How to Start Online Business for Free-Start Now!

How to start online business for free is to first of all know what is it you are interested in, especially something you are passionate about that way it will be a lot easier to run your online business. You should also consider how viable that interest of yours would be in terms of related products or services you may have to start offering to your audience because that is the way you can make money online. Is it going to interest people and ultimately convert?

You need to look at the products or services that is related to what you have intended to start online. For instance, if you are passionate about football, then you may have to start up a business that will solely base on football topics. You can still narrow it down to Spanish or English football league depending on which one you are interested in and knowledgeable about.

Then, the next step on how to start online business for free would be to do a keyword research that will help you to determine a keyword/domain name that is mostly searched by people on the search engines. However, I would like to emphasize that at this point you may be confused as to which keyword will be best, but all you have to do is to be flexible and play with keywords and you will eventually come up with the one that suits you. Based on this, you will now coin the theme of your website or domain name. Once you have decided on what name you should give to your website and what you should be writing about then you are set to create your free website.

The advantage of starting a free online business is that you have nothing to lose except your time and effort. Like I always tell people that care to listen, online business is not a get rich quick scheme, you have to be patient, and build your business just as you would to your offline business. You need to work on it and gain trust and traffic before you can start making money.

Therefore, you can start with your free online business now, but as you grow in knowledge of online business you can always improve upon what you have already built.

Do Research on Keywords

Keywords are vital to your success in online business. There are no two ways about it, the better keywords you have the best for you. You have to do keyword research using free keyword tools such as Google planner. This keyword tool will enable you to know which keyword related to your topic is mostly searched by people. And when you find one always take note of the volume of the average daily search and dig deeper if necessary to find a better keyword.

A keyword with the highest search and less return in result will be the ideal keyword phrase you should use. This is so because, you don’t want to go for keywords that have high return in result as this will be highly competitive and therefore you can’t compete with the already established online businesses because you just started out. When you start with keywords that have less return in result which is also called the low hanging fruit, then your search engine presence will be eminent sooner than you think.

Creating Your Free Website

You know I mentioned earlier that once you have known what you are interested in (your passion) and have done research on keywords and come up with a potential domain name that you are set to build your free website. Well, I want to elaborate more on creating your free website.

There are numbers of free websites available on the internet amongst them are WordPress and Blogger. These two are quite popular and mostly used by many and they are also easy to set up too. However, from search engine optimization perspective WordPress is considered to be the best and its Content Management System (CMS) is newbie friendly. Though Blogger is a lot easier than WordPress as you only have to select, drag and drop elements around the page. And the next step after setting up your Blogger would be to open a Google Adsense account.

Blogger and Google Adsense are both owned by Google and therefore Google Adsense is well integrated with Blogger as their systems were tailored to work excellently. I would say that Blogger is a perfect place to online business for free. Many will tell you that free website may not be recognized by search engines as to ranking, which is to an extent true, but you will always upgrade to your own domain when you have gathered some experience. So how to start online business for free and fast is to go for Blogger.

Create Your Content

You can create your content for your website/blog by way of writing a good content that could comprise audio and video files. Blogger allows you to easily add news and feeds into your website. There are sites that offer free content that could be related to your targeted keyword. However, I would not encourage you to go for these free contents as they could be duplicated and not well written. Original content would make you to be outstanding and not only that, you will be well grounded in what you do so that when you write you write with authority which is good for branding.

Writing an engaging and useful content is very important for your online business as this will make your audience to stick with you and even trust you when they perceive that you know what you are talking about. And the length of your post will entirely be up to you, but you will let them vary from long posts to short posts. That way you will be able to include the keywords within your posts that will be enough to attract the search engines.

Some have argued that long posts are better than the short ones and vise versa but I say let your knowledge, passion and emotion flow into your writing and you will end up with good volume of content per post. Don’t write a post that is below 400 words and write up to 1500 words.

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Also include links to other WebPages in your website that you feel the readers might be interested in when writing a post or blog, and these are called internal links, good for search engine optimization.

Monetize Your Website

Now you can set up Google AdSense or a similar account that would enable you to make money with your website. Fortunately, Google AdSense is totally free to join, but first you have to write a number of contents before Google will approve your application. That is why you must write good and engaging content on your website before applying for it.

With Google AdSense your website can start generating revenue for you depending on how much effort and time you put in your online business. Remember, you are not spending a dime; all that is required of you is your time and effort.

May be you are wondering what is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is Google’s online advertising program where advertisers agree to have their ads placed on websites that have related content to what they are advertising. For instance if your blog is all about computers, then Google would have ads that have to do with computers posted or placed on your website and if someone clicks on it you will get a certain commission. It is usually called contextual ads.

Like I said earlier, for you to qualify for Google AdSense you will have your website all set up with good contents. And you must follow their rules and guidelines other wise you will risk losing your account. Create additional income stream; you may also consider adding other means of generating income. Affiliate marketing is a very good one you may consider.

Promote Your Website

After doing all of these without doing some kind of promotion, it will be difficult for your website to gain exposure on time. So, you have to promote your website by sharing your posts to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Google Plus, that way people will get to know you what you are doing.

You may also join a forum that is related to your website niche/topic. Be active and try to share your link when ever you can in the forum, but you have to make sure that the forum tolerates link sharing to avoid being barred. If you see a website or blog, you can ask the owner for a link exchange, nevertheless I have my reservations about exchanging links though, but when done in the right way can add value and traffic to your website.

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As you grow in online business, you will realize there are other ways you can promote your website.


How to start online business for free is pretty easy and viable. All it takes is your time and readiness to work hard.

If you have any questions or contributions feel free to drop it in the comment box below.