when people subscribe you can get their email address that you could use to build your list. Not only that, they will also be getting your updates each time your publish a post. Now, the good thing about this is that, if your posts are very useful and good, chances are, your subscribers may share your post to their friends and making your site to be exposed to many people.

That is why you should be inclined to helping people through your posts so that they will trust you enough to even do or buy anything when you recommend it. Google Feedburner is perfect for people that can not afford Aweber. And besides Aweber is more advanced, you will have to start with feedburner then later you can import your subscribers to Aweber.

Use this link for guide on how to set up feedburner.

Use Google Adword

If you are the type that have the money to spend on driving traffic, then Google Adword is your best bet. You can set up Google Adword campaign once you have a Google account, but if you don’t have you can always register for free.


There are yet other ways of driving traffic that I did not mention here. But do not go about paying someone on fivver or anywhere for traffic, because even if the traffic is driven to your site, you will end up not making any sales. Why is that? Because they are not targeted traffic, you are selling to people that do not need what you have to offer.

But once you are able to get all I have said right, you will be fine in no time in terms of traffic. However, I must draw your attention to few other elements you would want to consider when trying to drive traffic to your site. Make sure that your site has all the listed elements below:

  • Do you have a WordPress site? WordPress site has a higher chance of getting traffic than others.
  • Do you have a good hosting? Poor hosting can really hurt your site by not loading up on time.
  • Do you have good and quality content? Because nobody will like to patronize a site with a mediocre content.
  • Is your site user friendly? When visitors find your site overwhelming or cannot easily navigate, then there will be a high bounce rate that can make your site not to rank.
  • Is your website’s theme mobile friendly? If your site is not mobile friendly, then you have a serious problem, because Google also considers it as one of the criteria to ranking your site. And more over, if people can’t get to access your site through their cell phones then you are ordinarily losing out because most users are using mobile phones.
  • Do you optimize your images? If you don’t, then it is only a matter of time before your site will begin to experience slow loading time. Use to optimize your images before using them on your site. And do not forget to add titles and alt tags so that Google can find them.

If you wish to build a website or an Online Business that will thrive, then click here for the best training program that will teach you how to build a website that has all the qualities aforementioned and even more. And you don’t have to be asking anymore, how to get traffic to my site.  All you got to do is subscribe for free and find out for yourself.

I hope this helps.




41 thoughts on “How To Get Traffic To My Site- Find Out How

  1. Hi Nnamdi, great tips you have here on how to get traffic to our site. I have to admit that I have long way to do as I have manage to do all the tips that you mentioned here. Nevertheless, I have to say that this is the first time I heard about Google Feedburner and I still do not understand much. Can you like just provide like a simple explanation on what is Google Burner? You mentioned Aweber, is it anything like Aweber? Thanks

    1. Hello Diansing, Google Feed burner has been there all this time, but most people do not realize how to use it, especially on WordPress. Feed burner is a tool that allows you to collect somebody’s email address when he/she subscribes to get your update. And when the person subscribes to your site, then every new post you published will be automatically sent to that persons feed reader.

      Aweber is more advanced in the sense that you can do a whole lot of custom settings and message series for your lists. One can actually start with feed burner to collect email addresses and also keep your subscribers up to date of your posts, pending when you are ready to work with Aweber. I must tell you, before using Aweber, you must learn the ropes and commit some time to it. But this will allow you to build up your site with good quaility content, then when your site is up and running with good traffic you can now take out the time to build your email list.

  2. I am just starting in the online business sector. I am always searching and looking for ways to improve my website but more importantly how to get people to go there. Your article offers some great advice and I will be checking them out. I know some of them are free. Are there costs associated with any of the programs you reviewed?

    1. Hello Brenda, thank you for visiting and also finding the post useful. That is also the reason why you should also try to create a good and useful content on your site, ultimately will drive traffic to it. As for the programs I reviewed, of course there are costs to joining the any of the program none of them is free except Wealthy Affiliate that will give you a free access with no up sells and no strings attached.

  3. I will like to find out if there are other ways to drive traffic to your site through paid methods aside google adwords?

    Because I can only see you mention google adwords which is said to be relatively expensive

    Also, i will like to find out how I can maximize my postings on social media networks in order to drive targeted traffic to my site from there as well?

    1. There are other ways of course, but I will rather suggest to you not to waste your hard earned money on this other ways, because they will not deliver quality traffic to your site. At the end of the day, it will be plenty clicks but no sales because these people are not targeted, they ain’t interested in what you have to offer.

      Therefore, use the methods I mentioned and probably find a good site that is of the same niche with yours and guest blog for the site. And also be commenting on high traffic sites that are of the same niche with yours, by so doing you will be driving traffic to your site.

      But if you are bent on getting paid traffic, go to you will get a $5 traffic there.

