Is CryptoFundz a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is CryptoFundz a Pure Scam or Legit?

The CryptoFundz is really making a buzz on the internet and its members are pitching left, right and center to others. The promotion of this scheme is prevalent in the social media. Perhaps you have been approached by someone to get you to become a member and I won’t be surprised it that happened.

But I wish to let you know that I am not a member of CryptoFundz neither do I promote it in any way. So, my review of it will be void of any conflict of interest and will be objective and fair as possible.

Let us see what CryptoFundz is all about.

What is CrytoFundz?

This is one thing I was all out to find out but I usually do so by first of all finding out who is behind such companies and where are they been operated from and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, like most of the companies of its kind I fail to find any sort of background information as to who owns and runs it. Knowing who runs a company you are interested in is very vital to deciding if you should or should not invest in that company but this piece of information is missing on their official website.

So, I did what I ordinarily do when I can’t get enough information from a website by looking up the domain name registration. The CrytoFundz happens to be registered on the May 15th of 2017. Ann E Coleman was listed as the owner with North Carolina in the United States as the address.

Often times than not, you will find out that the name and address listed on the domain name is bogus because in this case Ann E Coleman did not pop up anywhere else in connection with CrytoFundz instead I found out that the only name that has a connection with the official Facebook page for CrytoFundz turns out to be Atif Sohail who is no stranger to MLM Ponzi schemes because he has been very involved with a good number of them.

There are indications that Atif Sohail whose residential address shows to be Dubai in the United Arab Emirate has associated with the following Ponzi schemes;

  • Worldwide Earning
  • MMM India
  • Coin Leaders
  • The Ads Team

So, Atif Sohail is possibly the one and the only admin of the CrytoFundz.

CryptoFundz Product Line

It is no surprise that CryptoFundz does not have any kind of real product that could be retailed by it members except of course for the members to promote the income opportunity the company offers hopefully they will also earn commissions as well.

Remember, an MLM scheme that does not have any product line is hardly sustainable and it is just a matter of time before it crumbles.

Compensation Plan of CryptoFundz

Members will be able to earn a daily ROI if they, first of all, invest in the company upon signing up. There are about four major plans members can choose to invest in but investing on the higher plan means more ROI for the member.

Below are the four plans.

  • Plan 1- Invest with $10 and $99 to earn daily ROI of 5% for 30 days
  • Plan 2- Invest with $100 and $500 to earn daily ROI of 4.86% for 35 days
  • Plan 3 – Invest with $501 and $10,000 to earn daily ROI of 5% for 40 days
  • Plan 4 – Invest with $500 and $25,000 to earn daily ROI of 3.5% for 30 days

Members also stand the chance to earn referral commissions from level 1 to 4 when they recruit others. This means that when a member recruits another he gets the 15% commission from that direct recruit, but he is also going to earn 5% from the members on level 2, 3 and 4.

How Much Does it Cost to Become an Affiliate of CryptoFundz?

It will require anyone to invest anywhere from $10 to $25,000 in order to become an active member of CryptoFundz. How much you earn depends on how much you have invested, which means, if you invest a lot of money you earn more money.

Is CryptoFundz a Pure Scam or a Legit Income Opportunity?

This is a totally unreliable way of earning money and there are indicators that it could be a scam even though some people may actually earn money from it. There are a lot of discrepancies as regards to the background information which is to tell you that whoever is behind CryptoFundz is anything but honest. And if honesty is a problem in any given income opportunity then you should know what to expect.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is the fact that CryptoFundz does not have any product line which is yet another major weakness of the company. What keeps the scheme afloat is the investment made by members into the scheme; then what happens when there is a shortage of funds being injected into the company by members, that means, it will CRASH!


I want to believe that you are already aware of the trend that is going on now. Ponzi schemes such as the CryptoFundz are all over the internet and social media. Most are owned by former affiliates of older schemes who think it was time for them to start their own while some are reborn of some failed schemes just in a bid to scam the people much more of their money.

All I will say to you is a word is enough for the wise. However, if you are willing to earn money online legitimately, then you have to be ready to work for it, be patient and you will surely start making money online. You can start with Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested in learning what works in affiliate marketing and how to build a successful online business.

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