Increase Blog Traffic- Discover the Secret

Increase Blog Traffic- Discover the Secret

Did you know that consistent and quality content updates to your website are capable of driving a massive traffic to your blog? YES! It does and will always do. I came across an article on a blog and the author was arguing that posting consistent regular updates does not necessarily drive traffic or build up traffic to your website and he cited some instances which I think were not consistent with this argument. He even quoted Neil Patel and one other person as saying that blog updates don’t drive traffic to your site. And these two persons he mentioned are seen as the SEO gurus and therefore, many will believe them.

However, I strongly disagree that quality and consistent updates do not contribute to traffic growth because I am writing this based on experience and not just one time but tested twice.  I regretted taking a break from my websites the first time and I regretted, even more, the second time I took a break because it hurt my website so bad that I had to literally dig it up from the ground. When I used SEMrush to find out how my other website was doing in traffic I could see that my website has gone to the abyss. The decline in traffic was so alarming that I had sworn not to abandon my websites for any reason anymore. I saw the number of my keywords that ranked on Google search engine pages 1-3 and 4-10 had reduced and was still reducing each time I checked even though I had begun to update again.

Increase Blog Traffic- Discover the Secret

Let no one deceive you that you need some special SEO and quality backlinks in order to increase blog traffic and not quality and consistent blog updates. I am not in denial that quality backlinks don’t matter but your site can still do better with good updates. Besides, quality updates could make your site to get good back links. When your blog is filled with quality contents even some authority websites will like to point or make reference to your website thereby automatically creating a good back link for your site. However, I am not saying it is easy either; after all making money is not easy itself.

I will list the basic things you need to do on your website in order to get traffic. If you have already done all in the list then you should be concerned with consistent and quality updates for your blog nothing more. Unless if you are looking for short cuts from SEO gurus and companies that will only make you part with your money.

Website must have user-friendly design

Your website must have all the basic and necessary features such as the home and organized tabs for all the categorized topics you are offering on your website. Make sure you have a website search bar at the top right of your website because I see some blogs without one and I wonder how a visitor could search through the site for further information. DO not over embellish your site so that it will look good as this will only complicate things by making your visitors be overwhelmed by the design.

Make sure you use the important plugins

If you have a website you should make sure to use All-in-One SEO, Akismet anti-spam, and Comet Cache plugins for better optimization of your website. These plugins can be downloaded from your WordPress editor. Just go to plugins, and click on ‘’add new’’ and type any of these names on the search bar and you will be able to download and activate them. Sometimes Akismet anti-spam comes with your WordPress as a default plugin but you can always download and activate any plugins through your editor.

Submit your site to search engines

This should be one of the things you must do once you build your website. Download yet another plugin called Google XML Sitemap to help you verify your website when you submit your site to Google. Also, submit your website to Bing and Yahoo because these are the major search engines that you don’t want your website to be missing from them.

This action will allow Google and Bing to send a robot to crawl your website from time to time so that if there is any new content on the website it will collect and index it and subsequently rank it in a search engine(s).

Create a Facebook page

Create a Facebook page for your website so that you can also publish to Facebook each time you write a new content. Invite family and friends to like your Facebook page and also join other Facebook groups in your niche so that you can also share your new website contents with them. To be able to share you have to use a social media plugin such as Sumome. With Sumome plugin you can create share buttons to different social media on your website and also be able to do much more like email capturing.  The Sumome plugin can be downloaded and activated also from your WordPress editor through plugins, click on add new and type Sumome on the search bar at the top right.

Create a Google Plus account

Also, create a Google Plus account and share your content to it at all times. Google also sees and rank articles that are shared in Google Plus in search engines. In order to succeed in this make sure verify authorship of your Google plus account by supplying all the information, it requires such as your profile picture, about you, etc.

Below is the screenshot of one of my article that made it to the first page, and the second position on Google search engine in 2 days!

Increase Blog Traffic- Discover the Secret

Focus on writing great content consistently

If you have done all of the above then your major concern now would be to get to work by writing great content consistently. This is where most people missed it; they missed it either by quitting if they have written a couple of articles and did not see traffic or by stalling in the creation of new contents. One thing you should know is that your website is like your store and your content is like your product. If you don’t stock up all the time you won’t be seen and taken seriously. So also with online business, you should endeavor to be providing your audience with new content after all that’s what you signed up for. The moment you decided to open up a website in a certain niche you have decided to provide services and help to your audience and that should be your main concern and not the money.

Some will say, I have written a lot of articles and I am not seeing any improvement. In that case, you should find out if you are missing something somewhere like making sure that your website is properly indexed and also making sure you use the right keywords especially the low competition ones when writing an article. If you are sure you have done all of those correctly then just keep on writing your traffic will surely come, don’t give up.

Don’t compare your website’s success with others because success doesn’t come the same time to everyone. I have a friend whom I started the online business with; he started making money in 4 months while I was still busting my behind to get off my site from the ground. In 6 months he was able to quit his job, and in one year plus, he recorded his first $10,000 in a month! Did I feel bad? Yes, but I had to dust up and keep pushing after asking all the ‘’whys’’. But I knew we can’t attain success at the same time because his niche and mine are different.


So if you wish to increase blog traffic just keep on writing and writing no matter what.

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