  4. Hey Nmandi, great article here and very simple to understand. I like how make sure to include the little details that most people would overlook and not include with the expectation that a person should already know like the submission of your site to google. You also managed to teach me a few things as well and I’m experienced lol.

    1. Thank you Diondre, those things you might be thinking is common may not actually be common to some folks, especially beginners. Therefore, I had to make sure I covered everything.

  5. Hey a great coverage on ways to get traffic to your site some I will need to try as there were a few i didn’t realise were a good idea so thanks for the information. I have bookmarked your site for future reference as the quality of content is so good. I do have a question about Using Google Feedburner… Does this create duplicate content?
    I also totally agree with your recommended best training program, Wealthy Affiliate as they are very very good and are an awesome way to learn how to make a living online so that is a great place to direct people. Thank you for such an informative site. 🙂

    1. Hello Peter, what feed burner does is that, it retrieves your latest post and send it automatically to anyone who has subscribed to your website.

  6. I’ll look into Feedburner. Google has so many great tools, I’m still learning to use them.

    Quality content of interest to your audience is key to getting traffic. A blog associated with your website allows you to easily add fresh material and to interact with your visitors.

    Find key words that get reasonable traffic and have minimum competition. Use an appropriate key word in your title, in you first and in your last paragraph.

    Share all your posts and new pages on social media and it is a good idea to go back to older posts and share them again because comments on social media can quickly scroll out of site.

    An opt-in list is vital to your marketing success.

    1. Hello Bill, thanks for the wonderful contribution. As for the feed burner, I left a link that will guide you in setting up one.

  7. Hello Nnamdi,
    I really love your article about traffic and how to get targeted traffic.

    I did know some about traffic, but I had no idea about the “google feedburner” and how important it is to submit my site to google and bing.
    I must do this immediately with my site!

    What is your experience with traffic?
    How long did it take you to create good targeted traffic to your sites?


    1. Hello Morizt, thanks for the visit and I am also glad that you found the post useful. As for how long it takes me to start getting targeted traffic, it varies. If you put more work and time to your online business, you can start getting organic traffic in 3 months, which will increase exponentially if you continue working by adding good and quality content to your site.

  8. Tonight I was researching traffic when I come across you article on how to get traffic to my site.

    I have to agree with you as the first thing someone should do is submit their sites to Google and Bing.

    As it really does create a solid foundation for the traffic that will be coming. Thats some good advice especially for new bloggers.

    What I was most interested in was Youtube, as thats what I’ve started working on as of late.

    Now realizing after reading your post that I need to start adding Keywords to these videos, makes perfect sense as Youtube is part of Google anyway. That would help that much more in driving traffic to my site.

    Google FeedBurner is a great little tool for those who need to save a few dollars and still build a list. I forgot all about this tool.

    As far as getting traffic from Fiverr I personally have never gotten good traffic from them at all. So I do agree with you that some of the best ways is to have quality content on your site that is helpful to your readers.

    I got a lot of very useful information from your article and I’m sure that others will as well. Will be checking back from time to time.

    You only mentioned Google and Bing as the search engines to submit your site to. Would you also submit site to Yandex?


    1. Hello Markus, I am glad I have been of help in my little way. You did ask if you could submit your site to Yandex. Yes, you can do so, because I understand that it is a Russian Search Engine that has dominance in Russia. But Google and Bing is a must add.

      Thanks for dropping by Markus, and please do visit again.

  9. These are definitely ways that can help you improve your traffic, but one thing I feel is missing from this discussion. Content.

    Content is the basis of one’s website and any visitor that comes to your website is looking for some form of content. An answer to their question. Help with something. A how to. A product review. Or just an opinion or interesting read.

    If you can deliver this and target keywords in the process, you are going to be able to tap into that billions of clicks that Google and other search engines get every year through search rankings.

    1. Hello Kyle, you are right on point, content is King! As I would like to express the importance of quality content. I indeed mentioned content as the bases to getting traffic and it can not be substituted.

      Thanks for taking out the time to checkout my site, it is highly appreciated.

  10. Hi Nnamdi, you have provided some fantastic tips here within your article on how to get traffic to my site find out how. Like any business whether it’s online or not, you need traffic without traffic you have no customers, so that is why it’s really important to share your business online or offline.

    When I was starting out online with my business that was one of my biggest worries, how I was going to get traffic to my website but I found a great online course that taught me all the steps I needed in order to gain organic natural traffic.

    Like you said submitting your articles to bing and google letting them know that you’ve just published and new post and by sharing your post to social media really does go a long way.

    It takes time to get use to but once you have a routine down packed it’s really easy to do. I wouldn’t recommend going to fiverr either for traffic as you want organic traffic. I really enjoyed your traffic tips and found it really useful for me and anyone else looking to gain more traffic. I’ll check back again soon, thanks again.

