How to Start Blogging-For Beginners

Many would simply tell you in summary how to start blogging, but I guess it takes morehow to start blogging than just a summary for a newbie to get by. How to start blogging is finding a blogging platform, decide on a domain name and hosting option.

Then, design your blog to your desired way by using a simple theme, and modify again to get the exact look you would really want it to have. Then, scout for the best plugins to use in your blog and finally start writing unique, useful and engaging content for your audience.

If I should just stop at all, I have said above, how much have I helped a newbie that really wants to start a blog? And most often, a blog is started with making money in mind, right? So, how have I been able to inform this newbie how to monetize his site or even direct him where he could get help?

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Most of the terms like blogging platform, plugins, theme and the rest could be latin words to the person in search of these information, because he doesn’t understand them. In order for him to understand, he should be taught like a child so as to at least grasp the basics, as time goes he will learn the advance aspects as well.

To start a blog, you will need:

A Blogging Platform

Blogging platform is like a store that will house everything you need for blogging, bothhow to start blogging with the content (articles) you will eventually be publishing. There are quite a number of blogging platforms out there and are free, such as Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Tumblr, Drupal, to mention but few. However, the most popularly used by bloggers are WordPress and Blogger.

Hosting Option

After deciding on the blogging platform, then you need a hosting option, which is what willhow to start blogging make your blog site visible to the world, without hosting your platform no one can see it on the internet, except you alone. However, there are some blogging platforms that are ‘’hosted’’, which means once you are using that platform you don’t need a hosting. Blogger and WordPress are both hosted blogging platforms.

In case you have to self host your blog, there are companies that offer that service such as Go Daddy, Hosgator, Namecheap and many more.

Design Your Blog

At this point you to design your blog; just like decorating a house, you have to decide where the living room, sitting room, toilet, bathroom, etc should be. Likewise with the design of your blog, you have to decide where to put certain categories of articles you will be publishing and may be images you may need to best describe your site to your audience and more. It is all about organizing the interface of your blog so that visitors can find their way around without being overwhelmed.

This is usually done by the use of what is called ‘’theme’’. There are many of them in blogging platform such as WordPress. That is one of the reasons why most advanced bloggers prefer using WordPress, but Blogger could be an ideal blogging platform for a newbie even though there is no big deal to using WordPress.

Modify Your Blog

Usually, after designing you may want to do some tweaks here and there to get the final look of your blog. You may call it fine tuning the design, just as in your house, where you may have used the wrong drape and you realized you just have to change it or where you might have placed a sofa, and realized that there is a better place for it. The same way too with modifying your blog, you remove and add stuff that’s all.

Select Plugins

Selections of plugins are usually with blogging platforms like WordPress, these are thehow to start blogging tools that will make your blog more efficient in terms of SEO, design and responsiveness. I guess you may not still understand some of the terms I am using, except you have a prior knowledge of website building.

For your blog to work fine there are plugins you can’t just ignore such as SEO plugin, Google XML Site map, Askimet, and many more.

Write Unique Article and Publish

After you have gotten all of the aforementioned ready and your blog is up and running, youhow to start blogging need to start writing some unique posts that are relevant to the subject (niche) of your blog. Start publishing after writing so that you will attract visitors, when you attract visitors, you will generate traffic, and when you generate traffic to your blog then you can make money off of your blog when you monetize it.

These are just preamble on how to start blogging.


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  1. hi Nnamdi!
    You explained the process of having a blog very well and simply. Having read that a year ago when I was first starting, it would have been easy for me to follow. It can certainly be confusing in the beginning but it all starts to make sense with practice and with time. For most, all of this is foreign but when you find sites like yours or sites that provide training such as Wealthy Affiliate then you start to see how things work. And how simple it actually is to have a great functional website!

    • Nnamdi

      Well explained Emily. It is usually confusing at the beginning, but once you get started everything will appear to be in place. And there is no better place to start than to start with Wealthy Affiliate.

  2. Michal

    Hi Nnamdi!

    This is a very nice step-by-step guide how to start a blog. I find a lot of information usefull, mainly how to choose a domain and hosting.

    I am also part of Wealthy Affiliate community and I have to admit that it is the best guide you can find on the internet.

    I wish you the very best.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you, Michael, for dropping by and I am also glad that you enjoyed the post. And I have confidence that you are in good hands (in terms of starting up an online business)for pitching your tent with Wealthy Affiliate. There I know they will mold you to become a pro.

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