How to Make a Blog-5 Simple Steps

How to Make a Blog-5 Simple Steps

A blog is one of the quickest ways to start an online business and has become very popular given the fact many have been able to end their financial inadequacy with it. It is possible to start a blog anytime, any day or even as you are reading this now, you can make your own blog. Yes, you can start a blog right now like having a piece of cake and for FREE.

In as much as I said you can start a blog now (which is true) but there are things, you need to consider before starting a blog. These things will enable you to know where you are going with your blog and so on. It will kind of give you a bearing or sort of a compass as to what you really wish to accomplish with the blog. I have seen many that have successfully created a blog but failed after a short while, and not being ready is one of the factors that contributes to online business failures.

But I will be showing you how to make your own blog even as I chip in other details that will help you to stay active and prosperous with your blog after establishing it.


First, you need to know exactly what you intend to do with your blog once created. You don’t just wake up and create a blog without having an idea of what you intend to do with it, or you will simply start one because you know someone that makes a lot of money from a gossip blog and therefore you will want to follow suit. If you do that, chances are you will fail woefully because you don’t just go into any kind of niche without assessing yourself first to know what you are good at.

Starting a blog on the niche you are passionate about will go a long way in making your blog a success because blogging is all about teaching and helping people from what you already know. So, knowledge plus passion is the key to finding your niche. Sometimes, it may not necessarily mean you must be grounded in knowledge about your niche but so long you have the passion for it, you will always improve in terms of knowledge.

Determine what your Domain Name should be

Your niche will help you to determine what your domain name should be. Remember, coin your domain name in such a way that it will be related to what you are blogging about. It is not a must, though, because there are people that used their names as their domain name and still attain success but it is ideal to use something that says it all about your blog.

You can prefer to go for FREE domain name or buy a custom domain name. The free domain name has disadvantages over the custom domain name. If you choose to have a free domain name, that means you will be stuck with the platform provider’s name in your domain name and everyone will know that you are running on the free domain name. You cannot sell your blog anytime you deem it fit to do so because you do not actually own the website.

Choose your blogging platform

There are a lot of blogging platforms where you can build your blog. Some provide self-How to Make a Blog-5 Simple Stepshosted and hosted platforms while some only provide hosted or self-hosted platform. But if I would suggest that you to use WordPress platform and I guess you may have heard about it. It is widely used by millions of bloggers around the world because of its flexibility in terms of designing. You will have a lot of plugins and add-ons that will help to design your website to stand out or to your taste.

However, there are others such as Blogger, Tumblr, Drupel, Gawker, BlogSmith, Scoop, Movable Type, etc.

Click here to read more about WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger.

Reasons why people choose WordPress:

  • It has like infinity themes and layouts
  • Very easy to set up
  • You can easily get help from the community whenever you are stuck or have a problem with it.
  • It has the tendency to be fast and user-friendly as well
  • Your content can be shared to a wide range of social media and online communities

Decide Self-Hosted or Hosted

After deciding on which platform to build your blog, then you have a serious decision to make as to hosting. As you may already know, there are 2 kinds of hosting which WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger offer.  Self-hosted means you have to pay for the hosting of your blog and hosted means free hosting by your platform provider. But before you will be quick to decide to grab the FREE hosting, there are things you need to know, after all, nothing really comes free without some rules or strings attached and so does the FREE hosting.

Free hosting is practically for people that are not super serious I would say because; there are restrictions as to what you can do with your blog. For instance, you cannot own your own domain name (although, Blogger allows you to buy your own custom domain name) if you prefer to decide to do a custom domain.

You will not have access to those beautiful themes offered by WordPress and you can’t upload those videos or images you would love to show your audience. I think it is very inconveniencing to go for free hosting unless you have to, you don’t have a choice.

If you are looking for an affordable hosting and where you can buy a domain name, then go to I personally host my website there, their hosting is good and the price is right.

Build and Design Your Website

This is the fun part where you will be able to build your website to your taste. It is not difficult to do since it does not involve HTML code writing or something. Simply choose your theme and template and you are almost there. If you opt for Blogger, you can simply design your website by playing around with the tools in your dashboard, however, if you are going for WordPress, you can also design your website but you will need a little direction as to the right plugins and so on to use. Build your website from Scratch is an article I wrote that could help you further understands how to design a WordPress website from scratch.

Designing your website is pretty much all you have to do in order make a blog, however, that is where serious work and your journey started when it comes to blogging. There are a lot of other details on what you must do in order to excel in your endeavor. Now, you can choose to walk this walk alone or choose to join an online program that would hold you by the hand and walk you through the journey.

If you choose to join a program, I have one I will recommend which you can enroll for free, click here, but if you choose to do it all by yourself then read this article, website ideas and do feel free to browse and navigate through my website because you will find helpful contents that would help and motivate you into becoming a successful blogger.

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