Infinity BTC Cycles Review-Read Before You Join

Infinity BTC Cycles Review-Read Before You Join

I have noticed recently that there are a lot of websites like Infinity BTC Cycles springing up here and there by the day. Maybe someone has already pitched this scheme to you or you may have come across it on the social media. The thing is that I will always follow the development of things regarding any online money making scheme so as to provide the necessary information that will guide you through to the right path.

Infinity BTC Cycles is a buzz on the internet right now to the point that it has gained a significant Alexa ranking within a very short period of it launching. Its Alexa world ranking is 278,209 and the ranking of the country it gets most of its traffic from is about 43, 923 which happens to be Japan. This is phenomenal for a website that was just launched!

But, does that mean that the scheme is good and legit? No, even a fraudulent website can gain popularity. So, I shall provide more information on Infinity BTC Cycler so that you can make an informed decision.

What is Infinity BTC Cycles?

Infinity BTC Cycles is ‘’supposedly’’ an MLM company but has no product line. There is no information as to who is running or managing this website. It was registered on the 1st of March. 2017 under the name Jairo Enrique Cruz Feria of ‘’Web zone Colombia’’ with an address in Satandar. I also found out that the same details and information is the same with Infinity BTC website which suggests that the two websites could be linked to one person/owner.

Although, I think the Web zone Colombia is the web design company because Infinity BTC Cycles website uses the same name servers with Web zone Colombia, but is not clear if Jairo Enrique Cruz Feria is the owner or just working for the anonymous owner.

Again, it is very unwise to join a company or scheme that does not reveal who is running or managing it.

Do They Have Any Product Line

Infinity BTC Cycles does not have any known product apart from members trying to make others join so that they too can earn some income.

Infinity BTC Cycles Compensation Plan

The Infinity BTC Cycles uses the 2×3 matrix system to pay out commissions. How this works is that when the affiliate positions are filled, a cycle is made and a commission is paid out and there are usually 7 positions to be filled in each level in order to get paid. Below is a typical system and order:

  • Level 1 (positions cost 0.01 BTC and there are 7 positions to be filled) 0.026 BTC commission and cycles into level 2
  • Level 2 gets you 0.04 BTC commission when the positions are filled and cycles to level 3
  • Level 3 gets you 0.51 BTC commission when the positions are filled and cycles to level 4
  • Level 4 gets you 0.075 BTC commission when the positions are filled and cycles to level 5
  • Level 5 gets you 0.0371 BTC commission when the positions are filled

When an affiliate cycles out of a matrix tier they are also paid residual commission which will make the payout to be 0.563 BTC. By their calculations, an affiliate joins with a 0.001 BTC and works out with 0.563 BTC by the time he completes the 5 levels and exits the matrix tiers.

Infinity BTC Cycles Review-Read Before You Join

Can I Invest?

My honest opinion is for you to keep away from this type of scheme because the end result will always be losing money and time.  Some do make it but keep coming back hoping to make more until they lose it all. It is like gambling you know. Therefore, this does not worth your time and money if you really intend to achieve financial independence.

They don’t have a product just like other schemes like it, they depend on the new participants or affiliates to pay the existing ones. Should there be a reduction in the rate of people joining (which usually happens, it is just a matter of time) then there will be a problem with the system? The only person that certainly benefits from this scheme is the admin or the owner.

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I have said pretty much all there is to say about Infinity BTC Cycles. I must warn you again, there are so many schemes like the Infinity BTC Cycles popping up every day because the people behind them know this is another way to lure people into investing while they make their money almost effortlessly.

The law of being successful is to be smart and hard work.

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