How to Make a Niche Website-Easy Peasy!

I am not going to give you the regular ideas you see on the internet but something that comes from experience. Something that I have tested and verified and therefore sit back and enjoy the ride on how to make a niche website.

A niche website is a website that targets a specific group of people. A niche website is not ambiguous but very clear as to what it is all about and so it is relatively easy to become successful with a well and properly built niche website. One can start seeing some revenue generated within 3 to 6 months of creating a niche website.

This website is a niche website but very broad and it will take some time and hard work to get such a website up the radar. You may be wondering what I mean by being ‘’broad’’. I simply mean that the website is a little bit general on its topic/niche, which makes it not to be a good niche for somebody that really wants to see result with a website in a short term. Therefore, you have to carefully select your niche before delving into making a website, otherwise you will be saddled with a website that would require a lot of work and time before you start seeing any sign of income.

I made that mistake and I don’t want you to make the same, but I am not complaining though, lol.

That is part of the reason why some people abandon and give up on their websites because they simply can’t continue on a journey of uncertainty. But that is not true that a website business is a journey of uncertainty no matter what type of website you have created, be it a niche or a blogging website, you will eventually succeed as long as you keep on doing what is required of you. The difference between niche and blogging website is that one has the potential of making money for you faster than the other. Other than that, all websites created, and being updated with great contents consistently will surely be making you money in the long run.

How to Make a Niche Website

That being said, how to make a niche website is to first of all carefully select a niche, after which you do a keyword research on the possible name(s) you would like to give to your domain to see how good and popular it is. Like I said, you have to be careful and painstakingly do your research before finally deciding on the niche and domain name as well.

Selecting Your Niche

I mentioned earlier that your niche is part of what is going to determine how quickly youHow to Make a Niche Website-Easy Peasy! are going to be successful with your website. In order to start off on the right path, you have to go for a niche/topic you are interested and passionate about. So, what is it that you are interested in? What is it you are passionate about? You can create wealth from it while enjoy working on your website. I will tell you, creating a website is not always the problem, but keeping that website afloat is. It does not take time to get your website up and running but to consistently update the website requires time, effort and even creativity and so if you don’t get something you are interested or passionate about chances are you will sooner than later get bored and abandon ship and quit.

So make the right choice by selecting a niche that is going to fly by following these steps:

Write out many niche sites ideas as you, using what you are passionate and interested in as a starter and using the listed criteria below to determine a good niche.

  •  Find out if it has a wide range of products you can review and discuss
  • Find out if it has good affiliate programs with good commissions
  • Find out if people are really interested in it currently
  • Determine if you can always write articles and enjoy doing so

When you are done with deciding on what your niche would be, click right here to learn how to build a website from scratch and here for extra information. Now you can build your website to start writing contents.

Start Creating Content

After having your website create or made, you will have to start to populate it with goodHow to Make a Niche Website-Easy Peasy! and great contents that would be engaging and helpful. I have always been an advocate of writing good contents because that would be a major part of the reason why people would visit your site. You can write in this fashion.

  • Write at least two articles in a week or more, depending on your niche. But make sure you are consistent with whichever way you decide to be writing and posting your contents. For instance, if you have decided to be writing and posting articles to your website every Tuesdays and Saturdays of the week, make sure you keep to that. You can even take your time to write down topics of articles you could write about as many as possible. Maybe a month’s article would do. Start writing on these articles in advance and schedule them in your WordPress so that you don’t have to worry about what to write each day you suppose to post.
  • Post one non-review article and one review article every week, depending on how many times you wish to be posting. Write in this pattern, one none-review article and one review article, this way you will be organized.
  •  Let the length or volume of your articles varies from 500 to 1500 words per article. You may even exceed 1500 words if necessary. Write naturally and don’t try to write a voluminous article just because you want to but write as they come to you because this is the most engaging and useful article that would be great for your niche website.

Sign-up for Affiliate Program

Now that you have created your website and started posting contents, it would be time for monetization, time to sign up for an affiliate program. Look around the internet for a very good product or service that is related to your niche, one that would be useful to your readers and sign up to.

Remember, the product or service you choose to use really matters because it is not always all about the money you will make with it but also reputation. If you go for a bad product/service just for the money, then your business would suffer at the long run because you are not putting your readers/audiences first.

This is one mistake some people do make; they think that the people that visit their websites are some ATM machine and not humans and therefore they can always sell crappy stuff to them and they will buy without consequences. A little advise buddy, put your audiences first if you really wish to succeed in this business.

Website Optimization

If you had read my build a website from scratch I did mention the use of all-one-SEO plugin that would help your website to rank, and also do On-page SEO (that is the use of internal links and simple web design) that is equally essential.


These stipulated guidelines will help you with how to make a niche website. As you grow you will begin to understand and learn so much more that will add to your niche website such as building email list. But if you wish not to go down this road alone then I have got a recommendation for you and that is a very good program that will hold you by the hand, teach, support and help you build that niche website you desire without having to worry about what you did right or wrong.

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I would appreciate some comments, questions or even contributions in the comment box below and do share because sharing is caring.