    1. Thank you Jennifer for your wonderful contribution, it’s really great and you threw more light to the post. Thank you and visit again.

  11. I like the idea of having multiple sources for traffic. Like they say “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.”

    Your article has given a nice overview of the many ways to accomplish this. Besides getting traffic from the search engines I have found that Pinterest and Facebook have been a good source of traffic for me.

    1. Now that’s what I am talking about, trying to expand the scope of getting traffic to your site. But do not forget the other important aspect, quality content. People are suckers for solutions, who wouldn’t be? Once you have that you might get their subscription or even buy what ever you are selling.

  12. You have provided very awesome tips here Nnamdi! I myself do SEO and get traffic from search engines. In the future I will advance more into other mediums to get traffic coming to my site.

    I am waiting for sufficient revenue, and I will start investing on Paid traffic method. Can’t wait for it to happen 🙂

    1. Thank you edy, but if you are investing on paid traffic, make sure it is a targeted traffic, otherwise, it will all be useless. Goodluck

  13. I find a lot of useful information here. I have never tried Google Feedburner, in fact I was not aware of it at all. I have to check this possibility and I shall definitely used the instructions you provided in the text.

    I have also never had a thought about using YouTube. From what you write this seems to be both easy and useful. Many thanks for this text.

  14. Hello to you Nnamdi,
    I have found your article on traffic generation to be very informative and comprehensive. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.
    One thing that I may have missed was the use of Yahoo. In your opinion, is it not worth submitting a site to Yahoo as well ?
    My sincere best wishes to you for the future.

  15. I liked this article because it’s what everyone wonders about who has a website. I did not know about Google Feedburner but have heard of others. Good to know. I wonder what the difference is between Mailchimp and Feedburner is? Do you know by chance? Also, is Feedburner easy to install? Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello, mailchimp gives you more control over how you want to manage your email lists, design and when you want to send email to your list, but feedburner will only give you the opportunity to collect email addresses, which it will automatically send posts to each time you publish one.

      And yes, it is easy to install, see guide on how to install it.

  16. Google Adwords is one area that I have tried a few times in the past with mixed results. I think you really need to know what you are doing with Adwords in order to make it successful, otherwise it is too easy to lose money on it and not see any return on investment. I know that phases 6 and 7 of the Bootcamp course at Wealthy Affiliate focus on PPC advertsing, but I might leave that for a while because it’s a bit of a jump for me. First I want to get to grips with all the other ways of getting traffic to my site.

    Have you used Adwords yourself much?

  17. Nnamdi, thanks for your research into ways of generating traffic. I had to stop and take notes while reading it. I’ve lost more money than I care to say using Adwords, but several of your methods of generating traffic are free. I know putting share buttons on my site it important. Are there other suggestions you could give for making use of social media?

    1. Hello David, thank you for finding my article useful. As to other suggestions to better utilize the social media is also sharing any video you might have created on these social media sites as well. Like I said in my post, join groups that are in your niche, because most of the individuals there have the same interests as you.

      I will still come up with some other ways to generate free traffic to your site.

      I hope this helps.

  18. His is a very helpful article, driving traffic to my website was always a big task for me. Out google, bing and social media, I was stuck with other source.
    By reading this article it shows me other thingside that I can implement to drive traffic to my website. Thank you for posting this valuable information, and if you have other resources please let me know. Thanks and good luck with all your endeavors.


    1. Hello Bishop, thank you for dropping by and also finding my post very useful. Well, the most important way to driving traffic to your website, would be a very useful and quality content. Do not substitute that for anything. Content is king, therefore, you should not be distracted by worries of how to get traffic to your site instead of being worried on how to help people or your audience through your articles.

      However, I will be sharing any other useful way of driving traffic to your site when I have gotten all the details.

      Wish you all the best with your endevor.

  19. Great post,

    I’ve never heard of google feedburner but it sounds interesting. I’m going to have to research this a little more and hopefully start using it soon.

    I do use all the social networks for genereating traffic and I know how important that is. I often wish that I knew exactly how many leads my website got from each network.

    Thanks for the info.


  20. Hello Nnamdi,
    Thank you for a very informative article on getting traffic to our websites.
    I full agree with you that traffic is essential if we want to be successful. The best website in the world will be dead in the water without traffic.
    I therefore appreciate the different strategies you outline in your article. I will for sure make use of the ones I have not yet implemented.
    I have learned something new today…. Thank you for that.

  21. Hi Nnamdi,

    Really thanks for sharing such a great information. I have been having trouble about how to get traffic to my site. You have list quite a number of it. Its really help me a lot

    I think I need a bit of time to set up what you have recommended. Its really useful !
    Thanks again,

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