Is Coin Nuggets a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is Coin Nuggets a Pure Scam or Legit?

Were you approached by some folks on the internet especially the social media to join Coin Nuggets? Well, that is the trend now as people are pitching it left, right and center all over the internet, therefore it is not a surprise that Coin Nuggets might have pitched to you.

But before I proceed with the review of the Coin Nuggets I need to let you know that I am not an affiliate of Coin Nuggets, so I don’t promote it in any way. My review is based on my findings and would be objective and free of bias.

I hope that by the time you are done reading this review you should be able to find your bearing in terms of what you really wish to do.

What is Coin Nuggets?

Coin Nuggets is an MLM without any real product line. It is one of those schemes you buy into a matrix system upon signing up with them in order to earn commissions.

It is stated clearly on Coin Nuggets’ website that Michael Webber is the CEO and the admin. He is also the CEO of I-Affiliate Marketing Inc. However, Michael Webber has a history of promoting such schemes as the Coin Nuggets since 2015. Before now, he was the admin for X100K a pyramid scheme that had a lot of troubles shutting down and rebooted many times, as a result, he had to get rid of it and started another scheme called PIF2Cash sometime in 2016. Currently, the Alexa ranking shows that PIF2Cash’s traffic is on the decline and probably the reason for additional website and scheme which is Coin Nuggets.

Is Coin Nuggets a Pure Scam or Legit?

The man’s history is not very encouraging and for that fact that Coin Nuggets does not have any product for retail is yet another red flag that you should be weary of joining Coin Nuggets.

Coin Nuggets Compensation Plan

Just like any of it kind of scheme, it is always a 2 by this or 2 by that matrix system for compensation or commission. In the case of Coin Nuggets, it actually has 2 different matrix systems they are using which are 2×4 and 2 x5. Usually, members have to buy into the 2×5 for 1 cent upon signing up with them. This means you are on level 1 to earn 1 cent, upon the completion of that level you are cycled to level 2.

This is how the rest of the levels play out below;

  • Level 2 – You will earn a commission of $0.04 and generate a new level 1 position
  • Level 3 – You will earn a commission of $0.20 and generate a new level 1 position.
  • Level 4 – You will earn a commission of $3.75 and generate a new level 1 position
  • Level 5 – you will earn a commission of $256 and cycled to the level 1 of Nuggets matrix.

Now, you have to note that the NUGGET MATRIX you are cycled into is the other Matrix of 2 x 4 and this is how it plays out.

  • Nugget Matrix level 1 – earns you a $5 commission and cycles you into Nugget Matrix level 2
  • Nugget Matrix level 2 – earns you a $20 commission and cycles you into Nugget Matrix level 3
  • Nugget Matrix Level 3 – earns you a $375 commission and cycles you into Nugget Matrix level 4
  • Nugget Matrix level 4 – earns you a $6100 commission

A member is required to have in his Coin Nuggets’ account at least $20 which will be used for the new Coin Nuggets cycle position purchases which are done by daily subscription of 1 cent Coin Matrix position.

There is also a referral commission that is paid when a referral of yours gets to a level of the matrix system. For instance, you will get a $0.05 if a recruit of yours gets to Nugget Matrix level 3 but you are also paid $475 if that same recruit gets to Nugget Matrix level 4.

How much will it Cost to Join Coin Nuggets?

It will cost about $45.05 to be able to earn commission, this includes the minimum of $20 you suppose to have in your Coin Nuggets’ account.

Is Coin Nuggets a Pure Scam or Legit?

Well, from the look of things and the history behind the man that is behind Coin Nuggets one can conveniently say be weary of the Coin Nuggets. First, it does not even have any real product to retail and that is a problem on its own. Then, when you look at the system of getting commission it is somewhat confusing and unrealistic.

Basically, Coin Nuggets is saying you could make up to at least $6100 with just $45.05. A scheme like this does not have any product, how then does it come up with the commissions it promises it, members?  This is a scheme I won’t bother wasting my time and money on because it is not reliable and if it lacks reliability then it will right to be called a scam.


Honestly, like I said earlier on, I won’t waste my precious time and money on this scheme. If you are ready to listen to my opinion, then I would suggest you find something worthwhile to expend your time and money on. If you are not sure of what to do, I have a recommendation that would provide you with the opportunity of building your own online business just like I did.

Just sign up for free and see how things pan out before deciding if you should upgrade to premium membership.

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