Is Click Intensity a Scam? Honest Review

Is Click Intensity a Scam? Honest Review

Let me get a little personal; I feel like crap today, and I don’t feel like working (writing an article), but you may know how it is; take away the keyboard, then there will be no clicks, and if there are no clicks, there will be no money. I don’t know if you get that? Simply put, if I don’t take action (update my website with quality content) there will be not clicks for me and that would amount to me losing all the money I would have made, and the same is true for anyone that has an online business.

So, I have to kick my behind and get to work! But I get to work anywhere I like and any time of the day.

Back to the topic of the day, which is Click Intensity and you are wondering if it is a scam or legit. That, you will find out in a short while as long as you keep to reading this post. I going to spit it out just the way it is no matter whose ox is gored, because I will just say it as it is, but you can thank me later…you are welcome.  This is one of my cardinal duty and responsibility as an online scam watchdog.

What is Click Intensity?

Click Intensity is somewhat new as at the time of writing this review because it is just a couple of month old (launched in March 2016). It is owned by Nick Johnson and was meant for people who intend to make money online. Basically, its characteristics are the combination of a rev share, MLM, PTC (paid to click) and affiliate marketing systems.  This sounds like a 4 in 1 program site I guess.

How does it Work?

  • Click Intensity offers some online task by way of earning money and also advertising opportunities such as watching videos, clicking on ads every day, sharing social media post and many others.
  • Whereas you can also earn from their PROFIT SHARES every day. A profit share is about $25 silver coin pack worth of $30 in 30 days. Let me explain properly, you will have to buy this share from Click Intensity for $25 silver coin pack, so after 30 days you make $30, which means you made $5 dollar.
  • The other way to earn money with Click Intensity would be referrals, and this is considered the best way because the more you refer others the more money you are likely to make. This is usually combined with the ad packs you purchased to determine which level you will be, and your level determines how much you make. For instance, if you are in level 1 you will earn 10% of the total sales of your personal recruits. However, you will get only 5% from the sales of your personal referrals if you are a free member. If you wish to get to the top level where you will be earning more you are expected to purchase about 4000 ad packs in order to be on that level.
  • Another way to earn from Click Intensity is to earn from team income and this is regarded as the 7-level MLM. I gathered that the commission is meager because of the payment structure.
  • You can also earn money from the back end sales which are from all the advertised products purchased in form of gold coins.

If you wish to cut all the B.S and get down with something worthwhile online, click here and register for FREE!

Is Click Intensity a Scam?

I wish you take note of this,  I wanted to go to Click Intensity website to get some more information as to how they operate and all that, but I couldn’t gain access because my Norton antivirus suggested that it is a suspicious website. However, you can argue that sometimes this antivirus could be really funny by flagging a clean website as highly dangerous, as it was the case with this website by McAfee, but I had to report it immediately to them and demanded a review, after which they reversed and corrected the category.

Is Click Intensity a Scam? Honest Review

Come to think of it, for a website of that caliber to be flagged as suspicious raises a red flag; I hope they fix it.

There is also the issue of not using PayPal as their payment processor which is yet another red flag; instead, they are using Payza, Payeer and Solid Trust Pay which any responsible program will not even consider using.

And moreover, there are complaints from current members about missing credits and payouts that have been pending for weeks and when they asked why one reason or the other was given and asked to wait for some more days. This kind of situation can be frustrating trust me and it is not as if you can make any reasonable amount that would worth all the trouble.

I will not outrightly call Clicks Intensity a scam because I don’t know what you consider a scam. A scam could mean anything to different persons but I will sure stay away from this program. If I were you, I would look for something worthwhile and reliable to earn money from.


By now, you must have known what Click Intensity is and if it safe to be part of the fold, but I say to you as someone that has seen it all to stay away from it. Instead, if you have a minute I will like to introduce to you my #1 recommendation that has given me so much opportunity and success. If you like what you are seeing here, then why not give it a try and register for free.

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9 thoughts on “Is Click Intensity a Scam? Honest Review

  1. Thank you for sharing this information. I am glad I read this review before possibly taking action with this website. I also appreciate you adding an option of what you do reccommend at the end. Great review!

    1. Yes, Rachel, if I think a program is not right for you, I will recommend what I have already tested and that is working for me. I can vouch for my recommendation because it helped me to be where I am today and I am sure I can help anyone that is serious about making money online.

  2. It seems Click intensity has no value for the time you put into it, make $5 in one month? That does not sound very promising, and can we even guarentee that you’ll make the $30 from spending $25, and all those red flags you mentioned are screaming to me to stay away. Thanks for your review sir and have a great day!

    1. Hello, Jacob, I am elated that this review has been able to communicate the real message to you and I hope you find the right program that will bring your dreams to reality.

  3. I had never heard of click intensity until I came across your page, but after reading your review I will be sure to stay away from it. It seems very hard to make any decent amount of money with it, and the fact you said it sometimes takes weeks get paid makes it even less desirable.

    Thanks for your honest review, I look forward to seeing what other programs you will suggest or disapprove of in the future.

    1. Hello, Michael, this is a sheer waste of time if you ask me because why would you invest money and time and eventually get delayed for payment, that is not cool at all.

  4. Dun feel that the product really offer anything. It just focus way more on recruit sale rep rather than selling the products to customer. To me it is a scAm

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