1. Gin

    Nice post. I’ve personally never heard of this network but I do find it very pricey from what you have written here. And the information provided by the trainer of High Traffic Academy is not exclusive traffic tricks and tactics that can justify such a price. You can get free traffic tips from online blogs and tutorials, while what the High Traffic system lacks is the actual traffic itself provided for its members- for instance, traffic from other fellow members. As such, this system only provides general traffic knowledge without the actual manifestation of it.

    • Nnamdi

      Yes Gin, I think this program is not worth spending that kind of money, it is way to pricey compare to that the value you will get in return.

  2. Nnamdi

    Hello William, there are other personal integrity issues concerning Vic that I did not include in my review. I didn’t so that it won’t appear as if I was witch-hunting. But now that you have mentioned about him abandoning businesses when he has gotten the fill of it and also taken your money in Empower Network, someone else also complained of that too. And he has done time in the past for false insurance claims.

  3. Alvin Pieper

    All in all, those who follow and know Vick support his endeavors because he has always been a class act despite a past some would deem as a scam but those in the know, can see right through those obstacles and realize this man and his traffic modules are nothing short of the real deal time and time again. Traffic Generation 101 Does It Work?

    • Nnamdi

      Hello Alvin, I respect your opinion in having trust in Vick. Although, most people will emphatically disagree with you. And yes traffic generation 101 works when you do it correctly.

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