How to Profit From a Blog

How to Profit From a Blog

I have written ways to make money with a website before, but how to profit from a blog is a different dimension from the former, do try to look it over because there are other ideas you can find there that are not here even though the headlines seem similar.

Often times, the question that is always at the back of the mind is how to profit from blog especially by aspiring bloggers. Yes, you may have heard how Mr. X is making 6 figures with his blog and you wish to make the same kind of money too. What a lofty ambition I must say, but there are certain and important things you should know and consider first before thinking about how to profit from a blog. I will mention these things just in case you are not aware of them before proceeding to how to profit from a blog. Is that ok? Great!

This is a heads up because if how to profit from a blog comes first in your mind or agenda then you have planned to fail. Now, the question is, have you done the following?

Do You Have a Blog?

You may have a blog site running already or planning to start one, but what I am about to say is still relevant. If you are still planning to start a blog here is how to start up a blog and if you have already established one good for you, but you have to know if you have done all I am about to say right, if not you may have to review and reevaluate yourself before thinking of how to profit from a blog. As a matter of fact, how to profit from a blog should not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are just starting out even though it is the essence of setting up one. Here is an overview of what you must do before thinking of making money from it.

A BLOG-You needs it as a platform for reaching the audience you intended to reach.
Quality Content– You need to fill your blog with good and quality content, there is no substitute to this. This is where you need to win the trust of your audience by providing valuable content that is targeted at helping them. Most times this is easy if you have chosen what you are passionate about as your niche, then the rest is just a piece of cake because they will just come naturally. Another important aspect is your writing style, do not try to be someone else when you are writing a post, just be yourself and keep it simple, use online apps such as this to check your grammar. Originality makes you unique and stands you out of the rest.
Connection-Connect with people via social media platforms. Open a Facebook page, Google Pus, Twitter and Possibly Pinterest for your blog. You can relate with people through this medium and build a relationship that will result in trust and popularity.
Self-Development-Keep on developing you on the area of your craft. Improve on the things you know already and learn new things every day.
Mindset– Most people online seem not to emphasize the importance of MINDSET! Here, is where everything lies; the success of your blog depends on it. If you can condition your mindset the right way chances are you will eventually make it to the top of the mountain and not abandon ship and flee. A good mindset will persevere, be patient and ready to work even harder because you need all those in order to reach the level where you will begin to talk about how to make profits from a blog. And don’t get me wrong, because it is doable and many have succeeded and they don’t have two heads but do have these qualities I outlined.

How to Profit From a Blog

Remember you can only benefit from a blog that has traffic and that is why I mentioned all the details above that will help create traffic to your blog.

Write an e-book

You can decide to own a product and have total control of it instead of being a middle man, be THE MAN. To create an eBook is not difficult if you really have something to write about. Just find that help people are willing to pay for and write about it. This will not only fetch you more money but will make you an ‘’authority’’ at what you do.

Sell ‘’Actual’’ product

If you have anything you are producing or making, a blog is the most profitable place to market it. Let’s say you knit good sweaters or build some stuff that is unique, there is no doubt you can start to sell them online.

Membership Site

How about a membership site where people can register for premium content that will require a recurring fee to access, if you charge $25 per month and you happen to have about 20 registered members for the first month that would be about $500 which is not bad for a starter because this will only multiply in the subsequent months.

This method is mostly used by bloggers who don’t want to be just another blogger and this venture is highly lucrative.

Build and Sell Your Blog

This is yet another way of making money from a blog. There are people who simply build blogs and develop it to a certain stage and decide to sell. Empireflippers and Flippa are good places to sell a website.


These are but few ways to profit from a blog. You can visit ways to make money with a website for more information as to how to benefit from a blog.

My final word would be, concentrate and build your website and relationship with your audience so that your site will grow organically. Only then will you start seeing any form of growth that will amount to making money from the blog. To benefit from a blog is very possible and by the start reaping off your hard work, it will be none stop as long as you don’t stop at what you do. Therefore, keep on doing what you are doing and never give up because winners don’t quit only losers do.

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