1. Mohammad Tarmizzy

    I am a WA member myself and I have that need of saying ‘I want to start an online business’ but struggling where and how to begin. All I have to say is I appreciate the resource, especially the community themselves who is always there to help you at difficult times, whether it’s about business or personal

    WA is part of my family to add further.


    • Nnamdi

      Hello Mohammed, great to know that you are a Wealthy Affiliate member. And yes, I must agree with you that the community is great, I can say everyone in the community is a family, because they got each other’s back at all time, or whenever you are stuck with building your online business.

  2. Jesper Isaksson

    I learned a lot from wealthy affiliate.

    It´s an awesome place to start and with all the helpful members, you don´t have to feel stuck.

    Awesome looking blog btw, keep up the good work 🙂

    For the ones that are looking for a quick and easy guide to get started, you might like this 4 part article series.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you, Jesper, and I can understand you are already a Wealthy Affiliate member. I wish you all the best in your online business pursuit.

  3. aneane

    wealthy affiliate member here. wonderful breakdown of the benefits of the platform. i’m new to the community but already can see the usefulness of it and excited to push my businesses to the next level. cheers!

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Aneane, keep on pushing your business to the next level because you will definitely get there if you don’t give up on yourself. The first step you took by partnering with >Wealthy Affiliate was one of the best decisions you ever made. Good luck.

  4. Emily

    hi Nnamdi!
    You make good points, there are a few ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing being the route I also chose. No money yet for me but I think it is a great process. You are right that it does take hard work as the shiny object promised by many really does not exist…..You have to put the time and effort into it and at some point you will reap the benefits. and WA can certainly help you with that

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Emily, thanks for the comment and I can see that you already have the right set of mind in this business. Therefore, you will surely succeed, as being patient and hard working are the recipes to succeeding in Internet Marketing. And Wealthy Affiliate has got your back too with all the resources you will be needing to succeed.

  5. Esteban

    You really cover near enough everything here. I hope people realize that creating your online business these days, really isn’t that hard anymore. All you need is the right education.
    I myself am a member of WA and I am amazed by what I achieved in such a short time. I hope you reach out to those who really want to make it work.
    Great post!

    • Nnamdi

      Thanks for the comment and I hope you are doing just fine in Wealthy Affiliate?

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