How To Monetize My Website-Find Out The Easy Ways

Everyone that is in website business, needs to monetize website in order to create a MONEY-min[1]revenue through it. Thus, everybody is searching Google with phrase like ‘how can I monetize my website’. But in our quest to monetize our websites, we should not equally forget the other objective of the website. As most of us will put or consider making money first, before thinking of other things that will help in generating that income through our websites. But this is a wrong way of going about a website you intend to monetize. It is just like, building the walls of  a building without setting up the foundation first.

It is wrong to think about monetizing without fixing some vital aspects of your site. Yes, you should make sure that your website is made up of the right components in order to thrive or make you that money. Otherwise, you will fail woefully, even if you have got the best money making campaign on your site or outside your site.

I just want to create the awareness that, it is not just enough to monetize your site without making sure that your site is good. What do I mean by good? It simply means, if your website has the following features:

  • Does it have quality content?
  • Does it have engaging and helpful content?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Is it optimized for search engines?
If your answer to those questions is affirmative, then you are ready to monetize and expect to see positive results. Otherwise, I will highly recommend you fix them first or you can join this training PROGRAM that will teach you everything there is to know, in order to succeed in an Online Business for FREE. This program will also provide you with the resources and support that will catapult you to the success level you have always desired.

With that being said, let’s look at how you can monetize your website.

How Can I Monetize My Website?

There are quite a number of ways you can try to monetize your website.  But I will try to bring to you the most popular ones. If you already have a website that is up and running, you can choose to make money through these means:

Use Contextual Ads On Your Site

You can make money by using contextual ads such as Google Adsense, It is google_adsense-min[1]quite easy to make money with these, but it is usually a pay per click, and it fetches around $0.01 to $5 when a visitor clicks on any of the ads that is displayed by Google Adsense or

You can apply for Google adsense here or, however, sometimes it is difficult to get approved by any of these two, because of their strict rules and criteria.

Use Affiliate Products

You can as well monetize by signing up with an affiliate program that is available on the internet. This is usually free and you can easily sign up. But you must sign up with the one that has relevant products to your niche. You can start reviewing their products and start suggesting them to your visitors to buy. And if they do buy any product, you get a commission out of the sale of that product. Usually, the commission percentage is between 6 to 30 percent, depending on the affiliate program you signed up for.

There are some commonly used, even though there are still many of them out there. So, these are some that are worth checking out.

You Can Monetize By Selling Ads Space

This is usually possible, when you have started getting a considerable traffic to your site. You can place a ‘ad space’ placement on your site that could attract both individuals or corporate bodies to show interest in advertising on your site. Or you can use a resource to indicate interest in accepting ads on your website.

One can make up to $5000 per month for an advert, but of course depending on the traffic the website is getting. Therefore, it could be less or even more.

These are places you can let people know that you are selling ad space.

Sell Your Digital Products

You can choose to monetize by selling any digital product that you may have, such as EBOOK-min[1]ebook. This is great because, you don’t have to share anything with any middle person. You have got to keep all the proceed to your self if you make any sale.

However, you must make sure that the product you intend to sell through your site is good and OK for the price. Below is the resource link on how to set up your pay pal button/Add to cart on you website and how to build an eCommerce website.

Create A ‘Hire Me’ Page

If you have any skill and you are interested in freelancing, you can simply create a page on your website, detailing your skills and samples of the previous jobs that you have accomplished. That way, you will gain more trust and people will be willing to hire you.


I hope that this will help you to monetize your website for optimum revenue. However, there are still other ways you can still make money from your website, but I will leave it for my next post.

I want you to know that Google adsense and are good for starters, but the rest can be applied when you have established to the point of getting a reasonable traffic to your site. Therefore, if you just started, I will suggest that you don’t have to worry about monetizing with different ways for now. Worry about getting your website up and running with quality content that will drive traffic to your site, only then should you start to look for other ways of monetizing your site.

Did you know you can even sell your site if you so desire? But you can’t just do that now too, if your site is not yet getting enough traffic that is making you a good monthly income. Nevertheless, I shall discuss about it in my next post.

If you have a minute, try to check out this training PROGRAM that made me in Online Business, and I believe you will find it interesting, good for both pros and newbies.

If you have any question or contribution, please do not hesitate to comment at the comment box below.

16 thoughts on “How To Monetize My Website-Find Out The Easy Ways

  1. Nice job here on how to monetize your website. It gives you clear cut information and very relevant on how they work and what you have to have in place to insure your website will be ready.

    Many individuals will benefit from the information you have presented. I for one know that you need to have a decent site with decent content to be accepted by Adsense. So I urge anyone who is looking to apply there, to have several pages and a dozen blog posts in place first.

  2. Monetizing a website properly is very important to increase conversion rate. You have given many options available here to do it. That’t awesome! I am currently using affiliate product to promote within my content. To me it is better than other options as for starting out online marketing 🙂

  3. Really like the idea of selling ad space. I need a bit more traffic as you say but this will be an option I’ll certainly look at once I have good regular traffic. Cheers

    1. Sure Nigel, you need a significant amount of traffic before you can even contemplate having an ad space for sale, in your website. Please do visit again.

  4. Hi Nnamdi,
    Awesome post! There are simply many ways to monetize you website, but you have just summarized the key components. Anyone who wants to monetize their website should start with the ones listed here first such google ad sense, affiliate marketing and selling advertising space, I think this ones are basic.
    Wonderful post!

    1. Hello Doug, it is better for one to start with contextual ads such as Google Adsense or, or even affiliate marketing with the right training program. But selling of ad space should be when you have advanced to the level on having enough traffic to your site. I hope this helps.

  5. Hi!
    Just a quick note to congratulate you on this article! You haven’t missed out a single aspect of building and monetizing your website.

    You are absolutely right about a website #1 purpose : it should be useful to people.
    When people research something on the internet, they’re looking for an answer, for a solution to their problem(s) and the best way to monetize your website in the first place is to write good quality and engaging content ! The money aspect comes next!

    Well done & all the best!

    1. That’s Sarah, what use will a website that has useless content be for monetizing? If a visitor can’t find answers to what he/she was looking for, how then will they come back or even click on anything you are selling? The first thing is to get your site ready and ripe for monetizing by offering solutions to problems, before thinking about monetizing.

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