Is Hustle With Us a Pure Scam or Legit?

Is Hustle With Us a Pure Scam or Legit?

You may have been hearing about the Hustle With Us lately and of course, it is literally all over the social media being promoted and pitched left, right and center by the members. Definitely, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me that someone has already talked to you about it.

But first I wish to let you know that I am not an affiliate of Hustle With Us neither do I have any interest in it, therefore my review will be based on my findings without any bias.

So, relax as I have gathered enough information that would help you make an informed decision.

What is Hustle With Us?

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Unfortunately, the Hustle With Us website is void of any information as to who is running the website or who owns it. This is a serious concern because, if you are told or being persuaded by some company to invest in them but there is no background information about the company, I think you will have to think hard before putting your money there.

Their website page is like someone that walks up to you and says, join and invest in us without any formal introduction. I think you would be like whom the heck is you?

Well, I tried getting around the website in order to get the desired information; I looked up their domain registration and found out that the domain name was registered on the 26th of Aug. 2016 and the owner was listed as one Dawn Newman whose address is California, United States of America.

The discovery and sense of achievement of this info were short lived because it happens to be a bogus info because further investigation reveals that Hustle With Us’ domain was previously hosted on DNS servers that indicate connection or affiliation with Xtreme Pro System, a  Ponzi scheme that was launchedsometimee in 2014 by one Jonny Ganoza.

After a year of starting up Xtreme Pro Systems, it was shut down; that same year Ganoza launched another scheme he called PowerPost Profits. This one lasted for few weeks he launched another one he called The PLR System, but neither did these entire websites survive the test of time.

Ganoza never gave up, he then launched a reborn website he called The PLR System v2 and The $100 System in 2016. In Jan. 2017, he launched a reboot of PowerPost Profits, which he called Post 2 Profits and currently he is working on Hustle With Us as the past ventures did not quite do well.

Hustle With Us does not have any product line like you would expect with any of Ganoza’s schemes. Signing up with the company is accompanied with advertising credits and access to design templates for creating custom t-shirts. But this is not the real deal in Hustle With Us because cash gifting is. Upon signing up with them you will be asked to gift so much money to another member so that you too will get in return.

Hustle With Us Compensation Plan

Hustle With Us uses a 2×5 matrix system for their compensation plan. To enter the matrix system you are expected to gift $30 to the member or person that recruited you into Hustle With Us. Once this cash is paid you are eligible to receive $30 from 2 other members that join your structure after you. Now, this does not end here because there are 4 other levels after that. See below how they work.

  • Level 2- Members are expected to donate $50 in order to receive same amount from 4 different members.
  • Level 3- Members are expected to donate $150 in order to receive same amount from 8 different members
  • Level 4- Members are expected to donate $500 in order to receive same amount from 16 different members.
  • Level 5- Members are expected to donate $ 1000 in order to receive same amount from 32 different members.

How Much Does it Cost to Become a Member of Hustle With Us?

It depends on your participation level; if you wish to start with each level one at a time that will cost you $30 but should you want to have all the bite at a time then you should be looking $1730 in order to participate in all the levels simultaneously.

Is Hustle With Us a Pure Scam or Legit?

The answer to this question may not be direct because all of these types of Ponzi Schemes come in a fashion where it will be illogical to call it a scam even when it is ripping people off. If you have carefully read the content of this review from the beginning you should have been able to make up your own opinion as to the legibility of Hustle With Us.

However, if you are looking for a second opinion, I would say that Hustle With Us is not worth the time and the money you are going to put in it. When you look at the system of how it operates, it basically takes people’s’ money to pay other older members. What this mean is that, when there are no longer new registrants then it will crash or collapse, it is as simple as that.

It is also noteworthy to let you know that the owner or admin of Hustle With Us is the one that will forever smile to the bank because when others are losing he will be making his money as he see fit.

So, what will you call that? It is a scam!


I hope I have been able to enlighten you and I also hope you will be able to make an informed decision from here. However, if you are interested in some other way of making money online legitimately then I would recommend that you learn how to start your own online business like me. Do not worry because I didn’t start off without any sort of help from somewhere. Therefore, I recommend my #1 program that would walk you through the learning and building of your own online business based on your passion.

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