How To Submit Site To Bing-WordPress

I recently did an article on adding Google Analytics to your WordPress and how to add WordPress site to Google. It is no brainer to know that Google constitutes over 60% searches on Search Engine, while Bing and Yahoo constitute the remaining percentage of over 30% on the Search Engine.

It is necessary to have all ends covered as to SEO. You may want to submit your site(s) to these Search Engines to ensure Search Engine presence and ranking.

Without further waste of time, this is how to submit a site to Bing Webmaster.

Ordinarily, you will be required to have a Microsoft account in order to be able to submit a site to Bing. However, if you don’t have you will be prompted to register for one when trying to submit a site to Bing Webmaster.

Click on the ‘submit site’ below to submit your site.


You will be redirected to an environment where you will have to ‘sign in’ to your Microsoft account or register for a new one if you haven’t gotten one yet( you can use any existing Yahoo, Gmail or Outlook that is already registered with Microsoft account).


Once on the inside, you will be prompted to submit your site URL.


Next, you will have to fill out the information of the site you wish to add to Bing Webmaster, such as this below.


After filling out the form, scroll down and click ‘SAVE’. Once you are done, you will have to verify your website. This is where you have to copy the code to your website’s default page, which I will be showing here.

However, if you do not know how to get your sitemap, please see this article on how to add a site to Google. There, I explained everything in detail, including how to find and add a sitemap to Google. Therefore, use the same pattern to get your sitemap for Bing Webmaster site submission.


Go to your website’s dashboard, appearance, editor, click on header PHP at the right side of the environment, such as this below:

header-min[1] header1-min[1]


Once you have done as instructed and updated your changes on the default page, head over to your Bing Webmaster and click on the verify button to complete the submission of your site to Bing.

If you do these correctly, your Bing Webmaster account will be active, and soon, Bing and Yahoo will start crawling your site(s) to collect data for updates, which will consequently result to Indexing and Ranking.


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I hope you find this article helpful, for contributions or questions, please leave your comments below at the comment box.