1. Heather

    I like how you used a real-life example to show how some of the scams work. If we aren’t well-versed in this, we won’t know we’re being misled until it’s too late. Thank you for shedding some much needed light on this!

    • Nnamdi

      Yes Heather, most people are being misled and they will eventually fail. That is why people should do their research about any product/service before deciding to pitch their tent with it.

  2. Hannah

    I very much agree with what you said in this post. It annoys me that someone can sit there and put us affiliate marketers down for doing all the hard work!

    It certainly is possible to make a living in affiliate marketing. Anyone who says otherwise has never given it a good enough go. Either that or they are spin-doctoring the facts.

    Great post. Very interesting.

    • Nnamdi

      Thank you Hannah for dropping by and finding my post interesting too…

  3. Darrik

    I think that affiliate marketing is very alive. You see it all over the place nowadays, and I know first hand that it can work (as I have made money doing it).

    People give up too easily nowadays and that is why they fail. If they don’t get instant gratification, they say SCAM and run. It’s true many programs are scams intended to get your money, but a lot of these “scams” have the information you need to make money as an internet marketer. Also I 100% that affiliate marketing is a business, and it is a good one.

    • Nnamdi

      Like you rightly said, people usually expect excellence in affiliate marketing without working hard for it.

  4. saif

    I really dont know anything until I took in wealthy affiliate. Personally, I dont think Affiliate marketing is dead. It really depend on how you apply it. Some of those doesnt follow the correct technique which eventually they will not succeed. What I understand is that you have to be patient, and it usually takes time. To me I would willing to wait just at least for 6 months to 1 years “or even more” just to get a significant amount of traffic, and then when you have sufficient amount of traffic. That is the time you will start to affiliate marketing. It is important patient.

    • Nnamdi

      That’s right Saif, it takes patience and hardwork to succeed in affiliate marketing, but it is definitely not dead.

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