Is Gain Bitcoin a Scam? Find Out Real Quick

Is Gain Bitcoin a Scam? Find Out Real Quick

Gain Bitcoin no doubt is getting a lot of attention as many folks are pitching it left, right and center. I won’t be surprised if, you that are reading right now might have been approached by someone that is a member urging you to join Gain Bitcoin.

However, I will like to state categorically that I am not an affiliate of Gain Bitcoin neither do I promote it in any form, therefore, my review will be based on objectivity with no strings attached. You will be able to make a decision on whether to invest on Gain Bitcoin or not based on the information you will get after reading this review.

What is Gain Bitcoin?

Gain Bitcoin is an MLM scheme company with no product line. This is one of those schemes that only exist in the investment by members and referrals. But before we go into detail on how the company operates and compensation plan, I hope you would like to know who own owns Gain Bitcoin, right? Sorry to burst your bubble because that information is a little bit complicated…I will explain in a minute.

Naturally, there is no background information as to who is running or managing Gain Bitcoin on their official website which is a red flag for me. As I attempted to snoop around for more information I learned that Gain Bitcoin’s domain name was first registered back in 2013 with the owner listed as Mark Lee who resides in Singapore. Whereas there is a LinkedIn account associated with Mark Lee which states that Mark Lee resides in India and that he is the CEO of Gain Bitcoin. Do you see the discrepancy in this information? By the way, the LinkedIn account is pretty much empty without activities.

Information reveals that Gain Bitcoin is owned by another company called Variable Tech PTE LTD. Meanwhile, on the Gain Bitcoin’s website of ‘’ Team and Company information’’ section reveals yet another company called the Amaze Mining and Research LTD that has Amit Bhardwaj as the CEO, and this company is into mining of Alt coin. Amit Bhardwaj is said to be residing in India.

The information here is kind of blurry because we have different personalities that we cannot verify their authenticity. However, I deduced that Mark Lee doesn’t exist, but Amit Bhardwaj could be the real owner of Gain Bitcoin and Amaze Mining and Research LTD. The question is, why the discrepancy in the ownership information? Why do we have Singapore and India as the countries where the owner resides or the business is situated?

Half of Gain Bitcoin’s traffic comes from India making it the largest traffic to the website. So, one can rightly say that Amit Bhardwaj, who resides in India owns Gain Bitcoin and that is the more reason why most of it traffic comes from there.

Gain Bitcoin Compensation Plan

To earn commissions from Gain Bitcoin, members have to invest real money. The other way is by referral program where a member earns a certain percentage of commission whenever he personally recruits a person into the company.

There are about 3 plans available for a member to choose from with the promise of 10% return on investment ROI every month for 18 months!

Below are the plans:

  • The Basic Plan– A member invests 1 BTC in order to get a return on investment ROI of 10% in a month for 18 months which means he gets 1.8 BTC at the end of 18 months.
  • Amaze A3 – A member invests 4.85 BTC in order to get a return on investment ROI of 10% in a month for 18 months, which means the member, gets 8.73 BTC at the end of 18 months.
  • Amaze A5– A member invests 13.75 BTC in order to get a return on investment ROI of 10% in a month for 18 months, which means he gets 24.75 BTC at the end of 18 months.

A member also gets to earn 5% of referral commission whenever he personally recruits someone into the scheme (Gain Bitcoin)

How Much Does it Cost to Join?

It is all explained out above, however, you can open an account for free but in order to be active and earn commission, you should be able to invest at least 1 BTC. But if you prefer to make more money then you will have to invest up to $13.75.

Is Gain Bitcoin a Scam?

Well, it is not a yes and no answer because people are divided in that opinion but I will tell you the answer based on my findings. A lot of people are trying to sell it to someone else, which means it is true they are making money to an extent, which doesn’t make it a scam, right? But then, where does the company get the 10% ROI they pay out for 18 months? How does the ‘’wanna be’’ anonymous admin or owner make his own money? If you are able to answer this questions objectively and correctly you should be able to have your answer.

Better still; let me help you out with the answer. The 10% ROI for 18 months the company gives to it members comes from new recruitment, simple as that and what happens if there are no more new recruitments?

The owner/admin surely makes his money from the investment that comes from the website, after all, he is the admin, right?


Honestly, this type of scheme survives on the inflow of new registrants who will invest into the company but we should always ask ourselves, is this going to remain like that forever? Of course no! There will be a time people will not be registering into the scheme as they use to and this will lead to an inevitable collapse and this means a lot of people will lose their money.

This often benefits the owner and the early participants by the time anything happens they would have been able to rake in a lot of money.

But if you are willing to start something worthwhile online without having to be looking over your shoulder all the time for fear of being scammed, then I suggest you build your own online business that will require you to put in your time, effort and even money to build it to a thriving business. If you are keen to start you can click right here.

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