Is ChampCoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is ChampCoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

The ChampCoin is one of those schemes that are making a buzz on the internet and members are aggressively pitching it left, right and center to everyone they could. It will not be a surprise if you told me you have been approached by one the members to join the ChampCoin.

First all, I also wish to let you know that I am not a member or an affiliate of ChampCoin and therefore I don’t promote it. My review is independent and objective void of any strings attached.

Like I earlier mentioned, the ChampCoin is mainly promoted on social network and it is a wise decision for you to have decided to find out more about them in order to know if you should join or not. And by the time you are done reading this review you will be able to make an informed decision that could direct you to the right path.

What is The ChampCoin?

The ChampCoin is an MLM website without any product line for retail. It is one of those MLM that you have to invest with real cash in order to earn ROI or recruit other people to earn a commission as well.

If you have visited their website you may have noticed that they claim to be the ‘’King of cryptocurrency’’ but there is no information as to who is the owner or who runs it. As I usually tell my audience, this is a red flag for me because you can’t expect me to invest my money on your website without any sort of introduction.

Well, since I could not get any official and voluntary background information on the website I decided to look elsewhere and that is to look up the domain registration. Unfortunately, that also does not have the details I was looking for because it was registered privately, the only info I could get was the date it was registered which is on the 25th of Jan. 2017.

I also looked at its Alexa ranking to see if I can get a clue of where the website is being operated from. According to its present Alexa ranking, most of its traffic come from India with 45.1%, followed by Nigeria with 14.9% and Bangladesh with 2.6%. So, one can conveniently speculate or deduce that whoever that run The ChampCoin is from India.

This was also verified when I read on the internet that the owner of The ChampCoin is by the name Mahesh Verma who also happens to be the founder of The ChampCash which has been in existence since 2016. 82.5% of its traffic comes from India and there is also an indication that the traffic to The ChampCash is currently on the decline hence the creation of The ChampCoin.

I believe you can now understand that The ChampCoin is meant to replace The ChampCash that is already suffering a decline, a smart move I should say?

ChampCoin Product Line

The ChamCoin and The ChampCash don’t have any product line and they both operate in pretty much similar fashion. Affiliates or members can only earn money by investing in the company and by recruiting others to become members.

The ChampCoin Compensation Plan

Basically, affiliates or members of ChampCoin invest on ChampCoin points with the promise of an advertised 9% return on investment ROI every 6 months.

It is very important to note that ChampCoin can only be traded through The ChampCoin app and it cannot be traded publicly. The ChampCoin is traded through the app and affiliates must buy 50 ChampCoin from the company at the existing price. Moreover, The ChampCoin has a total control on the ChampCoin price regulation, which means they can increase or decrease when they deem it fit.

Again, The ChampCoin uses a unilevel system to pay recruitment commission to affiliates. 3 members are placed under the affiliate that directly recruited them, which forms the level 1, and 3 members are also placed directly under each of the level 1 members, making them the level 2, and so it goes on this pattern until level 10 is created.

These are the payouts for each level below

  • Affiliate gets 7 ChampCoin per affiliate he personally recruited on level 1
  • Affiliate gets 5 ChampCoin per affiliate on level 2
  • Affiliate gets 4 ChampCoin per affiliate on level 3 to 7
  • Affiliate gets 3 ChampCoin per affiliate on level 8 and 9
  • Affiliate gets 2 ChampCoin per affiliate on level 10

And this is how affiliates are rewarded monthly if they reach these criteria.

  • Affiliate gets nothing as the monthly ROI upon signing up to ChampCoin, that is also regarded as Bronze
  • The affiliate gets 25 ChampCoin every month if he has 50 active affiliates on level 1, 100 on level 2 and 150 on level 3 of his unilevel structure, this is also regarded as Silver.
  • The affiliate gets 100 ChampCoin every month if he is able to maintain silver and has 1500 active affiliates on level 4 of his unilevel structure, this is also regarded as Gold.
  • Affiliate gets 250 ChampCoin every month if he is able to maintain Gold and has 12, 000 active affiliates on level 5 of his unilevel structure, this is also regarded as Platinum
  • The affiliate gets 500 ChampCoin every month if he is able to maintain Platinum and has 25,000 active affiliates on level 6 of his unilevel structure; this is also regarded as Diamond.
  • The affiliate gets 2000 ChampCoin every month if he is able to maintain Diamond and has 50,000 active affiliates on level 7 of his unilevel structure; this is also regarded as Crown.

How Much Will it Cost to Join ChampCoin?

Joining ChampCoin is free but in order to be active and earn ROI, you must buy 50 ChampCoin. I cannot give the total cost as the value of the ChampCoin is not made available on their website.

Is ChampCoin a Pure Scam or Legit?

To be honest with you, scam or no scam this does not worth your time and money. But let’s be objective here, The ChampCoin is obviously the replacement for the failing The ChampCash which means the owner can always switch websites or create another one when the existing one is failing even if when members are losing their money. The company has total control on the value or price of the ChampCoin which means they can decide any time, any day how much a ChampCoin will worth.

Well, to me this seems to be an autonomy that allows the owner to make as much money as possible even when members are suffering losses. One thing you should know is that The ChampCoin may not be an outright scam but it is still a scam. If you are willing to invest in The ChampCoin just prepare your mind that your money and time may just be a wasted resources at the end of the day.


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